Another Gruesome Accident at Okponglo

Just this evening, on this 23rd day of December 2014, another person met his untimely death through a gruesome car accident at the Okponglo traffic light; legon’s main entrance.

According to an eye witness, the victim waited patiently for the traffic light to switch from amber light to red light, to indicate to oncoming vehicles that they must stop for pedestrians to cross the road.

Immediately the traffic light switched to the red light, the victim proceeded to cross the road. Unfortunately for him, a trotro (benz bus) was approaching at a top speed and could not brake in time.

He got hit by the trotro in a most gruesome manner and died on the spot.

The Okponglo traffic light is popular for the frequent accidents that occur there.

This semester alone, there have been about 3 very fatal accidents there.

Some suggest that despite the availability of traffic lights there, there still needs to be policemen there to ensure there is more security and safety on that road.

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