*CHANGE*(Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.)

Change, is a very debated word in our societies these days and every school of thought habours its perspective of change.
The Collins dictionary treats change as the ability to become something different or to replace something with another.

Narrowing it into context, change refers to a state of being. A decision to think in a manner that is not reliant on an external force as was the case prior to the advent of the big six and the aftermath. As we celebrate the 107th anniversary of the birth of Osagyefo, my message to my readers is the understanding i got from what the man meant by,” *…And as I pointed out… I made it quite clear that from now on – today – we must change our attitudes, our minds, we must realise that from now on, we are no more a colonial but a free and independent people.*”

Changing one’s attitudes is an inate decision. We must make a decision to be the best of what we are and not keep repeating the same old tricks and lackadaisical life style full of greed and lies. Before any society can progress, the leaders and or aspiring leaders are a key instrument although the role of the populace cannot be underplayed.

What do we have in Ghana today though? A dog eat dog world. Where they say the only time our parliamentarians agree on an issue is when they discuss increasing their own salaries.
Shame on them.

Late 90’s the administration of the Flt Lt. moved a motion to introduce VAT; valued added tax, it was met with a vehement opposition led by the greatest opposition force of the time, New Patrotic Party. About a blink into their administration H.E. President of the Republic at the time John A. Kuffour implemented the said tax on Ghanaians.
Shame on you.

2011, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, former first lady of the republic contested the late Prof. JEA Mills otherswise known as ‘Asomdwe Hene’ to be the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, as expected she lost heavily, and the consequences? She broke away to form a ‘shadow’ of the party she deserted. I call it a shadow because it looks to me as if she is just duplicating the party with the hope of probably confusing the aged(who i don’t believe should vote anyway) who may mistake her party for the NDC and vote for her. Evident among duplication is the failed attempt she made to take the logo of the party and also using the colors of the NDC for her shadow party. One question for you madam, does it mean since you did not win the flag bearership of NDC your ideology has changed or meaning your skills would not be harnessed to develop Ghana if NDC wins. And (i say this knowing it will be met with attacks though) do you think wasting your money and your followers’ time is what will move Ghana forward? Because even if it’s 100 years you know it deep down your heart that you would not win.
Shame on you

H.E. John Dramani Mahama led NDC administration, otherwise known as DUMSOR government, are you sure that phenomenon have been curtailed? or are you hiding it so you can release it as an atomic bomb on December 10th when if things go in your favour you win the elections. Personally and i repeat personally i believe DUMSOR is FAR from over and you and your ministers are just doing what you do best; talk. One policy of yours i so love is the sanitation policy, but i haven’t seen it being implemented though, maybe it is in full force just that i haven’t seen it. I can continue but let me just end it to save time
Shame on you

These are just a few, just a few of the negative attitudes that i believe Dr. Nkrumah asked us to change when he addressed the crowd at polo grounds.

The change of attitude, i believe that could be addressed to the followers includes envious characters towards neighbours. For instance you are a trader in cosmetics and there is another comestic trader by you, the typical Ghanaian attitude is that you’re de-facto enemies. Where is the idea of healthy competition to promote efficiency?
Shame on you

Ghanaian populace are now puppets, controlled by belly full politicians who do not even know your names. I haven’t seen children of polictians in Ghana matching on streets campaigning for them but the ordinary Ghanaian is ready to succumb to comments like “all die be die”
Shame on you

A dirty mindset of the Ghanaian today, immediately someone criticises a policy or action of your political party it means he or she is a propagandist or whatever. I wonder if these blind critiques know what propaganda means though.
Shame on you

A system where a supreme court injunction is served on you and you can still go ahead with the act and when the plaintiff complains, critiques call him a party moron, ..hmmmm i shock sef. Mother Ghana is sure to die if such people are not brainwashed.
Shame on you

Nkrumah said
*”…We are no more a colonial but free and independent people”*….
What did he mean by that? Of course political freedom is the theme.
But what about the the true colonial masters; our modern day politicians and economic imperialism.

Ghanaians have degraded themselves to the extent that they think they cannot even breathe in the absence of polictians. Until you realise that the role of government is not to come fix the leaking roof at your workplace, you will for ever be colonized.
An assembly man is being interviewed on nature of roads in his area of jurisdiction and he says “the government should come to our aid”. Are you kidding me? Who is the government? People like that should be brought up on charges and jailed for crimes against Ghana.
shame on you

It’s these attitude that Osagyefo said we should change.

*…today from now on, there is a new African in the world, that new African is ready to fight his own battles and show that after all the the blackman is capable of managing his own affairs…*

59 years down the lane can we actually boast to have fought our own battles talkless to say managing our own affairs? The answer in my opinion is NO. Our politicians have developed the tendency to blame the previous government for whatever gutter they put the economy in and just leave things there.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the body managing our affairs for us at the moment and when you question that, the only defence you get is they are not the first government to go there. Really so if someone does something wrong the solution you see is to repeat the same thing and just say it’s tradition. Well there are a million illiterates ready to jump on your neck and call you a propagandist if you complain so what do you know?

I have said a lot, many of which may not make sense but what i tell my readers today is l, as we remember the life and works of the first President of Ghana, we should take a break from all the jubilation and think of what true independence really means.

If you shout you are independent and you think it is someone’s duty to give you jobs then please wake up

If you think you are independent and you sing thousand verses of hallelujah to someone for using your money to build roads for you, then wake up

If you think you are independent and you think ‘government’ should come wipe your a** after using the washroom then its better we bring back the white man to colonize us instead of deceiving ourselves that we are independent, for many Ghanaians are still colonized, just that this time belly full politicians are their colonial masters not the white man.
Shame on you.
*Pens Down.*

Oswald K Azumah



Former student of University of Ghana Article writer|| Journalist|| Critic|| Altar server|| Peer Counselor # I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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