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WhatsApp has made the sharing of pictures, notes, videos faster and even recently with the introduction of WhatsApp call which has relatively low airtime charge. There are some effects both positive and negative to students on the use of WhatsApp application. For me as a Student of the University, WhatsApp nowadays is very important because it helps us to know more information about the activities or have discussion with our friends.

This year, I left many groups that have outlived its usefulness.
Currently, I am in 91 groups, 1,967 WhatsApp Contacts

I do read and learn a lot from these group members from different countries, religious background, political affiliations and organizations.

In general, I will say its great these meeting people who are mainly tertiary students with other pages highly confidential.

Observation so far; the students from Burundi, my God, pornographic pictures and videos be what!!! everything about the page has to do with sex and less of issues, even in their current political crises anytime I decide to raise the argument, they talk less, I am still hooked up on the page because of the Swahili lessons I learn from them.

Their siamese brothers are students from Madagascar, these guys are also obsessed with same pornographic and sex attitude. I like their group because, they also share a lot of historic facts and news.

To Kenya, it’s all about politics, corruptions and general news happening within the country.

My Nigerian friends will share their normal Akpor jokes, politics, comparison between Buhari and Jonathan and the ugly pictures of Boko Haram insurgency as well as sports news from the English Premier League (E. P. L) especially on Arsenal.

The Ethiopian guys are more religious, always sharing coptic post and images of Mary, they seldomly discuss agriculture, and politics as well as news on Chelsea ; Chelsea FC has large followers there.

They write more french than English so I don’t enjoy their chat but for the limited English, it’s usually about politics, Music (pictures of America hiphop stars and news) this is the Senegalese¬†page.

South Africans are quite interesting, news, politics, sports and bits of porn plus seldom religious post is what we do on the page.

Now to My Ghana, it’s¬†a mixture of heavy political discussions and allegations, jokes and
Plagiarism. You share a post on a page, within some few minutes you see the same post with a different name attached as writer circulating, I have worn so many people on my post, I had to stop finally. I wouldn’t be surprise to see this write-up circulating tomorrow without my name attached as the writer.

These are my generally observation about various WhatsApp groups.

Stay tune for my final retrospection for 2015

Best regards;

Right Hon. Antwi Kwabena Sarpong Hammond.

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