Irony Made In Africa!

  1. We don’t speak ill of the dead but we don’t give a hoot speaking so distastefully about the living! How amazing!?
  2. We care less about painting our homes until someone dies (or is about to marry) in that home! Like seriously!?
  3. We chastise politicians for lying. We forget to chastise ourselves for doing same in tributes. Dead men have all the virtues!
  4. We save to give the dead a befitting burial. We honor the dead yet dishonor the living. We regard funerals yet disregard our health! Do we enjoy death that much at all!?
  1. Isn’t it amazing how everyone’s talking about ‘dumsor’ yet no one’s talking about how good we are at wasting electricity!?
  2. Politicians come chasing after us every four (4) years to vote them into power and we go chasing after them the subsequent four (4) years to provide us power. Haha. What a cycle!
  3. We pride certificates and titles over ability and experience. No one cares if you can indeed solve any crisis here in Africa. Do you have a masters or doctorate degree!? Do you!?
  4. We scream, “We are engulfed in filth! Malaria and cholera are killing us!” Yet… the same who make such complaints are the same who litter indiscriminately.
  5. We claim to be proud Africans. Our clothes spell us out as proud Americans. We boast in Africanism. Our parliamentary chairs give us out as Chinese!
  1. Politicians are always badmouthed. They are always the bad folks. However, we still keep everything and of ours with them; even our lives!
  2. We despise the beggars on our streets. We call them names only for our government to do same on the streets of the western world!
  3. In Africa, we create an imaginarily perfect world for our politicians (and celebrities, too). We expect them to give the fattest offertory at every function. We impose on them to live as spendthrifts. When they try to do so at the expense of our tax, we weep! Such irony!
  1. We attend university to be bosses of our own jobs. We graduate from universities as helpless servants of other people’s jobs!
  2. Asia has earthquakes and tsunamis. America has hurricanes. Africa has politicians! 15 Its probably only in Africa that ministers (supposedly servants) cruise in luxury while the masters (citizenry) wallow in abject poverty! What a shock!
  1. As black as we are, we choose everything white over black. We opt for the white man ahead of our fellow black man. We tag anything black as evil. Our women, little wonder, want to be white even if it costs them their lives!
  2. We can spend more on funeral clothes than on education. We can borrow… just to have a luxurious wedding and… run into hiding when our creditors come chasing. Our needs are our wants and our wants our needs!
  3. We spend 90% of our time on work and 10% of it on our children. After successfully ‘breeding’ bad kids, we spend 90% of our time on them trying to put them back on track… and an awful 10% on work!
  4. We make bombs to kill each other when our arch-enemies greed and poverty still live!
  5. We marry just for visa sake and divorce… just for visa sake!
  • By Kobina Ansah
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