18 Excellent Small Businesses To Make Money in Ghana


 Our country Ghana, is blessed with many things but we are still poor. This is because, we have failed to take advantage of the good things nature has blessed this country with. We choose instead to pray to God for money instead of working for it. There are many businesses that can bring revenue to you and at the same time change the life of the ordinary Ghanaian. Nigerians, Lebanese, Chinese and Indians have seen the opportunities in this country and they are using it to their advantage whiles we Ghanaians are sitting watching and complaining about the government. Below are some businesses that well-to-do Ghanaians can start to make income and help the Ghanaian economy. Lets not sit and watch whiles foreigners take over our land. Lets go !!

1. Computer Services

Africa is catching on with the rest of the world with respect to internet technology. If you are technologically inclined, you can setup shop in Ghana and start offering e-services to clients. Example of such e-services include Web designing and development, App development, Digital marketing services, Bulk SMS services, Online registration of exams such as WAEC, SAT, TOEFL, etc.

2. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a booming business in Ghana  and the trend is not dying anytime soon. With 25+ million mouths to feed daily, there will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of old fashioned equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry. If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing.
◦Poultry farming – Egg production, meat production, hatchery or day-old-chicks production, etc.
◦Cattle Farming – Diary (milk) production, beef, etc.

◦Goat Farming
◦Fish Farming
◦Piggery (note, I don’t take pork though, haha)
◦Snail Farming

3. Agro-products exportation

Ghana is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw materials needed for the production of some finished products. Every day, tons of raw materials and food products leave the shores of Ghana to countries such as India, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Brazil, etc; yet, the demand is never met. You can become an exporter by simply registering with the Ghana Import and  Export Promotion Council and decide on the specific product you wish to export. Examples of products highly in demand are Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Gari(we not the only ones eating Gob3, haha), Cocoa, Groundnut, Yam, Cashew nuts, Tomatoes etc.

4. Mining

Ghana  is blessed with a lot of mineral resources like Gold, Diamond, Iron ore, Bauxite, etc. Aside this, the mining industry in Ghana is set to take off because the government in 2013 implemented the Local Content Policy to favor Ghanaians in the mining and oil sector. This act I believe, will spur the growth in the mining sector. If you have the financial capacity and a team, you can position yourself in this sector. Don’t let foreigners take us over.

5. Setting up Small Private refinery

There are lots of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Building a private refinery and refining crude oil is another business you should look into because there is a lot of potential in it. It is a known fact that most of petroleum products consumed in Ghana are imported. Since there is no more petrol subsidy in Ghana, this business will be a very profitable one.Just make little research about it if you have ample capital.

6. Establish a Television and Radio Broadcast Station

I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors with interest and competence in broadcasting or mass media. You can either choose to setup a radio station or TV Station. But not in the main cities such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. Those cities are already saturated (not the chemical saturation) with TV and Radio stations.Instead, you can establish some at the Eastern, Northern and Volta parts of the country since they don’t have may private TV stations of their own. You can become rich with this.
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  1. quayson albert says:

    Hi admin.i want to start a business in the importation of wears

    1. Foli says:

      Contact me on 0561743124,I can help with that

      1. I want to start my own business

        1. Sakina says:

          Hi I also want to start business on exportat ion of food ..where should I start from

          1. Richard says:

            you will need to have a receiver overseas and the rest you can contact me on 0240313262 am a cargo agent. i will lead you with the necessary registration you will.need. like Ghana export promotion council registration

          2. Hamdi says:

            go to ghana import and export promotion council. make more inquiry, register with them and chose what product you want to export.

      2. Justice mends says:

        I want to start importation of wears will call u now

        1. Damion says:

          My name isDamion I’m in the United States contact me on WhatsApp
          470 255 0041 what kind of wears you talking about?

          1. Kate says:

            Gents and ladies wear

      3. ellen says:

        Pls i need help in importing clothes from outside

        1. Sam says:

          Hi i am in the UK Precisely Birmingham where u will get quality obroni wawu stuffs n new stuff. if u want to do business contact me on ba.bena88@mail.com

          1. Afia says:

            Hi Sam, I’m in the USA. I can help u with those items. I’m already into them.

          2. Cobby says:

            Good day sir. Please Check your email and reply me back. Interested.

          3. Nadia says:

            Please contact me on 0240559611

          4. Ernestina Gbang says:

            I am interested

        2. Ellen contact me on whatsapp am in turkey i can help you with that…0090538607558

        3. Eric says:

          Contact us via email ceobiznes@gmail.com
          We are an international procurement company. We already supply second hand clothes to versions client around Africa. We look forward to hearing from you.

          1. Debka Clement says:

            Interested please email me@ Debkaclement8@gmail.com

          2. Sharid says:

            Am interested in the secondhand business. My no. is 0246224649

          3. frimpsblog says:

            Please I’m interested
            Contact me on 0548006237

        4. awudu noahm says:

          do you want to expand your business?

        5. Sumit seth says:

          Hi u can contact me on sumithseth2912@gmail.com .i am exporter of garments from india dealing in kids women n mens clothing .

          1. Joyce says:

            Am interested this is my email: joycemawah@yahoo.com

          2. Seidu says:

            how on earth will you be exporting clothes from India and want us to believe you’re a serious business man! you want to scam people bro.

      4. Larnor Elizabeth Awusi says:

        Pls I want go into the importation of wears, were do I start from?

        1. xolani says:

          Elizabeth awusi contact me on xolaniX1995@gmail.com or +27 638261715 iam a clothing supply

        2. Evans says:

          Hello, Am Evans Aidoo, from Ghana.. lives in Germany. 28.. Am a Physiotherapy Student still in school. But I Guess u can start with Shampoo.. Bathing soap. I can get them for AS cheap AS 90cent for u.. 004901626074700.. Watsup me. WE can start a Business

          1. Samuel Entee says:

            Hi Evans am interested. Can you contact me on +233244986230 whatup no. samuelentee@yahoo.com. thanks

          2. Derek says:

            Evans. Please text me on 0501347416 and let’s talk

          3. Eric says:

            hi evans am interested in that business,whatsup me on 0240377777

          4. Kobby says:

            Hi evans, we can link up ,if you can bring them so I do the supply for you. My number is +233243607945

          5. Joyce says:

            Ur is not on whattapp

        3. Eric says:

          Kindly contact me

        4. Jerry says:

          Am into clothing business n delivery in GH. If u have the cash go to China. My fb pages are
          Jeritina venture’s
          Jeritina outfits
          Jeritina clothing

          1. Hashmiu Ismail says:

            Just want to know you more n partner with you.I want to venture into clothing n other stuffs.

          2. Jerry says:

            WhatsApp me on 0555908874 for more information

          3. im very interested in investing in companies that is willing to export to america… g.cowens@eyelevelinc,org

          4. Jerry says:

            Company’s that want to export what pls clarify

        5. Eric says:

          Kindly contact us via email ceobiznes@gmail.com
          We are an international procurement company and freight forwarders (Door to Door services from U.K. to Ghana). We already supply second hand clothes and other products and consignments to versions client around Africa. We look forward to hearing from you.

          You can follow us on Facebook Somame Door to Door Services

        6. Benjamin Great says:

          i mass produce and deal in the supply of african foot wear, bags,purse and caps both male and female,intrested such bussiness you can whatsapp me on +559854564

          1. ill be in contact with you soon

      5. Ram says:

        Am Ram from india.I want to know about chances and trends indian restaurants in ghana.Valuable reply will be appreciated.

        1. Ram says:

          Even am a civil Engineer working in gcc.A good buissiness chance would make me to migrate to ghana

          1. Felix Yao says:

            Hi, there are several opportunities. Currently I have a real Estate and Construction company and looking for partners and or investors. You can link up at felixyao15@gmail.com

          2. Abdulai Abu says:

            Contact via WhatsApp 0560600655

          3. GYANJIT ROUT says:


          4. Jerry says:

            Am the CEO of Jeremy Resources limited whtasapp me on +233555908874 n let discuss

          5. Richard says:

            This is my line +233545965522… Let’s talk…

          6. Jerry says:

            WhatsApp me on +233555908874 to give u breakdown of opportunities am an entrepreneur i have invited a lot of investors into Ghana for many projects

          7. Eli says:

            Real estate business is very good here
            BuikBuil and selling
            You can call me so we talk more

        2. GYANJIT ROUT says:

          yes sir,
          very good idea
          already more Indian restaurant is there.
          if u maintain quality and nit.
          its a good business thanks
          I think i know u,let it
          Me too interested in business in Ghana.
          MY CONTACT NO.+918763595914
          I have 5 yr.experience in ACCRA (GHANA).

          1. C.k.D says:

            I’m currently working with a restaurant for 7years and I’m a supervisor cloud give a helping hand… number of contact is 233242907017. Thanks

        3. Issaku says:

          Ram you can set up restaurant in Ghana.. And there is high chances.. You can talk to me on WhatsApp +233540789320

          1. troustickal says:

            is nice to hear from you please i wated you to help me how to st up a restaurant in Ghana and a pub

        4. Bill says:

          I can be of help to you. Here’s my WhatsApp number +233249974428

        5. Richard says:

          Hi, ram u can contact me on my line +233244494082

        6. Jerry Opoku says:

          Ram am a business man in Ghana,restaurant business really moves in ghana, we have a lot of indians here some were with me into gold business. U can get in touch if u want to invest in any business here. whatsapp +233555908874

          1. Dee says:

            How does investing in gold business go about

        7. Jerry says:

          There are Indian restaurant here,restaurant business is a lucrative one in GH it all depends on the location n taste.

        8. Cobby says:

          Consider the population of Indians in Ghana. Unless you wanna introduce more of Ghana local dish. I will advice that if you want to do India food and explore business. Consider South Africa. Too much Indian are residing.

        9. Jerry says:

          Am the CEO of Jeremy Resources limited Ghana whtasapp me on +233555908874 n let discuss

        10. nazai says:

          contact me i have bg land we can do business davidbanks3333@gmail.com

        11. Ebenezer Arthur says:

          I am also looking for some one like you to start this same business in Ghana. I am Ebenezer Arthur and if you want to start some thing you can contact me on +233(0)202250152. Let us do business

          1. Rukaya says:


        12. Henry domfeh says:

          Hello Ram, am henry from ghana. Im interested in starting a block factory but i need a partner. Its a lucrative business with less risk and has huge profits. The real estate business is booming in ghana now and over 75% of the blocks required are from block factories. You may mail me domfeh22@gdomfeh22 or whatsapp (+233)262929568. Thanks

          1. Jennifer Kwabi says:

            Hello… I’m interested in venturing in this business as well +233240900072

        13. nkrumah Martin says:

          Hi ram, i am also a civil engineer working with afcons infrasstructure limited, an indian company constructing railways in ghana…there is not much indian restaurants in ghana and u can proceed in investing there……however i wants to do import and export of goods business with you. (clothings, bags,footwears etc) if you are interested. +233242655790

          1. Mr.Collins says:


        14. Emmanuel says:

          There are al lot of Indian restaurants in Ghana. In Ghana before you open an Indian restaurant, you should consider the location and your target market but above all quality food with unique touch of taste. If the location is situated close to the Central Business District, accessibility to and fro of the place is the key.

