Tell me your age and I’ll only nod. Show me the worth of your age and I’ll start paying attention to you! Age is but a number; just a mere figure. It only gives an idea of the length of your existence, but not necessarily its worth.

Justin Bieber was Justin Bieber in his teens. Most of the world changers, in their youth, started making as much impact as the old. They didn’t become what they were/are all of sudden after turning some forty (40) or beyond. Forty (40) is only like another twenty (20) or twenty five (25).

Life begins when you want it to begin; not when you get to the university or get a ‘decent’ job. (Which job is even not decent?) Your life begins when you take it seriously! If you think it should begin at forty (40), you are very right. You might as well wait for it to begin at sixty (60).

Every second is as important as every minute. If you don’t know the essence of a second, you of course won’t know the essence of a day and… obviously you would be oblivious of the importance of your life. Seconds make minutes. Minutes make a day. Days make your life!

We don’t have the luxury of time to be wasting, especially in our youth. Life is serious business. We live in a world of opportunities. Chase after such; not materialism. You’re not too young to make a change in this world. And… errrm… you’re not too old to do so either.

Life is what we will make it; not what the politician promises to. It’s dangerous to place your fate into the hands of another man, especially the breed of politicians we have around lately. A change in government won’t make any change in your life, trust me, if you’re not making any conscious effort to change yourself. And… oh… a change in year doesn’t mean an automatic turn of events. Life is you. It all begins with you!

You’re not “only 15”. You’re not “only 20”. The greatest threat to your existence is such a conscience. It gives room to one having the worse perception of life. You can do nothing for yourself if you shove every dream aside in the name of “only 15” or “only 20”. Yes you can’t!

Don’t just exist. Live! If there’s nothing you’re living for, obviously your existence is not very much significant. Other living things exist, too. You can do more than just exist. Live!

Live a well-spent life. You’re not just another youth. Choose (and I emphasize choose!) to make a world of difference wherever you find yourself. Don’t wait till you’re forty (40) or probably eighty (80). Laugh out loud.

Your impact on this world won’t be measured on how long you lived. If age was anything close to impact, the most influential being to have ever lived would have been Methusalah. Age does not necessarily mean impact.

Growing in stature often comes with age. Growing in purposefulness with age comes as a choice. You might be “only 20” and be as daring and purposeful as a fifty year old. Age and purpose are absolutely not synonymous. Not at all! Your ability to use your innate abilities is what matters; not your age.

Today, dare to let go of the ‘age excuse’ that has succeeding in clouding your judgment for ages. The youth that you’re, make a conscious effort to make a change in your society. Be accountable for every resource you are privileged to have; time, education, freedom, money among many others.

Don’t misspend your time and your money. If you can’t manage these two, you can barely manage any other part of your life. You don’t spend a chunk of your money on materialism when you haven’t invested even half of such in any business or dream of yours. Being young doesn’t mean wasteful spending.

Spend today with the future in mind. You don’t waste all your wealth on gadgets which become out of vogue in a matter of days. You don’t munch cement-worth pizza as often as one can’t imagine when you haven’t even asked for the price of land before!

Youth doesn’t mean sex experimentation. It means dream experimentation! Youth doesn’t mean getting rich and famous overnight. Instead, it is the ripe opportunity to identify one’s talents and potentials so as to explore them as much and far as you can. You can do more with your youth; your energy.

Lots of people dream but only a few achieve. Of course anyone can dream. Hard work will always find a way of separating the dreamer from the achiever. Youth means believing in your ideas and dreams and working fervently towards such.

If there’s something you really want to do, the time is now. Procrastination is when you can do that thing today, as young as you are, yet prefer to do it tomorrow when you’re about retiring to your grave. You have life. You have time. Take advantage of it!

You can make a difference if you want to. You can equally snore along with the giant inside of you if you want to. Yes you can. Whichever you prefer is your choice.

I won’t ask you how old you are should we meet in person. It’s unnecessary. Very! Instead, I’ll demand, “Show me how old you are.” Don’t just exist. Live for something. Don’t just grow. Show it!

K.K.D— Kiss your dreams.

Keep your dreams.

Do your dreams.

I can’t stop laughing. I know what you were thinking. You’re invited to my play, #ThisFamilyIsNotForSale, at the University of Ghana Drama Studio this Valentine.

Written by Kobina Amoa Ansah. C.E.O, Scribe Communications, Accra.


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