I voted for an SRC I trusted. An SRC which will make my welfare his priority. An SRC which will agree with me. I did that because I wanted to be a good citizen and not just a spectator. A citizen who would contribute his quota to the development of UDS by making the SRC work. My suggestions and demand for accountability would at least help if not solve a problem.

But how can I hold my SRC to work when I don’t know what they are even doing. How can I hold my SRC to work when I am oblivious of the happenings at General Assembly sittings. I wanted to know what the SRC is doing for me so I voted for a Faculty Rep. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the SRC just like the Parliament of Ghana is to our dear nation. All the students can’t be at the General Assembly sitting hence the need for some people to represent us. We are told they are being called honorables. Ayooo Mr. Hon. Faculty Rep, I don’t ask of much from you. I am not interested in the sitting allowance you are being given after sitting. Neither am I interested in the food you are been served during the sittings. I share in the sentiment of many that you really deserve the food and the sitting allowance given to you. I think you even deserve more than that. You deserve that because you risk your life going for sittings in the evening and sometimes sitting to deliberate issues for more than five hours. We are aware that sometimes you come back from sittings to your hall or hostel as late as 2:00am. What if something happened to you in the dark. You are at the liberty to be compensated for that because we will be having a good sleep whenever you are there seeking for our welfare.

Hon. Faculty Rep, I know you are not a glutton that is why I believe the food serve during sittings is not the reason you opted to be a faculty rep. I respect you as an honorable member that is why I don’t want to believe that you wanted to be a Faculty Rep because of sitting allowance alone. I know the Public Relations Officer is suppose to update us but as he being sympathizer of the Executive Committee, you don’t expect him to update you on everything. You don’t expect him to update us on their pitfalls. I am told of how vocal most of the faculty reps fight for the rights of their constituents. I applaud them for that and God bless them for their sacrifices.

Faculty Reps, all I ask from you is that, some of the students like me want to hear what happens at the General Assembly sittings. One of your duties is to update us. We need that information. We need to know the budget of our WOCOM Secretariat, Local NUGS Secretariat and the SRC itself. We need to know the state of the SRC just to mention but few. I hope you know the value of those information. It’s our right if nothing at all. We need them to help us decide what to do. We are told the SRC appointees are many than you the Representatives. We are told you always have your say but due to the number of the SRC sympathizers, the SRC Executive Committee always have their way. This and other reasons why we need to know what you discuss there. If there is the need to take action after receiving those information, we will take, so help us make UDS better. One would ask that why don’t I apply to be an observer during General Assembly sitting since I seem to be so much concern with what goes on there. I wonder what wrong I have done to the leaders of the honorable house. I have always love to serve my other students. I have applied for all the three sittings the Nicholas-led administration has gone since they took office and I have been denied all that three privileges. At first, I thought I applied late. I have informed one of the faculty reps who are on the G. A Whatsapp page to inform me whenever leadership of the house notifies them of an upcoming sitting. This faculty rep always inform me whenever they notify them. I vividly remember during the last but one sitting they had, the faculty rep informed me some minutes after they notified them of a sitting. I quickly applied on that same date just to avoid being told that I have applied late. With this, I wasn’t approved to be an observer of that sitting. I wonder what it takes to be an observer. If the clerk of the General Assembly is reading this, he or she should kindly tell me what I need to do before I can be an observer of the honorable house. I know the Speaker is given the benefit of the doubt as being always right and he decide to choose who to be an observer and who not to be. Well, Leadership of the house has been disapproving my request and my Faculty Reps and Association Secretaries too are always denying me of my right to know what is going on. Aaa well, “there is life after enjoying the pinnacle of power” says H. E Ellen Johnson.

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Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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