Whether black or white, one thing is clear as daylight – this country is not to be taken seriously anytime soon by anyone.

For all Nkrumah’s struggles, we are going down the drain exactly how the white man predicted it.

Kids these days chat all day in class about Telenovelas their mums encourage them to watch. So while kids in the States are concerned about how far they can take their lives, all that the average Ghanaian kid looks up to is the next episode of “La Gata”.

The Teenager has no life outside that of his phone. He will spend his all his time on Whatsapp, and any national or international issue seems like a burden to pay attention to. Grammar is a problem and as for “out of the box thinking”, forget it. Let’s go to school and punish juniors, fight seniors and teachers, jump walls, visit girlfriends, attend all the jams and pass WASSCE with some help.

And oh, my very own university colleagues, who don’t give two hoots about what happens where, I salute you! Knowing about ISIS and The Syrian crisis at this age makes you look like a nerd! All we are concerned about is getting that paper. We end up as half baked graduates, ready for nothing! We see extra curricula activities as the preserve of those with time to waste. But can we be blamed?

This is the first in the series of the writers view on this country.

Written by: Telfer Jr
Campus:  KNUST


Posted by Hassan

Writer and editor, ff @alhassan233

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