Is Disability an inability? UNIFEST ’16’ says no


“Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It’s we who control these and not another” said American writer Richard Bach.

Have we pondered over? How a person feels when he lose his eyes through an accident or when one of his legs is amputated? Would he feel like to end his life to escape from the crises or try to face all the problems that come on his way?

According to statistics, more than one million people in the world commit suicide per year. Why these people commit suicide? What demoralize them? The survey says that people commit suicide for different reasons in which most common are relationship problems, bullying, stress of work and above all financial problems.

Its noteworthy, these people are trapped in depression and make up their mind that things will never get better and no one can improve the situation. We all just have to admit that life can sometimes get tough and these people clearly need the helping hands of philanthropists.

This is why DR. EMMANUEL MARFO,lecturer and a Research Scientist in collaboration with WERISE FOUNDATION have organized a program dubbed Unity Festival (UNIFEST) to give out donations to the needy.

The purpose of the program is to mobilize financial and logistical resources to support the Ghana Society of Physically Disabled (GSPD) on KNUST Campus and in Ashanti region with the aim of lifting the less privileged in the society and make them feel, disability is not an inability.

The program is also in partnership with KNUST SRC, Center for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (CEDRESS) and Ghana Association of the Disability Students (GADRES).

KNUST chaplain and Dean of students are the special guests of honor. Let’s troop there in our numbers on 5th march 2016 at the Paa Joe Stadium, KNUST to make an impact on the lives of the needy.

God bless you.

Steven Zando

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