African woman


African woman

The African woman is more than the thickness of her lips
The curve of her hips
The fullness of her figure
She has beauty at her fingertips
The way she designs culinary wonders
She is blessed with great intelligence
A great mind to match a great body
She adorns her head with a crown of wisdom
On her ears are diamonds for her good character
She has Love written on her chest
She will show you no disrespect
On her hands are bangles of virtue
She uses her African name
You will never hear her call herself Gertrude
She puts on her kaba and slit
To show off her legs
Oh how she is fit
She wears Ahenema so she will never run away even for an Oheneba
She is faithful and loyal
No wonder she is Royal

It is said that Diamonds get their character from African women
A testament to her resilience
How you sparkle in the light
Gives my eyes great delight
Sometimes I can’t believe you are this beautiful
It’s like a story
Ali BaBa and the forty thieves
I wish I was a prince so you will be my princess
Or a king, you will be my Kingcess
Or should I say queen
An African woman
The greatest woman I’ve ever seen.


Jacob A. Osae

Posted by Jacob A. Osae

Poet + Songwriter + Screen Writer + Sci Fi & Fantasy Writer = Physicist.

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