Breaking: Volumes of Treated Water Go Waste at Legon Presec


Information reaching UGfile indicates that several volumes of treated water is gushing out freely to waste from the gutters of Presbyterian Boys High School better known as Legon Presec towards Madina.

It is unclear what the cause of the wastage is. The water is said to gush out profusely with such velocity that the gutter is almost half full of treated water. Onlookers say this situation started a day ago.

Some children were seen bathing in the gutter with sheer abandon.This comes at a time that utility service providers in the country are having great difficulty in meeting the water demands of the capital city.

Water demand is said to outstrip supply and projected per capita renewable freshwater availability by 2025 will be 1,400m3 which is within the water-stress range. While Water demand is projected to exceed supply almost six times higher by 2030.

The attention of authorities of the school as well as the Ghana Water Company Limited is urgently called to this anomaly to foil further waste.

Children bathing in the gutter

Children bathing in the gutter


Gutter in front of Legon Presec

Gutter in front of Legon Presec

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