In a week where the police have been giving a clinic in crowd control a few other cops, during a routine stop, found human corpse in the boot of a car occupied by a couple of Nigerians. The body was wrapped in in some yellow plastic and the word is there was some blood money in the works. I wouldn’t doubt it.

In more bizarre news, a man goes to the police saying he is being haunted by the ghost of a woman he witnessed being beheaded. Daniel Kwame Aidoo, 33, claimed to have witnessed the decapitation of Esi Brokuwaa by her hubby, Simon Larri. The woman in question’s body was exhumed by the police on Aidoo’s farm where she was buried earlier this year. The decomposed body was found wrapped with a multi-colored piece of wax print – a nice homage to Joseph.

Two suspects, including Larri, and the owner of the farm land, Richard Annanfio, 57, are currently in police custody, while a fourth suspect, identified only as Buntuman, is currently on the run. The police figure they have pieced together this grisly murder and they feel Larri killed his wife despite the other suspects. On June 19 the police received reports that a man on the run had killed his wife. The reports also claimed some other persons had buried the woman secretly on a farm near the Densu Lake.

Investigations established that Larri sent Esi to buy some cigarette for him but she returned hours later no only without the cigarettes but also drunk. In proper Ghanaian fashion Larri had to lay down the law and beat up Esi in full view of an audience. Sadly there was more coming. The physical assault wasn’t enough punishment so why not sub in a machete for fists. Larri hacked away at Esi and then removed her trousers wrapped it around his battered wife’s neck before dragging her indoors for what we know now as further horrors all in the name of a couple of smokes.

The police visited the apparent crime scene and found blood stains on a mattress in the room of the couple but there was no trace of the body. The blood stained mattress was taken for forensic testing to establish the presence of human blood in the off chance it may have been chicken or goat blood. On July 2nd the remains of a human body were found and we know Aidoo went on to snitch in the name of paranormal activity. The police owe the ghost community one.

Child physical abuse is the new pedophilia guys. It seemed like kids were getting raped every week but looks like the pervs are chilling out for a while so kids have to make do with horrendous abuse. A court in the Western Region remanded a 30-year old business Woman in police custody for child abuse. Ms Cecilia Acquah pleaded guilty to two counts of subjecting a child to torture, degrading treatment and domestic violence.

About a year ago the accused took custody of the victim from his mother upon mutual understanding. On Sunday, September 6, 2015, the victim, a 12-year old left for Church in the morning but allegedly went to play with friends instead and returned home late in the evening. We have a naughty one here guys, a real spawn of the devil.

Auntie Cece was livid and beat up the kid with electric wiring. She left for Accra on a business trip early the next morning. It was a rough night for this kid as he found himself bruised and battered and found walking difficult. He was spotted the next day sleeping under a shed near the main road to his School. A Good Samaritan came across him and carried him to the hospital for medical care. The doctors involved DOVSU and the accused was subsequently arrested on her return and arraigned before court.

Spare the rod guys like I’ve been saying all year. Kids will be kids. No need for the enhanced disciplinary techniques.

From spare the rod we move on to some clergy corner. A 17-year-old boy is in critical condition after being accused of stealing 500 cedis from a church at Jama Timponim, a suburb of Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region. Accusations invariably come with some lynching hence the critical condition.The suspect, Bright Gyekye was subjected to immense beatings by the prophet of the church, whose name was given as only Samuel, as punishment for stealing from God.

The boy’s Mother narrated the incident to Adom News saying her son was wrongly accused of stealing after some church members claimed they saw the boy entering the church. According to her, they dragged her son into the church and forced him to confess and when he did, probably under duress, they started beating him. “They locked the door and called the prophet who led a group of young men to beat him until he fell unconscious,” she said. The distraught mother maintained that her son was innocent.

She called on the police to investigate the matter thoroughly and bring the culprits to book. The Prophet Samuel declined comment when Adom News contacted him. And they call themselves Christians.

This last story is for the fans of suicides, Eunice Lartey, a former student of the Manya Krobo Senior High School (SHS) took her own life Thursday night and her parents believe her actions might have been triggered by the decision of authorities of her new school to hold her back a year.

The deceased was to move to SHS 2 in her previous school but asked her parents to change her school because of bullying. Her new school decided she wasn’t good enough for SHS 2 kept her in SHS 1. The girl was found hanging from a tree behind her home. It turns out maybe the bullying wasn’t so bad after all considering. A number of unreasonable folks are blaming the schools decisions to hold her back as the cause of this tragic death but come on guys, give this girl some credit for her own suicide.

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