        15. Joseph Mensah says:

          Mr.Ram am Joseph from ghana and a first year student of kwame nkrumah university of science and tecnology.with the resturant thing , i think is great idea ,in ghana u can make such business here where you can make profit out of it..and i can help you with that…

        16. Kobby says:

          Hi Ram you can contact me, computer and phone accessory is a lucrative business in Ghana, also Printing business, you can reach me on +233243607945

      6. Sumit seth says:

        Hi foli am sumit plz whats app me on 00919451145037 i would like to export to ghanna .i deal in clothes

    2. Effi says:

      Hi folks, I’m into the selling of tiles of different kinds. If you’re interested you can contact me on 0244836432.

      1. Kafari Frank says:

        Good idea. I also have a shop in Adabraka and I think if we can partnership so life could be better. Am frank. 0246531026

        1. nana kwame says:

          Frank what do you sell in your shop at adabraka???

    3. Marcus says:

      Enter your comment here…I have African made slippers. made from authentic leather. I need partnership to export to USA and UK and other part of the world with DHL FedEx etc. call or WhatsApp me on +233560399299 it.marcusmillah@gmail.com

    4. Deborah Mcnair says:

      love this post very help full ,how would I get start up

    5. Anyone who wants to deal with clothes i can help am in turkey,istanbul…whatsapp me 00905389607558

    6. Daniel says:

      Hello just to know please did you start your business?

    7. chris says:

      Contact me and will help you,what kind business do want to start

      1. Lucy Adjei says:

        Hello my name is lucy, I live in kumasi, Ghana. I sell second hand clothes. I want to be able to buy my own bale/s so I can sell to increase my profit margin. I really need help. Any good samarithan out there? Please contact me on: +233 559309434 (whatsapp)

    8. Matty says:

      Join the STARTUP IDEAS HUB whatsapp group to interact with other business minded Ghanaians;


    9. Matty says:

      Join the STARTUP IDEAS HUB whatsapp group to interact with other business minded Ghanaians;


    10. Frank Kafari says:

      *Mark Zuckerberg* is 33yrs old and has only one business, *Facebook*- launched in Feb 2004.
      *Aliko Dangote* is 60yrs old, has a business empire & has been in business for over 40years
      In 2012, *Dangote* was named the 43rd richest man in the world (Forbes) while *Mark* was 66th, but in 2017, *Mark* became the 5th richest person while *Dangote* dropped to 105th position.
      *Mark* achieved more globally in 6yrs than *Dangote* has done in 40yrs.
      The Reason?
      *Dangote* started his business in the Industrial age which requires physical strength to succeed. While *Mark* started his business in the Information Age which requires intelligence. Embrace Knowledge.
      From the comfort of your room, you can leverage on your social media links and impact your life positively.
      Embrace and apply Innovation. You need new keys to open new doors. old keys won’t work in this new age of Technology.

      Ladies and gentlemen , we are currently in the informative age and things are changing . We are in the era where we think about earning whiles sleeping . Thats a financial stability system.
      The network marketing industry is creating more
      Millionaire than any other industries and its about time the youth of today get themselves involve.
      Technology is replacing human effort and its happening massively . Its time to join the business of the 21st cencty

      Chat/call me @ 0246531026 if your wanna join a successful Entrepreneurial network marketing business . Am Frank Kafari

      1. Oswin Tetteh says:

        Please I want to join

  2. hardeep says:

    ghanna people hv money to pay ?wht is per capita income of ghana peoples

  3. DELIA says:

    good l love this keep it up

  4. david says:

    I have a pig farm and I don’t have the market
    Pooh Ghana. I am at kwahu praso a village in eastern region near nkaekaw
    is very serious in Ghana because u go in for a product u can’t sell

    1. Vincent says:

      I think you should once in while come to Accra to search for customers especially the pubs and bars around

      1. Mike says:

        Please contact me urgently.. I’m in Accra.

        1. NA NA says:

          HI, my name is suhas i am from india i want to start business in ghana can anyone sugest me wich is a best business staet in ghana (ACCRA)

          1. Boahen says:

            It depends on ur field f specialization and interest if not u can be suggested with any business and its likely u will fail. If its farming business contact me cuz I have 5acres of land to give out to and investor. +2330242035123

          2. Everist says:

            Hi you should contact me +233546328171
            There are quite a lot you could be doing

          3. Ebenezer Agyei Kusi says:

            Suhas please contact me on 0245273563 or 0560291269

          4. GIDEON A. SOSU JNR. says:

            we can deal in Raw cashew nut exportation and also timber and farming in poultry my email is info.gadie@gmail.com

          5. Jeff says:

            Contact me and let’s talk big business which is linked back to India. Hair business. bohamjeffrey@gmail.com

          6. sammy says:

            hi, i want solar panel or wind mill to buy, can i get one?

          7. Abubakari Sumaila says:

            Cosmetics ,electronics technology and poultry farming .This is my number 0544073519 .Give me a call or a text .I will respond as soon as possible .

          8. Divine says:

            Suhas try to contact me for a good business plan and the line of business itself.0237837698.

          9. Bala says:

            call me regarding this +974 6644 7432

          10. daniel says:

            please try housing renting

          11. Don says:

            Call me 0263570014,,,and you wil nol more about business in Ghana

          12. Nana adu says:

            real estate and oil are powerful
            am an engineer myself
            u can contact me on 0246869201.

          13. Richard Dong says:

            Plz contact me personally

          14. Obed Asiedu says:

            Hi, what is your area, contact me on this number… 0508973420

          15. Nana says:

            contact me and my email is info.1bizworld@gmail.com … Thank you

          16. Marcus says:

            I have clothes and leather belts from Europe for retail wholesale prices for those who want to go into clothes business. call or WhatsApp +233560399299

          17. Kafari Frank says:

            rice and oil business goes on well in Ghana. Wholesale of rice and oil. And I know Indian rice to be one of the best in the world….. Contact me on +233546584350 so we could link up and work hand in hand… You can also whatsapp

          18. Godfred says:

            00233244740676 is my whatsapp line contact me and let me help you with some establishment

          19. Sam says:

            what sort of business

          20. steve says:

            Hi Suhas
            Am steve I deal in steel products and it is a really good business to venture in…we can team up since it is a business am in and I have wide range of customers as well..call me there is more to talk about 00233248434597

          21. nii says:

            Gold business Pay off am nii am already into it u can wasap,Me on 00232434247.

          22. John says:

            I have a very big shop which I intent to do embroidery works and printing services. Light is not a problem, I have solar all over. All I need is the machinery. +233247844856. Let’s do genuine business please.

          23. Eli says:

            Yes there are lot of business you can do
            Phones and accessories is very moving business
            Farming is good too

    2. peace says:

      pigs are really selling in the city. get contacts from d city

    3. Boahen says:

      Let me be your business rep in Accra

      1. frimpong gideon says:

        Drop your number please

    4. Ebenezer Agyei Kusi says:

      David please drop your no. I am interested in your pig farm

      1. Ebenezer Agyei Kusi says:

        Hi lovely people I am into ladies wedding footwear and purses, Gents footwear as well as kids. I supply on both wholesale and retail base in Accra-Korle-bu. I want expand my customer base so please help me out. my no.is 0245273563 or 0560291269

        1. Prince Owusu says:

          Ebenezer any business you wish to make a massive profit must be well marketed and since we are catching up with the worlds level of It. i will recommend you to commence a marketable website to let clients/customers productive at your disposal.

        2. fresh money says:

          Send to me your product catalog for wholesale prices my contact info is +1-425-222-1625 and freshfaces365@gmail.com

        3. Melissa says:

          Hi people please am in need of daily income business ideas. You can add me on whttp with this number 0278622292

          1. Evans says:

            Hi Melissa, why don’t u try something different from what every one is doing or selling. Go into Shampoo.. i mean bathing soap. I can supply u. 004901626074700. Evans..

          2. Kwaku Awuyah says:

            Melissa I will suggest you go into mini AGRO processing like Gari and Chili pepper. This PRODUCTS are non perishable and are consumed every day.

          3. what type of metals do our area produce?

        4. nana kwame says:

          Eben i want to do business with you. …… my number is 0547959069

      2. May says:

        I have a pig farm in kumasi… looking for market… contact 0262211948 whatsup.. if interested

    5. raphael says:

      David please try as much to contact me via call or whatsapp 0541279250.

    6. cwabena says:

      hi david what is your capacity?

      1. albert says:

        Have more pigs for sale. Contact me soon to send u overview about my pig farm. 0243973804

        1. Joseph Mensah says:

          boss how does this business makes profit

    7. Derrick says:

      contact @cooldealsghana on 0578509064 on whatever products you have

      1. Albert says:

        Derrick wassup me thru 0243973804 to do business concern about ur pig farm

    8. Cool deals Ghana says:

      Call me 0273153768

      1. Francy says:

        What kind of deals.

    9. Wisdom says:

      David do you still have the pig farm?

    10. rich says:

      call me om 0508321701

    11. Isaac Anang says:

      How much did a pig???
      I want to enter into pig farming.
      What do I need to know?

    12. Gifty Dapaah says:

      Hello David contact me to do business 0244527848

    13. ELLA says:

      whattsup me on +233505775393

    14. Victor says:

      Hi David!
      I’m Victor based in Accra.
      WhatsApp me on +233542445001.

    15. Ene says:

      Hello david pig farming is very lucrative, we can do pig delicacy and sell some , contact me +233243607945

    16. enoch says:

      kindly text me your number

  5. Adom says:

    Nice Information for us to following to make us Riches and better standard in our daily life.
    Thanks you the writter.

  6. bella says:

    the environment is our problem,its very hard to make it ghana

  7. Agyei Emmanuel says:

    I want to start something with the manufacturing!
    But the capital to start is the problem!
    I need help!!!

