Hello Dearies,

On behalf of the University of Ghana (UG), I say you are warmly welcomed into the premier University in Ghana. You have from inception been a winner; you won a race involving a thousand of your friends, your tail was the first to actually break off. You decided to sacrifice your nights all for this. God being so merciful intervened in your battle, and by His will you have been chosen among thousands of your mates.

University of Ghana is one that is very competitive along the length and breadth of the world. For your information, as it stands, you are a student of the best university in Sub-Saharan Africa. And for the whole of Africa, I can strongly beat my chest in affirmation that you are meddling with Universities like the University Of Johannesburg and its likes.

Hello, don’t be amused to think it is for fun I am mentioning all these. Being abreast with these pieces of information, it behooves you, amidst the glory and fame to learn how to cope with life. It may baffle you to know that, at this stage of the educational ladder, you wouldn’t be forced to be in uniform, where you would be wearing a white shirt and a long Khaki trouser all in the name of going for Breakfast, Lunch, Super or Prep. Being a student of this Institution, you’re deemed as an adult and as such would be expected to behave in a decorous manner. You must also know that, this is the place where your life could easily be transmogrified.

Just take some time off your busy schedule to remember your origin. Would dad or mom be happy to find you an alcoholic? In the best of my knowledge, the question rather tends to be rhetorical. Dearies, that aside, being a student of this institution offers you the exposure to several social occasions. Should you be the outing type, UG would be your very best friend. However, also be touched with the sense of knowledge that you’re mainly here to learn and make good grades. By this I must be very transparent in reminding you that I am not saying you should not partake in such programs or gatherings. All I’m insinuating is that making yourself an addict to that will only aid you undoubtedly to retrogress.

As your own brother, I am delighted to civilize you also about bad friends and groups. UG is a composition of diverse people. Making friends is not always the issue, but making a good friend whose wish is to see you prosper has always been the philosophical worry of all time.

For the undeniable fact that you have already been taken through an orientation session and would soon be matriculated where the Vice Chancellor might have mentioned and would re-iterate respectively these very issues. I would leave you here with the words of one Principal Philosopher by name Wole Soyinka which states “ man does not agree based on mere philosophies and sentiments but rather substantiated and factual evidence”, so I am not perturbed knowing that some of you may not agree with me. But time they always say, would surely tell

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