“I Never Expected to Make it This Far”-Fiifi Anaman


If you were fortunate to be a student of the University of Ghana in 2012, it may have been easier to meet Fifi Anaman; his hideout was a public place, he was never there to hide, but rather to surf the internet and write a feature when necessary. His frequent visits to the Legon Hall Internet Café not only made him a regular there, but one could easily associate a particular ‘PC’ with him as young Anaman was always busily striking the keyboard of a ‘helpless PC”.

21 old FiiFi Anaman, a final year student of the University of Ghana who started writing about sports after High school, describes the journey over the past three years as “frightening”.
Fiifi wears a genuine smile when he says “the boy from mile 7, was in Dubai for an award”. One cannot help, but notice Fiifi as a passionate young man whose passion is even visible in his mind boggling write ups. An excerpt from the Article, “How the Black Stars Stabbed the nation in cold blood”, which has made Fiifi $10,000 richer is worth reading to portray young Fiifi’s passion;

“In Brazil, the players stabbed the nation in cold blood with their selfish, mercenary-like attitude. In an appearance fee delay situation that would have eventually been resolved one way or the other, the Black Stars chose the obsession for money over patriotism, shameful impulsiveness over responsible patience, heartlessly turning their back on the nation.
For years, the stars had been treated like demi-gods, their sins often forgiven because the love for the team was always deeper than their recurrent short comings. But this time, the camel’s back couldn’t resist being broken. Their cups were full, overflowing with all their pompousness, spilling with the raging disgrace that they subjected the nation to in the full glare of the world. The unforgivable squabbles in camp, the disrespect shown by players towards the coaches, management and fans, the episode of physical assault, the unthinkable attempt to boycott trainings and even a game in the name of money delays, the headline-grabbing jet full of cash flown to them like spoilt children – they were all unbearable vexations even for the most tolerant of souls”.

The lad’s humility comes to bare as he even corrects the host of the show for saying “Fiifi defeated two guys to win an award”. He quickly submits;

“They are experienced journalists, top at what they do and to be in their company was a massive honour”. ( referring to Italian Francesco Caremani and Johannes Nedo from Germany)
Fiifi comes across as a measured young man, who is careful not to expect too much from life. One could understand such thinking, Fiifi told me he was greatly hurt when he failed to win the CNN Multi-Choice African Journalist.

His next statement is worth sharing verbatim;

“when I was going, I didn’t tell many people because I didn’t want to put pressure on myself, I said to myself, just go there and enjoy…”
Fiifi appears to have a different appreciation for his own work, he believes the work which he submitted for the CNN awards that failed to get him the award was a better piece than that which has won him the accolade “Best Column Sports Media Pearl Award”.

“in all honesty, I never expected to make it far, it is not to say I didn’t believe in the work I do, but I felt the work I submitted was in the pecking order, I added it because I needed two entries, the first one (Ghana’s Neglected Football Stars (which got him the CNN nomination)) i felt, was a better one, he added.


For one privileged to win $10,000 at 21, Fiifi is not in a hurry to begin spending, Fiifi said he was focusing on finishing with school first, then concentrate on some projects he has been struggling finding money to fund.

FiiFi had this to say as his final remark as he concluded his brief interview with me as he headed in for the Radio interview

“I will like to encourage everyone to keep doing what they are doing, it will happen if it is meant to happen”

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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