    1. prashant says:

      where r u from ? wht kind of business u looking for

      1. Akumwena says:

        i am interested in pepper production can someone respectively educate about the chili pepper

        1. Nana Efienyi says:

          what of opening a pub/restaurant? how viable is dat business

          1. frimpong gideon says:

            It depends on the environment, the people around the place. You will have to consider that

          2. Bill says:

            Hi Nana I really fancy pub/ restaurant. Perhaps we can do partnership. My number is 0249974428

        2. Joseph Mensah says:

          am also interested dear ,so if possible i can join

        3. QUARTEY says:

          That’s good one. You have to do market survey and identify your customers, your competitors etc. And talk to school who uses paper a lot. Cone to university of cape coast. Papers after being used are burned but yet you can do something about that. I’m with you bro. But first identify your market

    2. Steven says:

      @Agyei Emmanuel. I may be able to help with manufacturing Contact me at readnow11@ymail.com

    3. sammy says:

      Agyei lets partner, what field to you want to go into?

    4. maame says:

      help in what exactly

  8. Moses says:

    Great advised

  9. hattie says:

    About the importation of clothes, how do I contact you?

    1. Roy says:

      send me a message in my email…and lets start from there

    2. Foli says:

      Contact me on 0561743124 I can help with that

    3. Shiv says:

      Hi..we deal in clothes.. please contact me at +971-557714892.. Yu can also add me on wats app

      1. Grace says:

        Am grace,n in Saudi right now,ve a shop in Ghana,can u help me expand my business so i send the money direct every month

        1. wisdom says:

          Contact me I will help you 00233205890869

        2. Nana says:

          Grace kindly contact me on +2330263499511,

        3. Matty says:

          Hello Grace, we are in the exponential age, the best option for retailer to expand is to integrate e-commerce into her business.

          ~ 70 % of web users purchase items online.
          ~ e-commerce is expected to grow worldwide by 25 %.
          ~ it’s easy to set up and run.
          ~ you can sell more to customers nationwide or even worldwide regardless your location.

          If you want to speed up your expansion process, it’s something worth considering.
          You can get in touch for details 0549597599

        4. Shady says:

          what kind of shop n business. contact me on email

        5. Hi, Grace I am Michael in Kumasi I am ready to work with you. Thanks, this is my cell phone number,0277266490.

        6. Edmond Owusu says:

          I’m Edmond,..what’s the nature of your business Grace? Contact me on +233554643034

        7. Derrick says:

          contact @cooldealsghana on 0578509064 on whatever products you have or whatever need to enable your venture move to the next level.

          1. ShariF says:

            Am a ghanaian with a passion to do cosmetic and clothing business. I would like a genuin supplier either international or local to start n push the business to the ultimate. Can reach me on 0246224649

        8. Zoe says:

          Grace, do u need a partner or shop attendant?

        9. Richard Dong says:

          Hi grace, am Richard frm the northern part of Ghana. Plz what business do u want to expand into….? 0505922198

        10. Akwasi Givah says:

          I am interested. Can contact me on +2330545767161 same for whatsapp

        11. Issaku says:

          Grace I can help you expand +233540789320 is my number..

    4. Washington says:

      I also import clothes from Dubia and sell on wholesale and retails too. Am in Nigeria at the moment though will be in ghana in less than 3weeks. you can contact me with this number lets do business +2348131585395

      1. Hajia says:

        I want someone to supply me with clothes sell and pay de person,I stay at Accra central police barraks.ma wasup number 00233262241844 and ma call number is 00233249832950

        1. Evans says:

          Hi, Am Evans. Add me in Watsup. Have many Business Ideals. I can Share with you.

    5. Evans says:

      Hi there, Evans Here. A Physiotherapy Student. Still in School in Germany. But wants to do some small Business along.. Trust is Very difficult in this World now.. But this My ideal. I hold both Germany and Greek Passport which allow me travel the hole Europäischen States.. Send me anywhere for Goods you need or wants.. pay your Tickets. And will get them for you. Been, Electronic, Shampoo, Just Name what you wants. And will get it send to u.. PLEASE am Not a 419.. 004901626074700. Contact me..

      1. Akosua says:

        Evans I cnt find you on whatsapp. Pls contact me.+79626984058

    6. Eric says:

      Kindly contact us via email ceobiznes@gmail.com
      We are an international procurement company and freight forwarders (Door to Door services from U.K. to Ghana). We already supply second hand clothes and other products and consignments to versions client around Africa. We look forward to hearing from you.
      You can follow us on Facebook Somame Door to Door Services

  10. trexzador says:

    pls how do I get to u on the importation of wears?

    1. Foli says:

      Contact me on 0561743124 I can help you out

  11. Reheena says:

    Please I want to start the importation of wears

    1. Foli says:

      Call or WhatsApp me 0201627371

      1. nana kwame says:

        @foli i want to start foes bail business but dont hve the capital to start any help ??my contract is 0547959069 or 0209497533

  12. Sunshine says:

    Wow that’s nice
    Foli God bless u for this idea nd ur help
    I am v good in natural nd local beverages production but can I do it big time without being questioned by de Gh FDB or Stranded Board????
    I really need an answer

    1. Foli says:

      Hello sunshine,anything concerning food will go through the FDB before being legal in the country,i don’t think you can skip that

    2. Steven says:

      @Sunshine. I can help you get started. Including guidance on how to get registered. It is not impossible.

  13. arun says:

    i m from india and want to start a water-well drilling business in ghana.pls advise

    1. Foli says:

      Hello Arun,i will be in touch

      1. Mik. says:

        Hey folk I’d like to ask a few questions? Please can I have your email address so i ask talk? Thank y

    2. yussif says:

      You have to register as a compagny

    3. naa says:

      ArUn I think real estate is booming in ghana. It’s better.

  14. Edward says:

    Thank you Foli for the assistance you gave me I wouldn’t have been able to expand my business without your supply .Thanks a lot.

  15. Benjamin says:

    I am a dispatch rider and i have some few customers I serve but I want to be bigger than DHL and the rest…….pls help

    1. Prince Akuamoah Boakye says:

      Hi Benjamin, I’m interested in your business contact me +447448759675

    2. Prince Owusu says:

      just have a website

      1. Prince Owusu says:

        if you want to have a growing business fir get a marketable website..call me on 0547025992

    3. Sam says:

      contact me +44 7405 443872. my name is Sam

    4. Wisdom says:

      Hi ,like your passion but your motive is wrong, don’t look to be bugger than anyone but rather think about how you can be of help to more people and maximize profit…avoid unnessarry competition…

  16. isaac says:

    hello foli, am Isaac and I want to fine out whether I can start some business without much capital.

  17. francis says:

    hi guys am currently not living in Ghana and i will like to come back to my country and start my own business, anyone with good ideas on the type of business that will that will good in Ghana.

    1. Matty says:

      Hello Francis, am sitting on some cool ideas, you can get in touch with me as you’re coming back to Ghana. +233549597599 (Matty)

      1. Bill says:

        Hi Matty, I will really appreciate if you can share some lucrative business idea with me…I’m desperate to begin a good business. Thank you

        1. Kwaku Awuyah says:

          Hello Bill. I am an agronomist and farmer. I have great business ideas and opportunities i can share with you

          1. Samira Abdulai says:

            Can I have ur no, want to start farming

    2. Piero says:

      Enter your comment here… Hellooo francis pls get in touch and let disvuss my business plan abd expand, i think i need someone to join, call me on 0573588046

      1. Bill says:

        Hello piero, I’m really interested in partnership. Thank you..0249974428

    3. Nana says:

      Contact me and let do business, blessedghana@gmail.com

  18. Godfred Obeng Ocran says:

    i wanna start a mobile money business but i dont ve enough capital to start can i get help.
    my number is 0272790373 u can also email me on godfredocran44@gmail.com.

  19. Martha says:

    I wanna start a food processing business like palm oil but de capital is my problem. Please help and advice me.0248804248

    1. Divine says:

      Hi,i need a business partner in accra.the line of business will be decided when we meet and please it should be a partner with 50% capital as the other 50% will be provided by myself.call or whatsapp me on 0237837698 name is Divine.

    2. PartyPorkGH says:

      Its good you have a specific area you want to invest in. My simple advice will be to visit some of the local sites where palm oil is made. I have some videos on the industrial production.
      If you have some little capital, partner with an existing small holder oil producer. After a while you’ll learn the trade and set up fully. Make sure to stick to standard d so you can supply to local industries in Ghana.
      Email me on BUSINESSINFOENQUIRY@GMAIL.COM for further support.

  20. Matty says:

    Am sitting on some business ideas you can get in touch with me on +233549597599

    1. Osei Lewis Kofi says:

      Pls, can u share with me some of your business ideas through my email

  21. Emenike says:

    I want to start a business in Ghana, capital is not my problem, how to get a good site for it, I deal in herbal medicine here in Nigeria, I am working on coming to Ghana anytime soon to officially base there, please tell me a little on what I stand to face, what am I to register to Ghanaian government, before I start it up, Nd the products are registered with NAFDAC, pls am waiting for ur reply

    1. Matty says:

      Since it’s a herbal medicine then CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INTO PLANT MEDICINE will have to conduct some test and analysis, afterwards you send the report to FOOD AND DRUGS AUTHORITY, before then you have to register the company, the F&D authority would have to inspect the premises you’d operate the business

  22. Pls I’m a Nigerian I want to start business in Ghana…..any help plz!!!
    Contact me :+2348114318396

    1. SAIBU says:

      I can help you Abel ,i live in Northern part of Ghana Tamale ,and when you need land to start your business ,34 or 50 pieces of land you can get ,contact me on +233549200813

  23. Chris says:

    I loke the insights of your article.
    Am interested and want to learn how to make soap (liquid soap) and then after start the production on a small scale. Can you help if any contact or guidelines?

    1. Eshun says:

      call us Eshun C Enterprise for Sale shampoos and liquid soap production training.0249481851 or 0508894412

      1. Arthur says:

        Are you into bar soap production too?

        1. Shee lawal( shee organics) says:

          Hi am into bar soaps production( organic soaps) which include tumeric ,cinammon, avocado soap ,carrot , black soap you can contact me on 0263414481

      2. hi if you’re interested in doing business in america contact me at 800 517-6461

    2. Edmond Owusu says:

      Contact Mawuena Classic on 0241019180..she will teach you on soap making for a very low cost in a day or two.. It includes bar soaps and any other soap

  24. Chris says:

    I like the insights of your article.
    Am interested and want to learn how to make soap (liquid soap) and then after start the production on a small scale. Can you help with any contact or guidelines?

  25. my hobby is writing. How can I make something lucrative out of playing on words? Pls i need your advise and help

    1. Matty says:

      There are many blogs out there looking for writers, you can contact them and send samples of your write ups

    2. Startup says:

      You can create a blog on WordPress and start writing about topics you are passionate about. All you need to start this is your computer and internet connection. You can make money from Google AdSense or other third party advertising agents.

