On the 6th of March, 2017 I was able to get in contact with writer DANIEL ANTWI BOASIAKO – THE BRAIN BEHIND THE NOVEL, GODS AMONG MEN, and we had a very profound conversation. Below is what ensued between us about his maiden novel GOD’S AMONG MEN.

[1] What inspired the book GODS AMONG MEN.

Daniel – I watch movies a lot and the inspiration for this novel came from a movie I watched titled THE LORD OF THE RINGS by R.R Tolkien and also JK ROWLING’S HARRY PORTER.

[2] Will there be a sequel to GODS AMONG MEN.

Daniel – As it stand am not working on a sequel, but rather I have other great stories that I also hope to publish. So as it stands I am rather hoping to publish other stories since they are also good stuffs after I am thoroughly done with the marketing of Gods among men.

[3] I see your book is more like dominantly a super fantasy novel that has correlation to science fiction. So I want to ask do you like science fiction?

Daniel – I love science fiction a lot, for me novels that explore fictional characters like comics are the most difficult to write. Writers who create theses comics I say are the smartest of all writers. As a creative person I feel the real intelligence is the ability for one to create things that do not exist into existence. So I will say I love science fiction especially the comics

[4] How is the marketing of your book going and before that how was your book launch?

Daniel – My book launch was great, to my surprise a lot of people came around to support and I was so blessed for their presence. As it stands the sales are going well and we hope to ascend the profiting. Also one this I like to point out is that, though I am encountering some few hurdles I still believe things will get better as time goes on.

[5] Is there a class of people your book was written for, which people can read your book?

Daniel – My book is for everyone provided the person can read and write. From Junior High School to Tertiary school all can read, Yea…..

[6] So where can we get copies of the book to buy?

Daniel – Okay on the University of Ghana campus, you can get to but by contacting me, am selling my thing. Also, there are copies at the Methodist book shop and also in the Central Region of Ghana my former Senior High school Nsaba Presbyterian Senior High School.

[7] My final question what can you say about the Creative industry in Ghana any future and innovation you think can be applied to make it better?

Daniel – Yes to me I think the Creative Industry in Ghana is doing great but they need a little push. I believe the government can do better than what it is doing currently by allowing foreign investors to invest more in creative Arts in Ghana. Also I think Creativity should also be a subject that should be taught as part of the school’s curriculum. A lot of people say creativity cannot be thought but I doubt that, Creativity that is taught is what is making Europe, Europe and America great. In a nut shell I will say there is a great future for Creative writing in Ghana and with the emergence of great writers like me and others who are also good at writing, Africa and Ghana should be ready for a Creative transformation of our continent and nation. Thank you.

An insightful novel GODS AMONG MEN really is explore the journey of a “god” born among men and the decision he has to make being a god and a man.

It’s a thrilling novel full of intrigue and staccato, I will advise everyone get a copy of “GODS AMONG MEN.”

Another exciting news is also that, he has been NOMINATED for the category of best WRITER FOR THE year in the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, S.R.C EXCELLENCE AWARDS….Go…go Daniel we all proud of you and more grease to your elbows…

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