I Want To Be Like Dr. Donkor!


The ‘non’ Politician spoke

A bold PHD holder who was clearly not a politician; the term has over the years being corrupted to mean politrickcian, someone capable of deceit. Such persons aside handling the public purse had carved an enviable record for themselves; they are known, to those who are fortunate to possess a brain that allows them to read in between the lines, to be competent (in the voice of Dr.Bawumia) at responding to questions without giving timelines.

It was tough for one to understand why they remained on the fence instead of descending and saying it as it is, but such is politics, the fear of losing the trust of the 70 year Old man who remains confident in the country despite witnessing Ghana under Nkrumah to Ghana under Mahama makes it tough for them. He joins the queue each time, hoping his thumb counts. Such confidence puts a lot of pressure on the individual who benefits from the thumb action (voting) , to do all possible to keep such confidence intact as another voting day approaches.

Promise intact

“…take away two weeks, technically by the end of the year load shedding should be over”

Dr.Donkor stated, as he addressed the Government Assurance committee In Parliament. Year 2016 was fast approaching an end, Dr.Donkor remained confident, that he was on course to end the three year old power crises.

The confidence with which the Bristol trained Energy economist spoke with was no different from that used to make similar utterances some months earlier. He was willing on each occasion, to rely on figures that ended with the unit megawatts, to assure Ghanaians that plans were far advanced to ensure that the power generation deficit will be addressed soon.

President ready to crack whip

The President was excited and willing to crack the whip on the minister who had opted to put his head on the line if he failed to deliver;

“We will continue to increase the power that is being fed into the system until the gap is eliminated completely by, according to my Power Minister’s promise, year’s end, for which i have put his neck on the block,”.

The President was no different from the ordinary citizen; he was willing to hold the power minister by his promise. Citizens, do same. Take a tour through town, and people won’t hesitate to tell you why they won’t vote for people because they promised A or B and failed to deliver. The difference is the extent to which they can punish such people who fail to live up to their own words. Some despite boldly saying they won’t vote for an individual, who had failed to keep a promise, still walk to the polling station and make the person their choice.

This creates a problem for society; our fine public office holders are not scared to make promises, they say anything that comes to mind, in fact big things that get the crowd at the rally screaming as though their voices could perform the famous biblical Jericho miracle once more. In the frenzy, they lose track of their promises and miss most of them anytime they sit behind the drawing board to decide what to deliver. The citizens with a keen interest in politics become disgruntled by the efforts of party fanatics to either defend or criticize an office holder, depending on the side of the divide one belonged to.

The President could obviously not be blamed for trusting the Power Minister to deliver. It was a relief for him, a great one; someone was willing to man up for the task and go down with its failure. The ministry the learned Doc headed had been created with a sole task of ending this crisis. The President had enjoyed his own fair share of criticism. His countless assurances of ending the crises were becoming a mirage each day as his timelines kept failing.


The prophecy

He took a different approach on 31st December 2014; opting to ascend into the realms of history , formerly reserved for Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezra and others, to become a Prophet in his own right;

“it will be one in which we banished Darkness from our land and put an end to Dumsor forever…”, the President told congregants at the Perez Chapel.

I was thus not moved when he threatened to hold the Power minister to his (minister’s) words. Here comes a man, whom he had appointed, who had willingly professed, that he believed in the prophecy congregants of Perez Chapel Had heard from His Excellency.

Doc Resigns

On Thursday, December 31, news broke that Dr, Donkor had tendered his resignation. I was listening to an entertainment show on an Accra based radio station. The host halted their entertainment discussion and broke the news that got me thinking and wishing to be Dr. Donkor, the minister had resigned!. The Panellists in the studios could clearly not hide their excitement and the sound of a bell being rung, could be heard as well.

I pictured things differently; i wished to be Dr. Donkor. For in him i had identified a rare quality, a trait missing in most leaders of our generation, confidence! The willingness to make a promise, boldly add a timeline and suggest a sanction. This is rare comrades (like my socialists friends love to refer to each other). We were used to hearing promises with timelines but without sanctions suggested in addition. An example worth stating is the President’s own promise of ending ‘dumsor’.

Failed promises

In the heat of the 2012 campaign, the President promised to end ‘dumsor’ by early 2013. This was followed by other timelines which the President failed to meet. He promised and added timelines like Dr.Donkor, unlike him though, he failed to recommend a sanction. Reports from sources within government indicate that the president would have fired the minister had he failed to resign by the close of December 31.

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My wish

I wish to be blessed with the confidence of Dr.Donkor so i boldy make promises at workplaces and even in personal life and suggest sanctions. Such confidence, i have no doubt, will motivate me to work hard to achieve the set target.

Greek Mythology, however, offers some lessons for me as i start blowing the flames of my wish candle; the tale of King Midas. Midas according to Aristotle , died of starvation. He had prayed for the ‘gold touch’ , so that anything he touches turns into gold. The rest is history. The lesson for me is to add exceptions even to my latest wish for the confidence of

Not to pull a load shedding/Dumsor definition move

My first exception is not to be gifted with the trait that permits me to attempt to define key terms as the deadline approaches. The former minister had tried to distinguish between the two terms and added that he had rather promised to end load shedding and not Dumsor. I will rather prefer to explain my terms as i make the promise.

I also wish not to be endowed with the added dexterity of claiming i have executed my task when it appears i was in more accurate terms making headways. The minister had released a statement stating that the crises had ended. A statement from GRIDCO contradicted him, and rather explained that the goal to ending load shedding was near, but not in hand like he would have us believe.

I hope not to end like Midas, but i wish we all begin to have that level of confidence to attach sanctions to the claims we make so society can hold us to that. I believe such a trait; will only make us more productive. And let’s not be shy to bow out, once we fail, let this be our guide in this new year.

Happy New Year

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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