      1. Clinton says:

        Please teach me how to 0540787999 call or WhatsApp

    3. evans says:

      Yes writing i will need you in my team kindly message me 0578183909

      1. akua says:

        my sis is also passionate about writing too
        hope she can be on your team

  26. Ernest says:

    Am a computer engineer and expect in dacenter but I don’t have money to start anything and even don’t know where to start my name is ernest 0244695591

    1. Matty says:

      Softwares are disrupting many traditional industries. (Uber= taxi , Airbnb= hotel)

      Al like Watson is already helping in diagnosing health problems more 4 times accurate than human nurses, And also providing legal advice with 90% accuracy than human lawyers.

      In China they already 3D printed a 6 storey building.

      People now crave Wi-Fi more than sex or anything else.

      Now here is a quick tip to help you get started :
      1. LIVE IN THE FUTURE , ahead of your time.

      2. Identify WHAT IS MISSING in the world.

      3. WRITE it DOWN and bounce ideas around.
      You can get in touch on whatsapp 0549597599

  27. Ernest says:

    Great job

  28. Samuel Etsiwah says:

    I want to know if I can get help to set up a gas filling station from a very small scale and then later expand

    1. Bill says:

      I’m really interested in setting up gas station. Perhaps we can do partnership. My contact is 0249974428

  29. I am a student of the University of Ghana. I would like to start a small business to generate income for my fees. Can you please help me with some business ideas of feasible startups on campus?

    1. Matty says:

      Hello Emmanuela some quick questions to help you get business ideas ;

      1. Do your fellow students/ neighbors /community recognize that they have a problem ?

      2. If there was a solution would they want to pay for it?

      3. Would they pay for it from you ?

      4. Can you provide a solution for that problem?

    2. Marcus says:

      I have a business idea for yo u to support your fees. This will be in hostel and campus. Call or WhatsApp +233560399299

      1. Vivian says:

        i need a partner to help me produce a liquid soap.

        1. Priscilla Frimpong says:

          contact me on 4169957410, will partner with you Vivian.

        2. Carl says:

          I love to learn more about soap making too.
          Costheta2@gmail.com l will welcome any idea. Thanks

        3. kalis says:

          Hi Vivian contact me on whatsapp…+234 705 215 2577

    3. Evans says:

      Contact me. 00491626074700

  30. Dee Bless says:

    Hello, about the importation of clothes and Agro-products exportation, how do I contact you?

  31. lee says:

    hi…..am available foe
    r any one who needs a partner to work with.i dnt have the money.but I have the skills and knowledge in lots of business.contact me on 0543835981.i only want a God fearing business associate.

    1. Wisdom says:

      In agriculture too?

    2. Godwin says:

      OK Naa Hw do I get in touch.0206727531 Dats mi number

    3. Sumit seth says:

      Plz contact me on 00919451145037 .sumithseth2912@gmail.com

  32. Matt says:

    I have a company , a farm and small money for business anyone ready to work with me shd let me no and am planing of importing and exporting goods . And also any business we can do to bring daily income 0244118807 larbik@rocketmail.com

    1. Kwaku Awuyah says:

      Matt. Have you been able to get anyone you want to work with in your farm. You can contact this guy with great ideas and market opportunities. 0209969916

    2. Rukaya says:

      Am interested u can contact me on 0540425285

  33. john says:

    hi to all business minded gurus
    my name is john,i want to start a yarm business here in accra and do export as well.please what process do i have go through?
    licence and what next
    i have the funding already and a goods truck to carry the load

    1. Abigail Bubu says:

      Wow! I’m impressed with everyone and everything happening here.
      My name is Abigail, I currently run a food supply business on the spintex road. I need food staff . My number is 0268067193.

      1. kwabena nyarko says:

        Hi Abi, I’m kwabena kindly contact me for discussion about the food stuffs on 0240912393

  34. mills(the one says:

    i want to start a business but dont know which business to go into looking at the current condition of the country. any help please

    1. Matty says:

      Mills follow this step :

      1. FIND A PRODUCT (or idea) that is popular but not perfect.

      2. Buy one, and STUDY it in detail.

      3. Figure out how to IMPROVE it.

      WhatsApp (0549597599) for details

  35. great article you have there but i would allow people to see my secret article on 15 businesses you can run with your laptop from anywhere

  36. I think this is really a good ideas from Folli, I wish to visit Ghana on my own and see for myself.

    1. Daniel says:

      Great ideas here, but i want to personally thank Foli for your great ideas on importation. I am greatful for the time you spent explaining and helping me out

    2. Linc says:

      I think the owner of this article is actually by the name “MrMan”

  37. Mario says:

    Hello my name is Mario i manage a Modeling Agency and i need a team to work with… Well dedeicated commitment and passion for the job. And also if anyone wants to invest into fashion kindly call or whatsapp me on +233578183909

  38. Peace Gator says:

    hi, pls my name is peace Gator from Ghana.and i want to go into livestock farming but i have no capital and Land

  39. Maxwell damptey says:

    I am into building construction and sales of building materials, the firm is a registered.located in the Volta region.I need someone to partner with.you can call me on 0202549169/0241114481

  40. Cee says:

    Hello I am Cynthia, I need a partner to work with in the roofing business.please,u can contact me 0543671516

  41. Wisdom says:

    Start ups are the way forward now in this century and agriculture provides countless opportunities.

  42. Eric Dotse says:

    My name is Eric. Folks i want to open a motor spare parts business(New Parts)Like Headlamps,Hoods, Fenders and bumpers.How lucrative is that in Ghana generally.

    1. Brain Johnson says:

      Please it is a very lucrative business especially in Kumasi here. Also when you get quality materials with good pricing plus the right people to work with.
      You can contact me on +233247161152 for more talks.Thank you.

  43. Boahen says:

    I have a 5acre farmland and would like a company or and investor to invest in it for farming. 0242035123. phyloguyokyere@gmail.com

  44. Noel says:

    Have some refined Gold. If anyone can get someone buy them. pls contact me

    1. Kofi says:

      Hello Noel contact me Kofi concerning the sales of your gold. 0553198392

    2. Matty says:

      My former employer is a popular gold buying agent in Tarkwa.. You can contact me on 0549597599

  45. Sharpbright says:

    I am a very creative lyricist,I write a lot of lyrics.I sing and rap as well. I want to set up a studio,plse help me

  46. Shaima says:

    Hi this is shaima and I would like to get in touch with the writer of this post. Please contact me on 0556848195

    1. Nartey says:

      I think this site is good and will be helpful for we the youth. Please l am a university student of UEW and I want to deal in phone selling. Please l need assistance on how to start

  47. Louisa says:

    hello, am currently working as a customer service person but I want to quit and start a sobolo business. I have a lot of ideas to bring on board later but am scared of the outcome. Please any ideas about this business and is it lucrative?

    1. Matty says:

      The sobolo business is very very lucrative and is now trending, many people are going in and offering different varieties with unique branding and packaging.

      A Few questions for you :

      1. Who are you targeting ?

      2. Can you dominate the market ?

      3. How/ what can you do that will not be subject to corrosion by competition?


    2. Evans says:

      There is nothing like being scared..entrepreneurship is a risk..put r fears out

  48. wisdom says:

    I am a young guy who have a poultry farm newly built but need capital to run it or anyone interested to partner me to raise the farm is very much welcome 0205890869

  49. Isaac Young says:

    Hello folks, my name is Young and I must say that I’m impress about the discussion going on here. I have planned to quit my current job as a private school teacher at the end of this term because of the pressure and the working hours of the school. Its very abhoring. By the grace of God, I’ve began a mushroom business and have gotten one chop bar operator who buys about GHC 50 mushroom for me almost everyday. I’m planning to seek for other buyers after we vacate and I quit. I also have an idea about mini importation business but don’t know what product is in demand now. Infact, I want more business ideas because I’m fed up of working for people after I graduated from school about four years ago. I want to be self employed now. I strongly believe we can create a Whatsapp group to share more business ideas and to see if some of us can partner to do business. Interested people can put their number here so that we create a business Whatsapp group. Mine is 0541789879. Thanks to the guy who wrote this article.

    1. samuel says:

      That’s good Idea.i also want to part of this business group so you can add me on this number 0576527307

      1. kakap3 says:

        i would like to be part of this group 0240914461

      2. C.k.D says:

        Can someone add me to the business group, number is 233242907017

        1. Uran Albert Mensah says:

          Kindly add me to the business group. +233246995732 is my number

    2. Samuel says:

      Im Sammy, i want to start mushroom business too but i dont know the way forward. Im already into quail farming but i dont have customers. 0241134002 add me to the whatsapp group

    3. Nishu says:

      Growing mushroom is an amazing venture. If you can produce large volume and dry them… you can store and market well. Almost every restaurant and food joint requires mushrooms.

    4. Evans says:

      Hi. Well why don’t you Go into Shampoo or Paper Wall Design.. Most People don’t Paint of late. Same. I think I Ghana . It’s will be a good busniess. Contact me. 004901626064700. Am a Physiotherapie Student in Germany still at school. Just Text me. Will reply.

      1. yeboah says:

        Hi Evans, I’m Yeboah and interested can you whatsapp me on +233 206971861? Thank you

    5. Carl says:

      Hi bro, can I contact you for training on the mushroom production.

    6. Collins says:

      Much interested in mushroom farming add me 0546967625

  50. raphael says:

    great article, i am looking for a parcel of land to commence Agric Bussinesses , please if you have any.. kindly contact me on 0541279250/whatsapp

    1. Isaac says:

      Hi raphael contact me on 0560732808

  51. Goodluck says:

    I have good news for Ghanaian, change your financial status for just three months, contact me on WhatsApp +233557786966, if you lose a dine l will pay you double back of your money, l have been into this business for sometime now

  52. Naa says:

    Hello am very happy about hearing all that.am a nurse and I want to start training people for first aid nurse and OPD nurse just a for 6month which you can start working

    1. samuel says:

      Please Naa how can I contact you ? Or how can I reach you

  53. Deep Green says:

    I need to start mining support services. Basically to sell filters (air, fuel, water & oil), fuel-water separators etc I need a partner based in Ghana who has some experience in the business

    1. Nana says:

      ohk you can contact me on 0263499511

    2. Matty says:

      Hello Deep Green, Tarkwa is a mining town where you can find both large and numerous small scale mining companies, and Tarkwa is where I have been staying for life.. You can contact me via 0549597599 – Matty

  54. Godwin says:

    Am interested in the first aid n the OPD training please share ur contact

  55. Nana says:

    Great ideas being shared here, am so much enthused about the Interest of young ones in entrepreneurship. I am an Investment Banker by profession and a businessman, base on my experience in financing projects as an investment banker i have gain experience in wide areas of business opportunities and am available for any business discussion. I am into business plans and proposal. Again i have certain business deals on the table discussions ranking from low to high start-up capital. I am currently looking for distributors, wholesalers and retailers of tissue, cleaning and all other toiletries. i am into real estate, construction and mining and IT: software development, website development and IT security, i,e security camera fixing. For your sofa sets, beds, wardrobes and kitchen sets you can contact me on 0263499511.

