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This is good news to every lover of humour, romance, etc in Ghana. The first time it happened, history was recorded at the Efua Sunderland Drama Studio. Those who saw it wanted more; those who hesitated missed it and those who missed it regretted it.

After several sleepless nights, the New Master of modern drama, Mr. Kobina Ansah Amoah has decided to respond to the thousands of voices calling out to him to BringBackOurHumour/Romance.

Scribe Productions therefore presents to you the reloaded version of the hit play ThisFamilyIsNotForSale, happening live on the first of July at Christ the king, opposite the flagstaff house. Don’t be part of those who will be politely turned back for lack of space. Save the date whiles reading this and let’s meet on July 1 to welcome back our humour and romance


According to the satirist, this play, unlike most plays around, is a serial one and this is the first of such series.

‘This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 1’ tells the story of The Abbans; a family of eight; almost each of them having their own kind of skeleton in their cupboard.

1896763_10202209958648731_7423244046990388070_nThe “only master” of the family, the very tech-unconscious Mr. Abban, a retired footballer, aside the headache his always-losing team gives him, has to curb the tension in his home; from poverty, joblessness, to even stolen identity. Mind you, his sexagenarian wife, wants to keep up with trends, and rebukes anyone who thinks she’s old.


His first son returns from the States as a medical doctor who doubles as the GM of the West Minnesota Hospital, though he’s actually only a GM (general mortician). His second son, a “self-styled Archaeology graduate”, is striving to mutually benefit from a yet-to-be marriage to a professor’s daughter, hence, doesn’t even mind trading his surname for that of the lady’s, after marriage.

Mr. Abban’s only daughter has two master degrees and currently pursuing a third, yet can’t put “a decent meal that can’t be mistaken for poison” on a table, without her cookbook. The “domestic executive officer” (houseboy) in this home tries all he can to change the economic status of the home; even if it means winning lotto.

thisfamilyisnotforsale  skirtMr. Abban’s grandson, Little Nana a.k.a Skirt, a “Chinese Skirt”, is so brilliant that in class, he always places second… but from the bottom… and attends every private extra classes there ever is, even P.E. Aso, the maid, is in love with the houseboy.

It comes at a cool rate of 20 & 35 Cedis for singles and doubles respectively.


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