4 Essential Tips For New Year Celebration


New Year Day celebrations have become a global phenomenon with different styles of celebrations depending on the place and culture in context. There are however sects that trace the history of the event to paganism and therefore, forbid it completely. It is marked with heightened euphoria coupled with unrealistically high expectations to mark the transition between calendar years.

In observance of this year’s events in Accra, activities peculiar to the day, otherwise known as the New Year’s traditions – resolutions, vigils, merriment, and reaching out to family and friends, were spontaneous and soared to peaks just before midnight of the last night of the dying year.

If you are like me, you probably were asking yourself how to get the best out of this annual event.   I have therefore come up with the best guide to help you maximize your potential with the welcoming of the New Year.

1. Retrospective self-assessment.

In a quick recap, list up to 4 positive and notable things you accomplished in the past year. A year has 4 quarters and each should have been used for implementing your plans for the year. Did you utilize your resources? What were your setbacks? Did you fail in the moribund year? A new opportunity has just been given. Use your findings as a guide to plan for the coming year.

2. Strategic planning.

A new year presents us with a blank page to be filled with whatever we reach out for. That is why I think this is the best moment to decide what goes on that page. Unfortunately, for most of us we are usually blinded by the euphoria that often heightens the urgency with which we carry out this important task leading to unrealistic plans which are often referred to as the New Year resolutions. I prefer to do mine earlier with special attention to topics like health, finance, family, education, attitude, personal fulfillment, society etc.

3. Appreciate/acknowledge the people in your life.

Going by the cliché ‘no man is an island’, you would agree with me that your year could have been the most boring event if you were to live it out all alone and all by yourself. It is therefore important to look around and see who did what in your year. Let them know their efforts are counted. You definitely have to demote, fire, and promote each one based on your assessment. This is the part I will never forget again in my life because our lives are like companies where God can be likened to the economy in which we operate and the employees are the people we live with. These are the most influential factors on our success or failure.

4. Climax the event with the ‘New Year’s traditions’.

Dedicate the last part for merriment and most importantly, launching of your new plans for the coming year. It is extremely important to be happy to see the end of a year and so worth your celebrations. Don’t forget to thank your maker.

Warmest seasonal greetings from me as you observe this transition into a brand new year.

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