Showing at the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio
Date: 24th-27th September 2015
Time: 7:00pm each day
Rate: ¢10

After a successful run of the Season 1 of an awkward family of the Abbans, playwright Kobina Ansah has unveiled the sequel to his high voltage comedy and… it is going to knock theatre lovers off their feet. Definitely! The first season of the first ever seasonal stage play in Ghana was an electrifyingly hilarious… and this season is not any different.

In This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 1, the Abbans showed enough reason why their family shouldn’t be put on OLX or Tonaton in spite of all their troubles. Mr. Abban, the double-aged, retired footballer and “only master” of the family, tried to curb the tension in his home from stolen identity to joblessness. His first son returned from the States as the ‘GM’ of a hospital. They later got to know his ‘GM’ title only meant “general mortician” not “general manager” as they thought.

Season 2 gets more fascinating. Mr. Abban seemingly dies. His younger brother, Uncle Olele, comes from Nigeria to make some damning revelations about their family and why it indeed needs to be sold this time. One secret that shuts down the entire family is when they get to know that the supposed USA-based son had all this while been hiding somewhere in Nigeria!

In the course of all the revelations and funeral planning which Uncle Olele perceives as a “business venture”, someone knocks at the door. He claims he is Mr. Abban! Really!? Is Mr. Abban dead or not? Do you believe in ghosts? Do they indeed exist?

This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 2 is a satire wittingly woven into the African setting and takes a swipe at how we literally spend every dime of ours on the dead instead of the living.

Tagged “100% humor, 100% furor”, the writer and director says this play would challenge his audience to have another look at how they perceive the dead in contrast to the living. He added, “If you think Season 1 thrilled you enough, then you haven’t seen Season 2 yet!”

This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 2 shows at the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio, University of Ghana from Thursday, 24th September to Sunday, 27th September, 2015 at 7pm each day.

This Family Is Not For Sale is a product of Scribe Productions, a subsidiary of Scribe Communications, with the sole aim of putting families together despite each other’s shortcomings.

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