I know you have a lot to do so I will just go straight to the point, no long things. We both do not have time.

I have seen some of you troop into the University’s campus to know your whereabouts and the various halls you have chosen. That is a good start. A very fine start.

But don’t get flattered. Everyone else has done it before.

What I actually want to tell you about has to do with some things some (if not most) of you will face. You will eventually get to find out later – whether it snows in Ghana or not – but as you know Knowledge is a good thing. It is never too early to know. You will get to know it later on anyways – whether you want to or not.

The University of Ghana is not a place of foolery.

The University of Ghana is not a place of foolery.

I will just repeat it once again. It may make more meaning to you.

The University of Ghana is not a place of foolery.

I know most of you HEARD very very untrue rumours of how FUN & ACTIVE & JOYOUS the University environment is 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. How your SHS teachers advised you to just be “serious for a moment” because there is freedom in the University: freedom to choose to enter into any room at any time, and do anything you want to do just because you are in the University et cetera. You should hold it on your thoughts and begin to change your mind.

It will do you real good if you begin rethinking and commence changing your mindset concerning the University, if these were what you were thinking. They lied to you. Again.

The University community is not a place of jokes and fun, but of seriousness. It is an environment of fruitfulness, opinions and results. It is not what you were told at all. You are not coming to joke here and have fun 24/7. It is not part or even done in the community. It is a community of intellectuals, seriously-minded individuals, people with vision and focus coupled with people who know what they are doing.

The University community is not made of people who are coming to have fun. It is made of serious people. Serious people? Serious people.

Don’t think you are coming to have fashion shows every week, dinner parties every fortnight, drink-ups every holiday and nightclub parties every weekend. Don’t get it wrong, at all. As a matter of fact, what you will be having running through your week and your months are lectures, group meetings, assignment deadlines and program invitations. Don’t think you are coming to showcase your cat walking skills or your make-up talents or your exuberant fashion sense to the University populace every day and every time you walk out. No one is watching you. The community is not made of fashion designers or ‘manhunters’. It is made of professionals who have a focus they want to achieve. No one is watching you, actually. You are alone in your circles. If you are/were known in your past school, this is the University of Ghana. If you are known on Twitter, this is the University. If you are popular on Facebook, this is the University of Ghana. Get the difference. No one knows you and no one is watching you. Nobody cares of what you wear or think. You have to get your voice out.

Don’t get it twisted. People have a focus here and the earlier you get to adjust yourself to that, the better.

Now of course not, I am not saying there are no unserious people in this place. This is The University of Ghana, Legon: a City on its own, the ‘Hill of Knowledge’. What can’t you find in a self-sustaining city? You will find people who make it their priority to party every day and drink every night. But that is not what the people in the University are actually. The greater population speaks for the name. If you want to find such people, you will have to FIND them. They are not the average students who move around minding good businesses. They also have their whereabouts. The University is made of serious people, not fun-loving equivocally independent students as you may be thinking.

Get that.

I have said what I wanted to say. I may just add that the more you grow, the better you adapt to this new environment. Or better still the more you gain experience, the better adapted you find yourself. Ask questions. That is a quick way of gaining your experience in any field.

I will end here. I know I’ve just painted a portion of the whole picture. I will leave the rest of it for my fellow artists to paint through whatever means they would.

And A Very Quick Advice: There are hopefuls (aspirants) going for different positions in the University. If you need anything (especially urgently) and you need replies, I will advise you to call them. They normally send very good information around on WhatsApp with their names and contacts attached. Some of them “power” the already existing information. Hmm. So save their contacts and call them if you need any help. In case you do not know where the shuttles will pass, where JQB, NNB or Language Centre (they are all lecture halls) are located, where some denominations meet on campus and any other minute but worrying problem you may have. Just call them. They are the most trustworthy and quickest sources of information now.

Most of us didn’t know anything I said in this letter when we were in L100. Now you have an upperhand. Welcome to the Nation’s “Hope and Glory”.

To All Freshers.



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