    1. Gail Parker says:

      You have to pick one specialty to focus on it! You can not consider doing 20 things at ones the business will fail!

    2. Isaac says:

      Hi Naa I’m Isaac a Network Engineer, i also repair computers. can i joined your team.

      1. Sam says:

        contact me Isaac. Looking to start an IT firm in Ghana. +44 7405 443872

        1. Iddris Ishaq says:

          Hello Sam what kind of IT firm do want to establish… I which to be part ishaqiddris26@gmail.com

          1. kalis says:

            I wish also to be part of the I T business ..WhatsApp +234 705 215 25772

    3. Isaac says:

      Hi Nana I’m Isaac a Network Engineer, i also repair computers. can i joined your team. 0560732808

  56. wisdom says:

    I have a poultry farm and I need a partner that is ready for business and ready for profits sharing call me for more information 00233205890869 thank you

  57. Micheal says:

    Call me for solar panel and windmill 0260560910

  58. nii says:

    plantation….i have a large portion of land……just need investers

    1. raphael says:

      i need more details 0541279250

  59. Shady says:

    Nii, please contact me on shadivantin@yahoo.com

  60. Ned says:

    Want to venture in petroleum gas supply in small scale, but don’t know how? Pls help

    1. Andy says:

      Dear Ned, Kindly send email to info@thandaoils.com

  61. Mike says:

    Have acres of land for farming any interested investor can reach me on 0279787619. Poltry .pigs, goats plantation .

  62. xtrajoke says:

    want to start a cleaning company any contact on how to get contracts

    1. Nandzo Rahinatu says:

      I want to venture into that too but the capital is the problem .u can get contract by advertising at radio stations n also visiting especially co_operate organizations to tell them about your services

  63. Brain Johnson says:

    Hi I have a million dollar idea which will boom in few years across the country and Africa as a whole. The capital needed is so big and it’s a really profitable business if it’s successful.
    Please I am in need of an investor to partner.
    Any interested person should contact me on +233247161152

  64. Joe says:

    David the pig farmer contact me for a serious business

    1. albert says:

      Contact me for more talks about the pig farm. 0243973804

  65. Isaac Atta says:

    I don’t hv Business ideas but I want one. I was trained an Electrical Engineer though but my strength is in “talking” . What can I do for Business? 0269317133

  66. Reindolf Andoh says:

    I have a lot of customers who demands for ladies dress, bags and accessories but I don’t have the capital to meet their demand. I need someone who can supply me with ladies varieties of dresses, bags and accessaries on credit bases. The supplier could be in Ghana or out side Ghana. I know the goods that are in demand. Interested person should contact me immediately for dialogue. Pls call or whatapp me on +233243459896. My name is Rein.

    1. Charlotte says:

      Great article. Thank you very much. I’m into men and women fashion accessories. The company is located in canada. And is basically an e-commerce you can earn up to 3000 cedis per month by being your own boss. You can also decide to do it part time or full time. If you are intrested in starting that business kindly call this line 0246943765/0307013367 our office is always open for you.

      1. Samsia says:

        Pls am interested in this business 0541789673

  67. Thomas says:

    I produce female African bags and shoes. An in seriously need of a partner or investor since my an financial difficulties. My products are really nice and neat. Any interested person can call or whatsapp me on 0267941908 or 0205754037.
    Thank you

  68. hello, i want to enter into mobile money and wholsale of scratch cards, how do i get a good deal for the scratch cards and how do i go about it. Kindly assist.

  69. Ramachnd says:

    my name is ram from india, I would like to start sanitaryware and tiles business, anyone have idea please contact me

    1. Obeng Albert says:

      Contact me for information, I can help with that.

  70. sedinam says:

    Hi am sedinam , i want to setup a lucrative business in kumasi that moves fast and attracts profit but dont know what to do.pls help

    1. Brain Johnson says:

      The truth is every business is profitable only if its successful…there are a lot of things you can do …let’s talk 0247161152..

      1. Aremu Joel olawale says:

        Am a Nigeria also a graduate,,, am into tailoring since 2007 till date, I sew any kind of male designs,, but I wanted to invest outside Nigeria,, I need ur help….. I can also control or supervise any financial services,, I study banking and finance in my institutions… Waiting to hear from you

  71. RIchard says:

    Recently graduated from the university and seriously have several business ideas from finance to agribusiness especially (livestock pig / goat) alongside a long term commercial expansion plan. All i need are investors or partners who share my vision and looking for growth and sustainable income over the years. Please contact me on 0209158733. Am willing to contribute capital as sign of seriousness and commitment to the project.

    1. Adams says:

      I am Adams from Bongo in the upper east region, I want to go into pigs and Guinea fowls project and some livestock I have scure 100 acres of land to use for rice, mazies and rearing. I need help a

  72. I need someone who can supply me with both men n ladies footwear’s or men’s jeans trousers on credit base.am at spintex road.interesting persons can call or whatsapp me on +233206764663 for dialogue.the supplier can either be in Ghana or outside Ghana.

  73. Peter A. says:

    i am interested in setting up computer business in Ghana; (Computers Business Center, cafe, System repair center, Printer repair center Sales etc) Can someone enlighten me on the way forward; what is needed as a foreigner, best place (city etc) to start from before considering expansion etc.

    1. BRIGHT says:

      please you can contact me on +233245246985\2026836550 OR Email me brightofori0@gmail.com

  74. Michael Darkwa says:

    Obeng Emmanuel, email me at darkwaenock@gmail.com and we will talk about that.

  75. Michael Darkwa says:

    Sedinam, email me at darkwaenock@gmail.com and we will talk about that.

  76. Michael Darkwa says:

    Ramachnd, email me at darkwaenock@gmail.com and we will talk about that. I have a great plan for you.

  77. Michael Darkwa says:

    Reindolf Andoh, email me and I can help you with that

  78. Prince Owusu says:

    Any business or newly set up company who wants to make generous income should have an existing and marketable website with well secured to help you get closer to your customers/clients in the fastest way.contact Prine Owusu on 0547025992 email me on oprince72@yahoo..com. have a website that comes with many packages with low cost.Thank you. 0547025992

  79. Thomas says:

    Am Thomas and recently started selling ladies and gents shoes. The place is busy with a private university nearby. But due to my small capital strength I can’t meet the demands of the people. I want someone who can supply me with goods den pay installment. There would be a written agreement if possible. Any helper can reach me on whatsapp 0267941908.
    Thank w

  80. Bernice says:

    Please I am a young lady,who wants to start a business.please if u can help me with business ideas or partner up with me you can call me on 0247210461

    1. Ben says:

      Am into restaurant and food service business. I need partners to open other branches.
      Contact 0243985750

    2. rashid says:

      hii i am rashid and i am indian . my running business oll havey excavator repairing so please contact me. my contact and w.app no +91 9982688662

  81. Edwin de leon says:

    Hi guys i can manufacture powder soap , bar soap liquid soap i want someone who can help me do business in ghana

    1. Afia Amponsaa says:

      contact me Edwin and let’s discuss it. M y email is amponsaa844@hotmail.com, phone is 4169957410

      1. Vivian says:

        my name is Vivian Tetteh and i can also manufacture liquid soap. what kind of help do you exactly need? kindly what”s up me on 0546618162

  82. hi , i recently visited a village where cassava is so much in abundance that its going waste. anyone with a lucrative idea from cassava?

    1. Matty says:

      As Ghana’s population keep growing , the demand for food such as gari is also growing.

      You could redefine how gari is made,packaged and sold… branding is the key..

      or if you feel the gari industry is overcrowded you can innovative around Bankye Kakro / Agbele Kakro(Cassava Donut), with unique branding and packaging supermarkets and malls may even pick your cassava donuts.

      Innovative Cassava Donut Recipe

      * Mix to a smooth dough – cassava flour 2 kg, Baking powder 150g, Sugar 400g, eggs 12, Margarine 250g, Salt 1tsp, Milk or water 1 litre.

      * With floured hands shape mixture into rounds with hole in the middle.

      * Deep fry the donut in hot oil until golden brown on both sides.

      * Remove, drain excess oil and cool to room temperature.

      * Pack in uniquely branded plastic bags/sachet in preferred units for easy counting and selling.

      trust me with effective marketing and management you can fly higher than air-force 1


    2. albert says:

      My friend contact me soon thru 0243973804 about cassava business. Im much interested.thanks.
      Wassup me 0243973804 or email mosbross@yahoo.com

    3. Ernest dinello says:

      Am into gari processing and I need more raw materials n suppliers too. Hook up via watsap on 0278883337

      1. CASTILIO says:

        Which part of the country are you and what is the quantum of cassava you need

    4. Kwaku Awuyah says:

      Please can you kindly contact me through 0209969916 for us to discuss.

    5. Kwaku Awuyah says:

      Please can you contact me through 0209969916 for us to discuss

  83. Maabena says:

    I am about starting an online fashion shop. I need an investor. I need a team of website designers, marketers and advertisers as well. Kindly whatsap or call me on 0242 827787. If you sell anything fashion (dresses, shoes, watches, sunglasses,belts,etc.) and you would like your items to be represented on our website, contact me as well.

