“Sex. Sex. Sex. Passion.” If the first three caught your attention to the extent that you forgot there was actually a last word, you need Jesus! Haha.

Sex sells. No two ways about that. It prompts. It arrests attention. It does the magic several marketing strategies would probably fail to do.

I read with awe one strategy used by police in a state in America to reduce road accidents on a highway due to over speeding. They erected a giant billboard on the said road jealously displaying a semi-nude woman. Drivers (and it’s always the men) would slow down to steal a glance at the billboard (even when with their partners), thus, slow down!

Sex has always sold and will continue to sell. Little wonder marketing a simple pen, for instance, can be tied to an almost naked woman who might not even know how to write. Almost everything is tied to nudity! A trend lately is to try to play on the conscience of prospective buyers through nudity. However, why should we (African as we are) resort to such cheap means of marketing. Yes cheap!

It’s such an embarrassing moment when a kid asks you why you flip the TV channel when some movies (even the local ones) or adverts are being shown. The same kid would find in the dailies a lady sprawling on a car for sale and would curiously ask if buying the car comes with a human being! I might just need to nod “yes” to the latter question.

You can imagine the look on my face when my little nephew asks why a semi-nude woman should always do an advert of a product which apparently is supposed to be used by men. The seemingly clueless young gentleman’s guess is as good (or should I say bad?) as mine! I know.

These adverts laced with messages which sexually arouse our thoughts are sinking into our norms by the day. We are accepting them as norms. We (both young and old) are being dazed by the spell. Chai!

Thank God for westernization. Bless God for modernization. But… our culture, at least, frowns on a woman posing in a sexually suggestive manner in the name of selling an advert. Talk, they say, is cheap. But… in the days we are living in, sex is cheaper. It won’t cost much for a sane woman (maybe sanity is relative) to go topless just to sell a product! Yes. Very cheap.

From our TV screens, through our billboards to radio and any other means of advertisement, we are being bombarded with images that would make thoughts of Adams, especially, go berserk! Sometimes, Eves, too, though. At all cost, someone wants to rape our pockets with such images that can indeed cause someone to rape or be raped! We are not spared either in our homes or outside our homes. Whether day or night, such adverts are hurled at us.

The spate of alcoholism among the youth keeps on soaring like the dollar against the cedi. Rape cases keep on increasing, too. After all, everything has being tied to sex… and comfortably are we living under that spell!

Young men are used as the bait to get women to drink their heads off. Young women are also used to get to men (especially the young); boozing their lives away. The little said about the increase in kidney and liver diseases among such youth in these times, the better.

The cases of social vices keep on swelling by the day; abortions, immorality, name them. Our imagination, like our nation, has become very independent; controlled by another’s desire to get into our pockets! What the eyes see, the mind thinks and eventually, the hands perpetrate it! Sex might be selling our brand but in the end it might as well sell our future. And… our future is obviously not for sale!

The ‘sex sells’ spell is gradually being cast over us all. We are gradually finding for a kind of bitters, for instance, to have the power to transform ‘powerless’ men overnight. Semi-nude men and women being showcased all over (be it in the movies or wherever) is no more a thing of indecency!

We have our culture to protect; our future, too. The earlier we nipped such indecency in the bud, the earlier it would be for us all. Else, we would one day wake up to find our children already on their way to school without caring for any clothes and… that would have been pretty normal!

Sex sells. After all, it is a spell.

Written by Kobina Amoa Ansah, Chief Scribe, Scribe Communications, Accra.

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