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(The agent of positive change).

With barely some few months to graduate from University For Development Studies, Wa Campus, I have been reflecting on some of my actions and inactions for this past four years. To those I’ve offended, I ask for forgiveness. To those who offended me, sure, I forgave you long time. To those I helped, I pray I get the strength to do more. To those who helped me, God richly bless you. To those I never met, I pray we meet at the top one day.

Coming here was not just by misfortune but was solely by choice. In my first article on campus which was titled “my halfway journey through the university”, I asserted how I had to opt for this university ahead of other ones. It hasn’t been easy for my four year stay here. Challenges doesn’t scare me anymore, but they come to strengthen me. “You encourage me by discouraging me” – Opanin Kwabena Antwi Sarpong. The pace of academic work in UDS cannot be forgotten. The sleepless nights just to learn for a mid-trimester examination of over just 25 marks. Anyway, just like in politics, you should never underrate your opponents, never loose even one mark since it can prevent you from getting “F”.

I have done certain things as an undergraduate student of which I’m so proud of as well as some that I wish I had done better. I had a late admission to UDS and so I reported to campus just a week to matriculation. There were a lot of academic works done in my absence. I came to campus having no friend to even contact for previous handouts. I’m not surprise my level hundred first trimester results wasn’t as good as I wished for but I never gave up, I let go the past and made the future better because I have learnt that, in this world, whenever there are misfortunes or mistakes, there will always be someone you can blame if only you want to, but as to whether or not that matters is what you should be concerned about. I advice that you kindly stop the blame games and the finding of excuses for whatever happen and accept those challenges, learn sense out of them and make them better if you can. This year, I will be graduating with a CGPA that I’m not so happy about but I will be among the few people whose family will be proud of them. I will be graduating with a well deserving honour. Upon all my involvement in extra curricular activities, I still had time for my academic work. I never missed a class when I’m around. I attended group discussions on my free days and did all assignments including group ones.

If I had the chance to be an undergraduate student again, I wouldn’t hesitate to still be the voice of the voiceless. I would continue to be a forklift to those responsible to seek the welfare of students. If I were to start level hundred again, I would still be a student journalist. I would continue to probe my leaders to work and work well. I would report every story from every nook and cranny I will be finding myself. Most importantly, I will still be a student Radio Icon just like Ackah Blay of Joy FM, Caleb Kudah of Citi Fm and our own DJ Tyga of 4syte who started as Campus Radio Presenters. But then, in as much as I will be putting my student leaders to do the right thing, I wouldn’t forget to wear the responsibility cup of making my colleague students problem my problem. I wish I knew that it doesn’t take the whole money in your parent’s purse to contest for SRC/LNUGS Portfolio in UDS. When you feel responsible to lead and put your society in a limelight, allow not financial constraints to prevent you. There are many people who would share in your vision and would be poised to help make that vision a reality. It takes hard work and prayers to make a mission with vision a success. I would contest for an SRC portfolio and even loose if that is the will of God than to stay back and always complain about what my bold student leaders do. With that, the experience I would have gained would have been much greater than what I have now. At least, I would by now be telling you what to do and not to do if you intend to contest in an election. As my good friend and brother in the writing business, Amankwah Reindolf would say, “it’s a blessing to contest for a position and even get more than yourself to vote for you”. Dede Odonkor Michelle ( LNUGS President of UDS Tamale Campus) should be a motivation to my dear ladies. Feminism shouldn’t stop you from leading. If you intend contesting for WOCOM kindly ask yourself that “why shouldn’t I go for the presidency since one of the responsibilities of WOCOM is to motivate the women to go for higher positions?”.

If I were a continue student, I would not blame my student leaders over any little thing, but I would rather seek for the root of their inability to do what they promised to do and contribute my quota to help them solve that problem even if they dip their hands in the student’s public purse. Perhaps, putting the School’s Management team on their path would have made my colleagues life on campus much better than it is.

If I’m to come back to UDS, I would preach more about how valuable UDS students are just to encourage and make them realize the reality in order to prevent them from wearing that “Inferiority Complex Mask”. I have said over and over in my write ups that, it isn’t about where you are but what you do with what you have at where you are that matters. Get my previous article, “welcome to the only University that develops Ghana” to read. You are unique in your own way. Yes, we may be lacking when it comes infrastructural development as compared to other sister universities or may be we are located at a place where many people look down upon and call it North, but to you, my dear UDS student, that is your home and that is why you should be proud of. Have you planned about what you are going to do to help develop the institution rather than asking what the institution has done for you? When was the last time, you stood and put a lecturer who has been employed because of you to do the right thing? The lecturers are there because of us and they are nobody without us. They should respect us just like we respect them. Don’t demand for that respect but gain it by doing what would make them respect you. If you know your right, they would respect you. If I were an undergraduate of UDS, I would read the green book which was given to us during the matriculation day because it contains the rules and regulations for Junior Staff Members. This would help me so that I don’t kowtow or be intimidated by the wrongs of my lecturers.

Apart from my academic certificate, I am going home with about seven certificates. I will also be going home with five awards. Although I’m proud that I achieved these and as there will always be different opinions about Awards, I can confidently say, my case was different. I had about ninety-eight percent (98%) of the student populace having NO problem or doubt about my wining of all those awards. From Best Writer of School of Business and Law to UDS WA SRC’s Excellence Award as Student Blogger and Male Radio Personality of the year to Most Influential Student of Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Management Studies, both Management and Accounting Option, almost all the students believed that I deserve all these Awards. But none bothered to know the pain I endured, the sacrifices I had to make, the reasons behind the doings of all what I did and the guidance I asked from the Almighty Lord. I lost some good friends along the line in my quest to seek for right things to be done. I lost a girlfriend to my best friend all because she claims I had no time for her as compared to my friend. That reminds me, never trust a friend neither should you hate friends who betray you. Love them more and they would respect you more. Most importantly, don’t be too busy for your love ones. Pay the price of sacrificing to show care to those who need you.

If you ask me whether or not I am happy I involved myself in too many extra curricular activities?”, my answer to you would be a bit long and this is it, “I had lots of benefits from that especially with the seminars I attended and organized, the portfolios I held and the media work I did. It all gave me experiences that I couldn’t have gotten from the classroom. I’m a better thinker and problem solver now than before. But I would advice that you don’t follow suit. Involve yourself in the extra curricular activities but don’t involve in too many ones. Identify just few of them that would help you most and join. Joining so many would demand lot from you and would give you a hectic life on campus. You will loose concentration on many of them if you take more than two activities. That is one of the mistakes I did I wish I had not done that. I hardly rest each day because all the activities I joined or led where too demanding of my time and ideas. It really affected my academics somehow. I believe I sailed through because I’m not the bookish type and that even if I was less busy I wouldn’t have read. I grab just from classroom and group discussion. I just revise on a day to exams. Remember, all fingers are not the same and you may probably not be lucky like I did and therefore, know who you are, how you learn and when you learn”.

And the top of it all, I would continue to always read my bible and do as it says. It has been God from day one.

And now, as I am done with my first degree, I doubt if I will write anything about UDS anytime soon. My write ups are going to concentrate on national issues for now. Thank You.

My name is Domfeh Emmanuel. Call me SIR NOBLE. I am an agent of positive change. Let’s develop our inward and let success be the outward evidence.

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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