Food Vendors Cash In On Students on A ‘Dumsor’ Day


Students on the University of Ghana main campus were, today, left with no other alternatives of getting food to eat than to buy from either the night market, Vandal city or other vendors who do not use electricity, due to the ‘dumsor’. The demand boomed sales for the vendors while the pockets of students cried as a result of tighter rationing of the food.

Today, as usual, the dumsor came early in the morning, when most students had not even prepared their breakfast and others were at church. It lasted the whole day and made cooking an impossibility since the main means of cooking on campus is through the use of electric cookers.

Virtually all students on main campus, today, bought from the food markets thus increasing sales for the vendors. As at about 8pm, most of the food vendors at the vandal city had finished selling their food and those at the night market had students waiting in long queues to get a little food to eat.

Some shops however could not work late and had to close early due to the dumsor.

Generally though, dumsor days seem to be very good days for the food vendors on campus but are unfortunately to the detriment of the students.

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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