  84. PartyPorkGH says:

    If you’re a creative person….. you need not worry. Day in day out…ladies want to look classic and accessories (beads, necklaces, jewellery, earrings, bangles etc) are a sure affordable way to do that.
    Get a someone to teach you (or better still teach yourself) how to make them.
    Get new ideas from Pinterest, Crafty, Nifty or even YouTube.
    You can also set up an online shop on Etsy. Its a global market place.
    And you’ll be in business with as little as GHC50 initial investment. Do well to give out some freebies to your very outgoing& influential friends. You can email me on BUSINESSINFOENQUIRY@GMAIL.COM for someone to train you or for supplies.
    ROI(profit) is about 40%

  85. Ben says:

    I need investors for day care center, farm animals rearing and food, catering business. If you know any one who have the cash to partner just link me

    1. Nii Adjei says:

      Where is the daycare to be centered

  86. richard says:

    hit meh up on this gmail account Richardamo@gmail.com attach with pictures of what you do .. so then we can start from there Ben
    Anyone who want run business with no capital im individual but i can help
    anyway i live in the state ….im Richard

  87. Stephanie says:

    Hi im Stephanie and just an Shs lever please i want to start a business that will generate into something big in the future. Something i can start now on a small scale and gradually turn into a big company or factory. Please help i have no idea of what to start with but i am naturally good in marketing. Please help skillzarabz@gmail.com

    1. Kofi siaw says:

      We can coperate and do Business togthere since you are very good in marketing u can contact me on 0557239700

  88. Velon Harris® says:

    Hi guys
    I have the cash but the kind of business to choose is my headache.
    Plz nobody should tell me to contact him or her
    I just need advice

    1. Noel says:

      Agro business is a field that has ready market internationally and domestically. Produce crops with irrigation during dry season to meet demand. And produced crops that have a continues demand during wet season. 00233249438875 I can help you more if we meet one on one. I need a job as well

    2. akplormjc says:

      I’m running a money lending business which is fully licensed.
      Loans are mostly given to those on gov’t payroll, and retrieve thru the CAGD
      Plans are in motion for an expansion of our services.
      You are welcome on board if interested.

  89. Noel says:

    My name is Noel, I have a building plot which can be used for poultry farm around Dodowa in Accra. I have ideas in that field already. We can raise pigs, rabbits. And poultry birds for meat and eggs.
    I need invester. 00233249438875

  90. Nketia says:

    wow v. interesting

  91. feroz says:

    hi, Am from india and currently in Accra . exploring business opportunity in exports from india. Pl contact me on 0265756067.

  92. Marshall says:

    Am Marshall, I want to know your location and also be your partner.
    I will keep in touch.
    U can call me on 0248743173

  93. Washington says:

    Hello everyone, am Washington by name and am into importation of clothes(male and female) with different designs, cosmetics and phone accessories, all are foreign and affordable too. I deal on wholesales and retails also. I need more buyers. Am currently in Nigeria at the moment but i will be in ghana in less than 3weeks or 4weeks. Any interested buyers should contact me on +2348131585395 or whatsapp +2348138447413. Interested buyer should whattsap me so i can send some pictures of some items at hand currently. You can also email me on Odoemenamwashington@gmail,com

  94. Nana Adwoa says:

    Hello…I hope its not too late?. Am a Ghanaian based in the UAE. I want to have a business in GH before my contract s due. If God willing by a year’s tym my business can b opened i would b glad. You may contact me on +233209376777. Thank u. Nannie

  95. seth atiemo says:

    Hello. I am interested in exporting agri-raw material and other used products. I need some help and assistance, partnership, and other support. contact me if you can help. 00233248973219

  96. Marshall says:

    I learnt there is ban on Ghana agriculture produce for export.
    So u must wait small

  97. Mercy Zielley says:

    Mercy is my name from Tamale. I want to start something with manufacturing. but the capital I have is so small Any help please?????????????

  98. Maame says:

    Am into beverages,fruit line, milk products and fresh palm wine but my capital is too small to work with . Need help urgently. Pls call 0262095982

  99. Matt says:

    Am looking for apps and websites developers and graphic designers, I have some apps to develop and I need guys on board call me now 0244110087 or Larbik@rocketmail.com I can sup me on that I will make sure I meet you needs

    1. Matthew says:

      Am looking for apps and websites developers and graphic designers, I have some apps to develop and I need guys on board call me now (correction number 0244118807 or Larbik@rocketmail.com I can sup me on that I will make sure I meet you needs the first number was a mistake pls

    2. Matthew says:

      My number is 0244118807

  100. ohemaa says:

    my name is ohemaa and i deal in exchange of foreign currencies. contact me on 0547243664

  101. nferozoz says:

    Hi, I have good quality clothes imported from india, looking for bulk buyers. Pl contact me on 0265756067.

  102. Brain Johnson says:

    Want to do business but don’t know what business to do? You have capital but which business to choose is a headache?There is an opportunity you may like. Contact me for discussion. Only serious and ready people.

  103. Dede says:

    Are you interested in opening a restaurant, a small fast food joint and need someone to help you with ideas or manage it for you? Are you already in the business and things are getting out of hand? Don’t give up. Please do contact me for further discussions. 0541193759

  104. raphael says:

    i like this post here, i am looking forward for investors, partnership in the area of importation, exportation, Agricultural business. etc. if interested please kindly contact me on either whatsapp/ call +233541279250
    skype: clarke.ascot

    best regards

    1. INNOCENT says:

      Hi dear
      Thank u for this insight, i am from Nigeria, and an import/export agent and consultant. i will be glad to partner or do business with some one in Ghana to expand my frontiers. please contact me on +2348132611062, innokomasventures@yahoo.com for more details.

    2. Ernest dinello says:

      Hi want to export gari outside Ghana can u help

  105. Manuel Eduam says:

    Interesting article with good and valuable comments. I am Emmanuel and run a procurement, sourcing and logistics supply services company. I need a smart and confident sales/marketing person to work with. Kindly reach me 0207973105 or Whatsapp. 0244476552. For further discussions.

    1. Manuel says:

      Please any interested person should forward his/her cv to email: eduam.emmanuel@gmail.com Note. You must be very good with selling and demonstrate some level of experiences

  106. raphael says:

    Company: Meister Agro Company requests for Investors/Partnership
    Land Size: 3000 Hectares
    Location: Eastern Region
    Country: Ghana
    Crops to be farmed: Mixed farming or cropping of Corn and Cassava
    Intent: Export and Local Consumption
    Preprocessing: The cassava will be converted to Pellets
    For export.
    Sharing formula: 55% to investor: 45 to Meister Agro Ltd.
    Harvesting: At least Twice in a year.
    Duration: 10 years.
    Contact: Raphael
    Tel: +233541279250/whatsapp/skype clarke.ascot

    We have a business plan and done a feasibility study on the business, also environmental analysis, operational plan, expected yield amongst other things.
    The maize variety will include Western yellow open pollinated varieties, yellow hybrid variety and popcorn variety, also as earlier mentioned the cassava which will be mixed cropped, will be converted to pellets which will be bagged, and exported; storage will be built the use of silos that will keep the harvested crops in best conditions thereby reducing moisture content to international export standards. Also the local market is also considered too. Finally we also have weed control and insect programs to reduce loss to the barest minimum.


      Hello Everyone, please be vary cautious of this Raphael guy. He could be a scammer.

      I think his comment “REQUEST FOR INVESTORS / PARTNERSHIP FOR FRAMING” is not genuine.

      Because I have read same comment from a different person (Nicolas) on a different platform, long before Raphael posted this here.

      The only difference between Nicolas and Raphael’s comments are the CONTACT DETAILS and the LOCATION of the farm.

      So this compelled me to do a follow up, and you can find screenshots, and follow the progress of the follow via the link below


  107. Hitesh says:

    Hi I am from India. I want start business in Ghana. I sell ceramic tiles and also Contruction equipment like excavator etc.
    So plz any one intersted them contect me.
    My Whatsup number is + 91 9723331666
    Email id:- dalasaniya24@gmail.com

    1. Richard Dong says:

      Plz email me, let’s do business in the northern part of Ghana if only u r serious

  108. kombat samuel says:

    That’s good Idea.i also want to part of this business group so you can add me on this number 0543156416

  109. nana Akosua says:

    Nice place to be. I want to start a buisness can someone help me ideas. Watsupp me on 0240341403 .nana Akosua

    1. albert says:

      @Nana Im much happy to get intouch. I can help u to start business of ur own. Call or wassup me on 0243973804

  110. Mary says:

    Hi, my husband and I want to start a real estate business in December . We have the capital already. Can I get ideas on how to start it. Thanks

    1. Noel says:

      Am a contractor u can contact me on 0249438875

    2. Nat Tei says:

      Mary I can rent you shuttering, Centering and scaffolding materials 0240147056

    3. Freda Korankye Boateng says:

      hi Mary. if you haven’t started the real estate business yet please contact me on 0544546796/0242633369. Thank you.

    4. steve says:

      Hi Mary do u and your husband already have the land ,i can help if your answer is no, also am an architect I have several modern designs that will blow your mind..call if u need my help

  111. Noel says:

    Madam Mary i would be glad you contact me

  112. Foster Nsiah says:

    It is my plan to engage in livestock. I have large land but the capital is what am fighting for

    1. Kwaku Awuyah says:

      The let advice I can give you is to plant cassava on the whole field for a year. After that you either supply the cassava to the Brewery or process it into Gari to raise you r own capital.

  113. Ebenezer k Eshun says:

    Am Ebenezer. I have no capital to start a business but I need a help to establish a drugs store. Any one to help should watsapp me on 0249664774. We negotiate and I manage

  114. Adams Hatimi says:

    Hi I’m Adams, I have a small cattle farm containing about 22 cattles for so far in Mampon.I have to expand the business and make it big but due to capital to purchase tools and medicines.I need an investor to help

  115. rashid says:

    hii i am from india and i want start business in ghana . my work in oll excavtor parts macking and reparing. so plz contect me intersted person.
    my contact and w app no +91 9982688662
    e mail id – lrengg@yahoo.com——– lrengg.engg@gmail.com

  116. Hussein Wahid says:

    Nice write up on your business strategic plans..but i guess most of the businesses you listed aren’t small scale but involves lots of cedis..In my own view many people’s are targeting to see you suggest on those that at least a 10,000.00 cedis could be use to make a start.

  117. Augustine says:

    Hi folks, I’m Augustine and I want go into poultry farming any education?

    1. Augustine says:

      Kindly contact me on dis number; 0207968666

  118. Noel says:

    Augustine, my name is Noel I think i can be of help and I have tried your contact but no response

    1. Godwin says:

      Hi i am Godwin, if there is any whatsapp group please add me so that we share business ideas 0506639722

  119. Matty says:

    You’re all invited to join the Start up Ideas WhatsApp group:


  120. Adams says:

    I am a Shea butter processore and I am looking for buyers both local and exports
    I am acquired 100acres of land for farming and looking sponsors or partners to start, this will be in the area of pigs, Guinea fowls, cattles, and beans and rice farm

    1. Albert says:

      Adams, where are u now. Send me email mosbross@yahoo.com to talk more

    2. Elikplim says:

      Hi Adams can you get in touch so we talk?

