Developer of Software for University of Ghana SRC Elections Arrested by BNI


The developer of the software used in conducting University of Ghana SRC elections over the past three years, Stephen Forson, was this morning arrested by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

It is not yet clear the exact reason he was arrested. However, the arrest follows the huge controversy that has characterized the just ended 2015 University of Ghana SRC elections.

Listen to audio interview with radio univers station manager, Dr. Alhaji Abubakr Sidik Ahmed below.

The controversy stemmed from the landslide victory of Fobi, Mikdad’s opponent in the race for the presidential seat. Before the elections, Mikdad was, arguably, perceived as the most popular candidate, endorsed by many as more competent. However, when the results were declared, Mikdad lost quite embarrassingly. This spurred rumors of rigging, religious voting and voting based on party affiliation as reasons for his loss.

Those who support the rigging theory suggest the software used was tempered with to cheat for Fobi. Those who support the religious voting theory feel Mikdad  lost because the largely Christian population of University of Ghana voted against Mikdad, a Muslim, in adherence to teachings in churches that Christians should not be lead by a Muslim. Finally, those who support the political party voting theory believe Mikdad lost because students voted on the bases of political party affiliation. Both Mikdad and Fobi made it known they were members of NDC and NPP respectively. Unfortunately for Mikdad, University of Ghana Legon campus is an NPP stronghold.


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