Concerned Students Of UG Petition the Vice Chancellor On Campus Insecurity

Concerned Students of the University of Ghana have petitioned the vice Chancellor to respond quickly to the current security situation on campus. This follows a walk embarked on by students of the Commonwealth Hall (Vandals) to register their displeasure about the insecurity on campus. The petition addressed to the vice Chancellor and the Dean of students is to have the authorities address the security issue on campus to enable students go about their normal activities without fear. Below is the petition:

C/O Mikdad Mohammed
University of Ghana, Legon
Commonwealth Hall-Room D8
3rd December, 2014

The Vice Chancellor
Through the Dean of Students
University of Ghana

Dear Sir,


We the undersigned, who are bona fide students of the University of Ghana, fearful for our safety and that of our fellow students, would like to draw your immediate attention to the unceasing attacks on students within campus. We share in the fears expressed by students, especially, students of the Private Halls, Volta Hall, the New Halls, and indeed ALL of us, who after paying seventeen(17) GH Cedis each as security and sanitation fees, still feel insecure holding our own laptops and phones on campus, in addition to the fear of being painfully raped. We share the concerns of the Level 100 lady whose laptop was snatched, and was beaten on top after she resisted rape. We share the grief of the beautiful lady in TF who received unpalatable slaps, stabs and knife wounds for refusing to surrender her phone and items without putting up a fight.

We are in the know, about progress made in improving the number of security personnel and equipping them with
pick-ups and other logistics, including some interventions like streetlights overhauling, as fallout from previous
attacks on students this semester. However, the continuous recurrence of these attacks obviously informs us about the inadequacy of our collective preparedness to face-off those marauders.Our independent checks show a zero ubiquity of Security Personnel at identified flash points, hence exposing students to incessant attacks particularly in this period of blackouts, Revisions and Exams.

Sir, should things remain same, quite a number of students (females inclusive) are contemplating carrying small knives, scissors and who knows, maybe firearms as part of their obligations for personal protection- or a situation where students, by themselves, form “Issakaba-like” vigilante groups on campus because of insecurity.

This will be a scenario not befitting of the World Class University status we are desirous of partnering you to

For the few weeks to end the semester, we propose that the University considers cutting down the number of security personnel deployed during day time and “unleashing” them massively at night at “proper” locations. There should be a very strict monitoring team to identify and sanction those personnel who “famously” sleep on duty and in the long term, the “very old men” among the security guards be gracefully discharged to be replaced by strong young men and women.

While being compliant with Security Council counsel, that we walk in groups and avoid dark alleys, we, as students shall on our part continue to report loiterers and suspicious strangers we see around to aid your effort in offering us reliable protection.

Sir, students are very worried about their safety and we know the stories you hear worry you too.

We beseech for your split-second intervention in addressing these security challenges especially immediate, because Night Prayers and or Examinations preparation is actively on course with late-night studies and group discussions almost inevitable, even as you put in place measures for a long term solution. Campus is no more safe, Sir.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Mikdad Mohammed
(Spokesperson &Chief Petitioner) & 60 others. 0244599591

N/B: Find attached corresponding signatures.

Pro VC (ASA)
Head, UG Security
SRC President
Radio Universe
Students’ Notice Boards

This is to have the security issue addressed by the school authorities and the general public because the insecurity on campus is unbearable.

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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  1. Nando Gideon says:

    Once safety on campus is very important
    I hope the vice chancellor will do samtin about it

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