Citizens As Subjects:A case Study of NSS “Increment” Saga


The notion of sovereignty residing in the people has become nothing but a broken myth. I wonder when Ghanaians would be treated with much respect than being used as manipulative tools of dominance by politicians.

Recent saga relating to expected increment of NSS salaries has suggested citizens are being treated more as “subjects”.

In the year 2014, the National Democratic Congress under John Dramani Mahama increased the NSS salary from ¢243.48 to ¢350 which was about 10% increment. In the year 2016, same government expected the economy to be capable of handling a 40% increase in NSS by 2017 reflecting a major shift from ¢350 to ¢559, despite the numerous debt “alooted” from foreign coffers which has landed the country almost in a second state of HIPIC.

The question asked by skeptical Ghanaians is why didn’t the government cause such increase while it was still in office? Why did it have to confer such burden on an incoming government which sought to “restructure the economy”? What was it’s motive? Was it to satisfy a political vendetta against the new government?

However, you cannot blame the 70,407 service personnel who have come to accept an increment as a ease of burden and have thereby made calculated budgets on how to utilize their expected increase, dependents who have high hopes of getting substantive revenue from service personnel.

It is however a great dishonour to be “fooled”; receiving a bank alert that you have been credited an amount below your expectation. This should not be expected from a government desiring the welfare citizens and promising transparency to the people.

The rise of “strong men” in the society who can “dis- amend” what has been amended without informing the people or going through the formal procedure is on a rampage. NSS increment is to take effect in January 2017, if for any reason the economy cannot support this change at a specific period, the people have the right to be well informed before time.

But in a country where institutions are ineffective, it is not a surprise when citizens are told not to be subjects but are treated as subjects.

Its time citizens rise
By: Rachael Omeife



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