Ghc71,000 (710 million Old Cedis) Seemingly Being Extorted from TV3 Network


An individual appears to be extorting GHC71,000 (710 million old cedis) from TV3 Network for a domain name for its recently launched affiliate radio station, Onua Fm.

Onua 95.1 Fm, is a new radio station which was launched in grand style over the weekend (16th January, 2016) at Kasoa. It is reportedly the sister station of one of Ghana’s top TV stations, TV3 Network. The radio station has the tagline “Ye dwene woho” (literally meaning “We care about you”) but apparently they don’t care enough about themselves.

A website is a very important part of a company because it represents or serves as the company’s presence on the internet or virtual world. One would therefore expect that even before a company launches itself to the public, it would first secure its address on the internet (domain name) before the wrong person does. This is basic practice.

Unfortunately, Onua fm carelessly failed to do so and it appears an opportunistic person has taken ownership of and, and is demanding the sum of $18,000 which currently converts to about GHC71,000, while a domain name sells for only about $20 (about GHC80).

There are other good options still available to the station which I will neither hint nor register, but I hope management of the station are smart enough to secure a good domain name before it’s all lost.

The phone number of the person who has seemingly “stolen” Onus fm’s domain names is 0204389236. A True Caller search of the number reveals it belongs to one Sam from My Ghana Online.


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  1. hax0r says:

    The person who bought their domain has done nothing wrong, why portray it as if they owned it before he “stole” it . If had not registered this domain, any one could have gone ahead and registered it .

    1. Hassan Hassan says:

      I know he’s not exactly done nothing wrong. It’s an issue of morals and ethics which are subjective. thats y I emphasized more on the carelessness of the station’s management

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