Ayawaso by-election :UG student manhandled by Police SWAT personnel


Former Electoral Commissioner of the Akuafo Hall JCR, Mr. Davidson Addo has been beaten and manhandled by some police officials stationed at the Akuafo Hall Annex B polling station in today’s by-elections.

Narrating his ordeal on Radio Univers, the victim, whose three mobile phones were also seized by personnel from the police SWAT team said he journeyed from the Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall at around 4:50pm to cast his ballot. He however arrived late and and as such was unable to exercise his franchise. The victim then decided to observe the counting of the votes at the closure of the polls.

According to Mr. Addo, during the course of the counting, the Presiding Officer at post skipped some numbers while collating the votes cast for Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassan. In his account, the Presiding Officer jumped from 49 to 60, a situation which he sought to bring to the attention of the Presiding Officer. Upon this, a personnel from the police SWAT team then landed a slap on him from behind; followed by another firm blow from another personnel in his face. His three mobile phones were then forcibly taken from him and asked to leave the premises.

Mr. Davidson Addo, the student allegedly assaulted by the SWAT personnel

Speaking to Radio Univers on the development, the SRC Vice President, Mr. Adom Anorkwah, who was at the scene of the event reiterated that upon his enquiries, the treatment meted to Mr. Addo was because he was videoing the counting of the ballots, a situation an officer at post described as illegal hence the treatment.

Radio Univers’ Nancy Essandoh, who was the reporter at the scene of events has corroborated the incidence and has affirmed the vote jumping which was done by the Presiding Officer during the counting of the votes cast in favour of Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassan, the NPP’s parliamentary candidates in the by-elections.

Mr. Davidson Addo said after the incidence, he proceeded to the Legon Police Station to report his ordeal and retrieve his seized phones but all to no avail. He has since made his way to the University of Ghana Security Desk to launch a formal complain in this regard for onward investigations.

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