I closely observed the beginning stages of the SRC week preparations till the implementation of their promised activities. I watched the SRC president trying to pull all her team to accomplish this week that suddenly became a leverage on which certain people proved their sanctimonious activism in “protecting students interest”.

Maybe by stating the five found facts I picked from among the SRC team you will understand better.

1. The SRC Week initiative which has been conventionally accepted to be organized every year was finally used as a weapon to threaten the SRC president for accounting failure in her administration. In a passive conversation with her she confirmed that the group who decided to quash the week at the general assembly did that to sabotage her for their own reasons

2. NO PESWA has been released to the SRC to organize this event since the General assembly did well to slow the process in getting money to run it. The dean of students who would have initiated the process to be taken in getting money confirmed the leadership of the general assembly asked that he does not touch the budget until they presented a letter to him From GA saying he can go ahead. The dean is now out of town and I wonder if this action by the GA speaker was in the best interest of students.

3. Because of the actions of student politicians ALMOST ALL SPONSORS Backed out and have left the SRC to most likely depend on loans and support from the Src president’s network of friends.

4. The number TURN OUT for all the events so far has been MIND BLOWING without measure and the SRC is hoping to record such high numbers throughout the event.

5. It has been alleged that since the commencement of the week the SRC treasurer who does not know how they will get money to pre finance the week hasn’t been found and his phone switched off.

It is clear at this point that this is the best time to stand by the leadership of the SRC and support them in all their activities so that the image and glory of UNIVERSITY OF GHANA will be left indented.

We can also help clear the air concerning all false hear-says surrounding the week celebration as we approach it with positive every.
Integri Procedamus

After being served SRC pop corn

Derrick Bronney
Akuafo hall



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