Everything that is new comes with a kind of newness – new resolutions, newer perceptions of how to approach life, new ways of making our relationships (be it platonic, relational or romantic) work better. Today is another day added to another new year and the clock is ticking, winds are gradually changing, clouds are gathering and the season would definitely change.

It is important to make resolutions when the year is ending, for it at least guides your conscience and actions as you sail through the year. But it is quite worrying to note how some people approach the fulfillment of their resolutions. Some absolutely wait for “manna” to fall from heaven, others would work to accomplish their resolved goals with GOD whilst others would do every kilometer to achieve their aspirations for “the end justifies the means” is their talk.

For the latter, the end does not always justify the means because deliberately snatching somebody’s partner, stealing money from the states funds, corrupting transactions, “riding Adamic organs” for good grades and the like for a desired end is not an advisable option. “The waiting for manna ” category may have some beyond-physical leanings but for our democratizing state, it is how you lift yourself out of that uncomfortable and dilapidated situation and not what your political feeders would do for it is temporary.

There is the need for us to approach this new year with a renewed mindset and nature – chip away those things that impede our progress and concentration on relevant issues that would propel our prosperity. We cannot be in the same boat with this new year with our gossiping, disinterestedly nonchalant, corrupt and always comprising nature.

From the global perspective, the political brawl involving US/EU and Russia is not over yet, the deep freezer which would be used to cool the heat in the middle east has not been purchased, the exploitation of African states, in terms of trade, by imperialist states is never over and all these affects our local economic and business environment, thanks to our over-dependence. Locally, fuel prices are likely to go up, the economic devastation as a result of the ripple effect of the “dumsor” would worsen and we cannot see an end to the corruption going on. This unequivocally shows that 2016 is going to be a considerably messy and heated place with repugnant smell if it were to be be a room. It is now obvious that there is no time for dulling and waiting but it is more consistent to adopt our late president Mills’ motto “action year”. I believe that with GOD, your action and our collective determination, we are going to eat this year as bread.

The ground is still hard, the year is dying but new. The skies would cry and the rains would infiltrate and soften the shelly ground but after the rains, you would only reap what you planted when the ground was adamant to tilling.

Written by: Thomas Brown, KNUST



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