    3. Frank says:

      Am frank from Tamale and into shea butter production.. Want buyers and want to export. ..any ideas and help will be appreciated…
      Email me if u want us to do business

  121. Nii Adjei says:

    Hi. I produce freshly bottled coconut water with the brand name Kokoushh. Currently we supply Koala, Shoprite, some shell shops etc. It has no preservatives. I need distributors in Kumasi,Accra. Contact Senam on 0244830791

  122. patiencePatience says:

    Am looking for business to start business in exporting cashie please help me

  123. samuel says:

    Hello fellow ghanaians i have a business opportunity for you that could change your life in few months. Any interested person can call or whatsapp me on 0576527307/0245477679 for details about the business

  124. kingsley says:

    hello good day everyone. nice group, please am into computer graphic design and also installing of computer software and other things concerning system. i believe i can help you start one or build one for you. am in Nigeria now but i can come by if you are interested because normally visit Ghana. and will also deal in computer accessories. here is my Watsapp No: +2347062223541

  125. Richard Dong says:

    I really like this platform. Am Richard frm the northern part of the country. We do export locally made beautiful buskets. Any interested persons can whatsapp me on +233241870034

    Again, I have a business plan to establish electrical whole sale shop at a lucrative markets. If u wish in this line of business u can also whatsapp me

    1. Larry Isaac says:

      my name is Larry from Ghana I want to go into babies diapers and sanitary pads if u can assist me whasp +2330543652896

  126. Chrystal says:

    I am from Canada and looking to create a small business in Ghana. I’m looking for items that may be beneficial to you there that I can send from North America like electronics and clothing. If anyone has information or would like to work with me please contact me! —> chrystallewis@gmail.com

    1. Wisdom says:

      Hello Chrystal you can contact me via wisdee1976@yahoo.com

  127. Richard says:

    I have 10 acres of land on the wenniba Accra road and I want enter into livestock farming but I don’t have the capital to start. richardasiamah8@gmail.com. 0204910684/0547220740

  128. Evans says:

    wow Tanks to u Mr Folli.
    I av really been enlighten. Don’t have to sit idle.

    Pls I am Evans n have finished my national service in a rural cummunity Ard Kintampo South, Brong Ahafo. where farm products are abundant. Ginger, cassava, yam, etc. I would like to start sometin but don’t no wat to do now. I currently have about 2000 Ghana cedis. Pls I would like to start something any ideas for me?

    1. raphael says:

      get in touch with me @Evans 0541279250

  129. Chris says:

    Pls am currently in Nigeria
    I want to relocate to Ghana and start a business
    I specialized in making canopies, tents, carports
    Pls can anyone pls enlighten me on how to start this in GH WhatsApp me on +2347036784326

    1. Sunshine says:

      U need to come down nd get a place to stay first then u further on look for a place for ur business then u can proceed

    2. Halima says:

      I can be of help what’s app me 0247355765

  130. Marcus says:

    I have clothes and leather belts from Europe for retail wholesale prices for those who want to go into clothes business. call or WhatsApp +233560399299

  131. Marcus says:

    Enter your comment here…I have African made slippers. made from authentic leather. I need partnership to export to USA and UK and other part of the world with DHL FedEx etc. call or WhatsApp me on +233560399299 it.marcusmillah@gmail.com

  132. Anas says:

    Hey I rent apartments at dzowulu and getting customers is my problem please help

  133. KOA Advertising says:

    Anas please contact me I can link you customers to rent your dzorwulu accommodations 0277093062

  134. Wisdom says:

    I have Cocoa growing land at Volta North anybody interested should contact me on 0504299385

  135. amzi says:

    special and quality akpeteshie for sale in large quantities so those who export or buy them in
    drums can contact me 0208882020

  136. Nadia says:

    I am into wholesale of ladies panties and bra as well as African prints.
    Wholesale and retail
    You can contact me on 0279092948
    I want to expand it so looking for suppliers outside with good prices

  137. Nadia Yeboah says:

    I am into quality security doors and other housing accessories
    Any one with a project should contact me on 0279092948
    Or visit my website on http://www.buildersboxgh.com

  138. Sam says:

    Hi i am in the UK Precisely Birmingham where u will get quality obroni wawu stuffs n new stuff. if u want to do business contact me on ba.bena88@mail.com

  139. Vivian says:

    Am a young girl living in Italy wanna start a quick income business in ghana and is giving me sleepless night any wan with good ideas should contact me on 00393895334909

    1. Felix Yao says:

      Ram you can contact me on 0201493195

    2. Frimpong says:

      VIvian am interested in electronic gadgets like laptops phones and the rest can we,i think its one of the best business now in Ghana and its very profitable ..you can whatsapp me on +233273589456

    3. Larry Isaac says:

      Vivian u whaps me for more business ideas 0543652896

    4. Mahu Bernard says:

      Please call me on +233249412129

  140. CASTILIO says:

    Hi my name is Prince .im doing mini importation business which I have a watch products to sell and i need a shop owner to buy from me please any help.what’s up me on 0544575655

  141. kaluwiz says:

    i want to start salt export to any african countries for now. Can someone educate me on how to start and the links? how much do i need to start anyway? emai me on iampeacal@gmail.com

  142. Daniel Yeboah says:

    Hi I need a business idea.wattsapp 0205839200

    1. Daniel Yeboah says:

      Hi I have a little capital and will like to engage in a small business but unfortunately I have no idea about a profitable business to engage in. Please can someone help me with good business idea and how to establish it?? My wattsapp +233205839200.Hope to get in touch with someone soon. Thank you.

      1. Mahu Bernard says:

        Please call me on +233249412129

  143. Ebenezer says:

    Hi, my name is Eben I want to start bottled yoghurt production. Any education? 0245157405

  144. Kwame Nkrumah says:

    Hi madam Mary I am a real estate agent at east legon you may contact me for efectiveefective marketing and managing of property during and after project.reach me at kloseintechnology@gmail.com

  145. Hackman says:

    great article, guys if anyone needs expert advice on health safety and environmental management practices in your business or industry to boost employee well being , productivity and investor confidence contact me on 0244901732 or lubelent114@gmail.com

  146. Tom says:

    There’s no such thing as quick income in business
    but if you want an idea with calculated risk that comes with guarantee profit. email me @ concan123@ymail.com note: not gmail.com

  147. Miss Nortey says:

    Hello i deal in kids clothing contact if u want to go into this business vwry lucrative contact on 0247007505

  148. Darlin says:

    Hi, pls I want to sell cosmetics,I need a supplier . Pls contact me on 0553665252

  149. BILLS says:

    My name is Bills. I want a sachet water machine to buy where and how do I get one.

  150. Kenneth Ofosuhene Debrah says:

    hi, i deal in beads for bags, slippers, necklace, African wears and selling of materials. You can contact HK Collection on 0571508541,0275933885 and 0271637489 to place your order or get location to our outfit to take a look at the things we have in stock. Thank you very much, will be waiting for your concern. You can also link us on facebook at HK creative designs

  151. Derrick says:

    I want to start a business on my own
    But am also a student of Umat.
    N I need Ideas.

  152. Ernest says:

    I operate a real estate(buying and selling properties in ghana) and electricals and i need two people to partner me in this business. i have other lucrative business plan that i want partners too. Please contact me if you are interested +233 244 529341

  153. Ernest says:

    whatsapp on the same line

  154. Diana says:

    Having a business WhatsApp group is the best,please add me 0201295195,want to start hair and cosmetics business but have no idea of where to source for them,any ideas will help a lot

  155. desmond osei says:

    I want start with the plantation of palm nut .I neeed a land

  156. Ann says:

    Hi, my name is Ann and I want to start my own business but don’t know exactly what to do. I also don’t have a seed capital, but will defiantly have to take a loan. Please add me to the what’s up group 0202271252

  157. Abdul razak says:

    HI my name is Abdul razak am from the northern part of Ghana Tamale, I want to start portrey farming and I don’t have the capital in hand please how do I start

  158. Irene says:

    My name is Irene, I wnt to go into importation of wears. Pls help me

  159. Michael Conway says:

    I’m Michael and I want to go in livestock farming I need your help pls

  160. Nab says:

    Hello, Please if anyone has an interest in starting an insurance brokerage firm or an NGO do get in touch. +233555494900

    1. Cameron says:

      I am interested call me 0208300164

  161. Kelly says:

    Hi, my name is kelly.
    I want to open a drug store
    Some one should please educate me on the legality and all that please.

  162. Wisdom says:

    Perfect group excellence ideas.

  163. Akudugusumailafaishal@gmail.com Sumaila Faishal says:

    Hello comrades, my name is FAISHAL from the Upper East Region. I am adealer in mobile phones and it’s accessories and I need a good supplier to do business with so..you can contact me on this no 0247839158

    1. Milke says:

      whats your capital for business and what would you say its your margin with that capital?

  164. Larry says:

    Nice ideas, Mr. Man, I would love to venture into crop farming for export.

  165. Paakow says:

    Hi, I am Paakow. A startup entreprenuer and network marketer. There are diverse opportunities for one to generate extra income to better ones self. I want to use this platform to introduce one of my network marketing opportunities to all who are interested. It is a food and cash network marketing company that seeks to eradicate hunger and poverty in any way possible…It is very affordable and u get to work at your own pace. If you find it interesting and would like to get more info on this opportunity, I would appreciate if you kindly contact me through this number: +233501359610. Please, with all due respect, only people who are serious should contact me and oh, it comes with an attractive compensation plan..thank you

  166. Michael says:

    Hi, I am Michael from Ghana – Aflao, anyone who wish to imports from Togo, am here to help with exchange rate, buying of cloths,dresses, shows, cars, moto bike etc. contact me on 0244467478

  167. Eugene says:

    Hi am Eugene in the central region of Ghana and want to start a drug store, can anyone here help me acquire a licence. My number is 0243007695. Pm or chat me let’s make hay

    1. Chris says:

      Hi, if you are still interested pls contact me via: nobleb1992@hotmail.com
      I may be of help

  168. Vanay says:

    If there’s any WhatsApp platform for this discussions kindly add me up on 0554959685 and I’m looking forward to start business by selling clothes anybody interested should link up too

  169. Owunna Nwakanma C says:

    Hi, am Joyce from Nigeria, I want to embark on business. Pls house help me with the Ghana products that will sale in Nigeria (Port Harcourt). WhatsApp me With….+234706508877

    1. Samuel Entee says:

      What kind of products are you interested in . Contact me on whatup +233244986230

  170. Jerry Opoku says:

    Jeremy Resources Limited is a limited liability company into commodity trading like gold,cocoa,coffee and shea butter in Ghana. The company has a lot of business opportunities for it’s clients and investors in many area’s and locations in Ghana. If you need a trusted
    and reliable company to work with in Ghana do not hesitate
    to contact us for any goods or services you need in Ghana.

