What am I hearing? News so unwanted. This is what we wish for satan’s first born and not someone’s lovely son or daughter who has worked so hard from Junior High School through Senior High School to the University.

How difficult it is to pass your WASSCE examinations… And can you imagine the amount of time, the sacrifices and the resources that this boy and his parents have expended to get him this far?

Oh mine! GOD, why would you take my friend away at this tender age when he is yet to accomplish so much? He would have been a blessing to society!

Oh my friend! I have a lot of questions to ask GOD about the sudden demise of my friend because I don’t think it was his time to leave this world. We just parted ways a few days ago from campus, to go and enjoy our vacation and celebrate Christmas at home. But then I get a call this morning from his sister telling me that he is dead as a result of a motor-bike accident. When I asked her what happened, she told me the police report shows that his other friend who was riding the bike was drunk and my friend, her brother, was also ‘high’. I think it is ‘shisha’ or whatever it’s name is because he loves smoking that thing.

Oh my friend! This happened in Takoradi. But I don’t know what STI my other friend in Tamale will be bringing to campus next semester. That guy cherishes pornography and sex. As for my other friend in Tema, I am confused whether he first planted ‘that’ weed thing or it’s God who really created it. He boozes too. I pray that he doesn’t get stabbed in one of his ghettos or night clubs or also die in a motor accident as he also likes cruising around with like-minded ‘tough’ guys.

Oh my friends! I always tell them that Christmas is the time we welcome a savior and not a time to die to cause unbearable pain to ones parents and stain people’s memory of them. Are you Jesus? Christ Jesus died on Easter to save the world! Porn, sex, alcoholism and smoking are sweet enjoyable destructives that will take you to where my friend is; in the cemetery – six feets below.

You are the change the world is waiting for. Why would you cause the world to suffer? You may be my dying friend, or perhaps your friend. It would only manifest if you allow it to. Don’t be my dead friend. I hate asking, “another university student dead!?”

Written by: Thomas Brown (KNUST, Level 300)



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