This morning at about 6:30am, a thief was caught right in the act  of stealing 2 expensive phones and a  laptop at the G block of Akuafo Hall. He received a few slaps from the guys who apprehended him before he was handed over to the porters and campus security.

According to the victim, he had just woken up and went out to brush his teeth. Upon returning to his room, he found the thief, who gave his name as Kingsford Keteku, in possession of his 2 phones (1 iPhone included) and a laptop.

The victim quickly held on to him and shouted for help. With the help of the other students on the G block who came around, the thief was apprehended and ‘interrogated’. He claimed to be a student of the university and was in Commonwealth Hall. When asked to provide his id card he pulled out three sheets of paper – two admission letters and a provisional id card. One of the letters was dated 2008/2009 and the other 2014/2015.

They took him to the porter’s lodge of Akuafo Hall and the porters asked for him to be sent to the Legon security post. At the security post, it was revealed that Kingsford Keteku was a hardened criminal and that was the second time he was being brought to the post for theft. The first time, he was sent to the police station and was released shortly.

The mother of the suspect said her son had a mental issue. The Legon security took him, with the complainant, to the police station with the stolen items for the police to continue with investigation before processing him for court.

Written by: J. M. Ngula – ugfile.com

Joshua. M. Ngula

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