I know someone won’t read beyond this heading yet would come throwing tantrums. Well. That’s their headache. Obviously, we love who we choose and we choose who we love. I am not an LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgender) crusader. I have no idea what it takes to be one. But am I gay? Errrm… And do I love gays? Of course yes I do!

I have been observing the heated debate on this issue and I must confess it indeed is an interesting one. A lot of questions come to mind at the mention of this sensitive topic. Being the Christian that I am, my thoughts have never changed on homosexuals.

Let me ask you. For instance, would you bake the wedding cake of a couple who already have children out of wedlock if you were a baker? Would you do interior décor for the wedding of a couple who had already been fornicating if you were an events planner? As an employer, would you gladly take on an adulterer who’s well-versed in his ‘craft’?

I know your answers to all these― a big YES! I know you would shrug at these questions saying you are not in the position to judge anyone. You are very much right. Now, go back to these same questions and replace the other party with homosexuals.

Would you bake the wedding cake for a gay couple? I know it sounds ridiculous to you. Would you gladly be the events planner of a gay couple? I guess you’ll be screaming, “Hell No!” Would you still go ahead to employ someone knowing very well they are gay or lesbian!? Obviously, you don’t stereotype but when it comes to homosexuals, they are just not your type. Your ‘Christian/religious beliefs’ won’t allow you to.

Indeed, I have read how some ‘good’ Christians were persecuted in USA for denying gays some rights. I observed how other ‘equally good Christians’ sympathized with them and called whoever persecuted them anti-Christ. Well, I am a Christian but… I am sorry to disagree. I am sorry to say that everyone deserves equal opportunities regardless of their sexual orientation.

I guess by now you’ve almost arrived at your conclusion― I am the anti-Christ you’ve been expecting! Haha. Maybe you’re jumping the gun.

Is fornication as equal a sin as homosexuality? Is adultery as grave a sin as sleeping with another of the same sex? Is stealing from the public purse a better sin that being gay? Who creates the hierarchy of sin? Who tells which sin is a better one than the other?

If you’ll gladly be part of the wedding of a woman who’s already pregnant before her nuptials, why flinch when it comes to gays? I thought all were sins― equally grave sins. If you won’t mind employing a young man with several sexual partners, I guess you shouldn’t mind employing another who is homosexual, too. They all are sins!

This reminds me of the Biblical story where a woman was caught red-handed in adultery. Among the ‘good folks’ who brought her to Jesus (for final condemnation) were fornicators. Among them were drug peddlers. Right there among them were those who hated their neighbors yet assumed their sins were, at least, better than a woman who wasn’t satisfied with just a man.  

In like manner, we are ready today to stone the homosexual regardless of what we are doing in our closets. We have somewhat approved of our sins as ‘not bad enough’. We assume that theirs is so abominable that they don’t even deserve to exist the next minute.

Well, let me just burst your bubble. Homosexuality is as abominable as fornication or corruption. Homosexuality doesn’t make sense just like telling lies about others. When you think of stoning the homosexual, think about stoning yourself, too, for whatever sin you’ve approved of in your closet… just because you are pleasurably doing it!  

Our sins don’t become any lesser because we approve of them and others’ sins don’t become any graver because we disapprove of them.  All sins are equal before the Lord. If being intersexual is no excuse to be a homosexual, obviously there’s no excuse to do what’s wrong for whatever reason.

Am I endorsing homosexuality? Not at all. Homosexuality is a threat to humanity. It’s absolutely weird to have a sexual affinity for the same sex. In the same vein, it’s absolutely ill to do all the other wrongs. All other sins are equally a threat to humanity.

As much as you need help to get out of whatever ill you are drowning in, the homosexual needs help, too. Like the wounded traveler who was helped by the Good Samaritan, we all need help. We need help to recover from the sins that have injured us.     

Good people do wrong sometimes. We all do wrong sometimes. However, the problem is when we think our wrongs are, at least, better than others’. If you won’t ever think of strangling yourself to death just because you slept with someone you are not married to, never let it cross your mind to do same to the homosexual or any other person who sins differently from you.

Refer the homosexual to a specialist for help. Condemn the act but not the person. I choose to love everyone regardless of their wrongs― homosexuals or not. And… I don’t need to be a homosexual to love one. Let love lead.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.



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