  171. FRANCIS says:

    Am a young Ghanaian man living in Italy but not working I want an ideal to invest or do business with 300€.So I need help whatup 3510858567

    1. ULTIMATE SIGNS says:

      Please Whatapp me +233554507905

  172. Jerry Opoku says:

    Jeremy Resouces Limited is a commodity trading company in Ghana we supply our local and foreign
    buyer’s with RAW CASHEW NUTS, NATURAL SHEAR BUTTER,GOLD AND ORGANIC GINGER in large quantity.Currently we have this commodities in stock looking for serious buyer’s. interested buyer’s can contact the CEO on

  173. Cassandra Abrokwah says:

    Hi I’m cassandra based in the UK
    Would like to start of a business of wear

    1. Frimpong says:

      interested please whats app me on +233273589456

    2. nana says:

      we could partner and start something. currently not on whatsapp but you can call or email me. +233202277546 and nqweku1@yahoo.com

    3. ULTIMATE SIGNS says:

      Please Whatapp me +233554507905

  174. Edith says:

    Hello i am Edith, i am into beadmaking ( customised beaded bracelets, necklaces, anklets and african bags and male slippers). Looking for partners from the UK, US, Ghana, Nigeria and anywhere across the world. Interested partners should whatsapp me on +233209088188 for further discussions. Products are already packaged so no packaging fee or cost to the partner. Thanks

  175. Gertrude Momade says:

    I have India hair and Clutches at wholesale and retail price . I bring them myself . Contact me

  176. Martha says:

    Hi, i’m interested in starting a business in importation of clothing, but i need help with capital.

    1. Irene says:

      why don’t we partner. cos i also don’t have enough capital but we can join the little we have to work together.

  177. Adedoyin says:

    Am in Nigeria planning to relocate to ghana. Am into sewing and Monogramming. But I can do any other business in Ghana if it will be lucrative and less stressed. Please contact me on +2348104088880.

  178. Lawrence says:

    Please am a young boy and I want to start a business of computers,laptops, and e.t.c I need a supplier to do business with.. WhatsApp only +233547146697

  179. puoza deo gracious says:

    I am puoza, lives in techiman and wants to deal in electronics(computers etc) importation especially from china. Anyone to help do business?

  180. Daniel says:

    Am Daniel…..I’m into clothing and I need supplie
    Please contact me on 0208735514.

  181. Sunshine says:

    Am a v business minded person in Ghana nd ready for any genuine business deal that comes my way from around the world, serious business people should link up +233204569922. At your service

    Also am into Entertainment Business(Ushers, promo models, bridesmaids, sales team, events & float organizing, food services, decoration, Morden&Traditional Dancers “De Eiish Dance Crew” for all events and occasions)
    All my girls r well trained nd expects in their niche nd we need more costumers
    Pls contact us for any of our services brightlifeentertainmentgh@gmail OR 0205190191

  182. Irene says:

    please i want to go into the importation of female wigs and beauty product to sell. Can i get any help.

    1. Nadia says:

      I can help with the wigs

  183. Jerry says:

    Jeremy Resources Limited is a limited liability company into commodity trading like gold,cocoa,coffee and shea butter in Ghana. The company has a lot of business opportunities for it’s clients and investors in many area’s and locations in Ghana. If you need a trusted
    and reliable company to work with in Ghana do not hesitate
    to contact us for any goods or services you need in Ghana.

  184. Iddris Ishaq says:

    Hello I am Iddris Ishaq…… I have part time school which I love to transform to regular school. I have the skills on how manage children and parents are very impressed about that …..if I can get a partner to finance me start.

    I also have skills in IT , computer hardware repair…. Good at teaching

    If anyone wants someone to trust … I receive your imported goods and sell them for you…..

    I also love do animal farming sheep or cattle …..you can entrust me for equitable business…… Contact….0243503927 ishaqiddris26@gmail.com

  185. SAIBU says:

    Hi everyone here am called Saibu from Tamale Northern Region ,you can contact me if you want to know current business that booming in Tamale here and we share ideas ,Here is a place where you get enough pieces of land to open Restaurant, Hotel and any factory of your choice whatsApp or call me on +233549200813/233203392444

  186. Jerry says:



  187. Sherry says:

    Hi can someone please help me with importation of second hand female clothes? I am a student and want to do something whiles in school. Whatsapp me on 0570275800

    1. Nadia says:

      I can help with panties and bra


    Am Joeyin from Bolga & already into serious business-cafe business and farming and really need support to expand them and go into other businesses as well. 0201467777/02403838989/0559474684

  189. Prince Agyare says:

    Hi everyone, am Prince and I have a great business ideas in Ghana…. eg. cleaning services, computer services, etc interested people who wants to put more capital in this should call me on 0268937460. And do more business. Thanks

  190. Gladys says:

    My name is Gladys and I have mixed natural spices for cooking. All the ingredients are from the USA. I’m looking caterers and food services to supply my products to.

  191. simonsalifu says:

    My name is Simon from Tamale. I’m into the supply of fresh Groundnut paste. Looking for serious ones to supply or partner with. 0548487335

  192. Asare Elvis says:

    Hi, I am Elvis from sunyani B/A I went to go into liquid soap and perfume business. can I get help?

  193. Asare Elvis says:

    Hi, I am Elvis from sunyani B/A I went to go into liquid soap and perfume business. can I get help?wassap or call me on +233546850258

  194. Gina Mongkuma says:

    Hi am Gina from Ghana I want to start a natural food products business. In ghana and Around the countries.I need business partners. Whatapp me 0265174299

  195. matilda says:

    i am tina i want to start small business of maize, gari, beans,groundnut,sugar, rice,milet,soya beans,cooking oil…………if you can supply in wholesale contact me on 0242037301

  196. matilda says:

    i want someone to help me how to start this business of maize, gari, beans groundnut soya beans, or any good idea for me? 0242037301

  197. Joy Odame says:

    Hi, am Joy and am interested in partnering with a foreign company that is into clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories which I can represent in Ghana.

  198. P. E. N says:

    Connect with me via whatsapp, if you are interested in joining a business that would earn you up 6300 cedis and more as you advance per your efforts.


  199. Afi says:

    I am a bead accessories maker and liquid producer. Contact me on +233 269 392 148 for your orders. My products come with customization as well for your corporate branding and events.

  200. Jerry says:

    We are a registered company in Ghana, we have investment opportunities for investors that want to invest in Ghana. We give advise to investors. We are into commodity trading also gold trading and mining. You can visit the page to read more.

  201. Destiny says:

    Please i farm a lot of groundnuts can any one help me on that or need business deal for exportation?
    Please if anyone is willing the person should let me know

  202. Anthony Opoku says:

    Hello good people out there, I am a kente weaver. If you need any design or kind of kente please call or WhatsApp me on+2330240431293( Anthony Opoku).
    Only faithful and trusted beings should call.

  203. Gertrude Amankwah says:

    Hi am Gertrude from Ghana I want to start selling of Rice, oil and tin tomatoes in bulk but capital is the problem any interested person with the means can contact me on 0551337896 for partnership

  204. Jerry says:


  205. Emmanuel Nuamah says:

    I want to start a magazine in a university in Ghana. How do I get started?

  206. Fatimah says:

    I want to start a business,please I need business ideas

    1. Mahu Bernard says:

      call me on +233249412129

  207. Fatimah Ibrahim says:

    Am fatimah,please I want to a Start a business and am looking at the importation of clothes,shoes etc I want to get in touch with the right people so that I can start business

    1. Jerry says:

      Pls get in touch with my wife and discuss we are already into that,she will guide u concerning the things that really move faster. This is our page
      Jeritina venture’s
      Jeritina clothing
      Jeritina outfits
      Jeritina kid’s paradise.
      WhatsApp her on 0230925252 for more information.

  208. Benny says:

    Good day friends I have a small business that deals in ICT services such as computer repairs, networking, graphics, recruitment agency, printing & advertising and sales of computer & Phone accessories.

    1. Benny says:

      BENMA Innovations we are located at Zodiac, Dansoman close to the MTN office contact: whatsapp: 0277065029 | 0302324328

  209. nkrumah Martin says:

    Hi i am Martin from and a civil engineer… i have so many at years of experiences at the industry….i am planning of forming my own company to take up contracts but i am handicapped financially. i am looking for a partner that i can team up for the company

  210. Joseph Ayesiboro says:

    I want to start a business that more efficient with 200 cedis or anybody who need my service in his or her business with good payment can also call me on 0243257105

  211. Priscilla says:

    I’m Priscilla, a level 300 student of KNUST. Currently, I’m into bead making. I do bracelets, necklace, slippers, bags, and the likes….
    I’ll love to expand my business. Any interested person can call me on 0249198391
    E-mail: priscillablay22@gmail.com

  212. Joe says:

    Hello friends.
    I am Joe from Ghana and interested in export of agro products. Can anybody be of help. Please you can call 0558237925

  213. Mohammed M Abrahim says:

    Greetings to you all;
    My name is Mr. Mohammed Musa Abraham, I am a private business man and investor base in Niger and Kenya. I need a partner and someone who can linked me to a good business in Ghana that i can invest on for a good profit. Am looking at either investing in real estate or farming for a good profit.
    If you are in a good business you think will also good for investment then you can contact me for more details and how to move ahead.

    Wait for response and your details.

    Mr Mohammed M Abrahim
    Email: mohammed.m.abraham2@gmail.com
    Tel/whatsapp: +22798896973

  214. Nana yaw says:

    I’m Nana yaw. Anyone looking to do private home studies for yourself or a neighbor, or your wards.
    I’m available for you. You will receive good tutorship. Pick my number 0556838454, and get started

  215. Akosua says:

    Am into shito production n want to export outside, how do I get the contacts out there to do it

  216. Seth says:

    I want a partner to start a lounge and bar business lets talk if you are interested…0242681807 Email: Sethtsatsu0@Gmail.com

  217. Eric says:

    Hello everyone,
    Am Eric
    Any ideas or tips on how to start a small scale poultry and egg farm?

    1. Emmanuel says:

      Eric call me 0551465313

  218. emma says:

    i have about Ghs45000 in cash , i need a business idea urgently. 0244231456

    1. Eli says:

      Hello Emma .you can invest in phones and accessories
      It’s a very profitable business
      We can partner

  219. Hi everyone am Austine I have a nice four bed rooms house and uncompleted 6 bed rooms story building want to sell and go move into Real Estate business. Have a registered company already just want to love into Real Estate big time . I need someone to educate me on that and if I can also get a buyer I will be very glad my WhatsApp line 0540808457 email address aagbakotu@gmail.com

  220. Hi everyone am Austine I have a nice four bed rooms house and uncompleted 6 bed rooms story building want to sell and move into Real Estate business. Have a registered company just want to move into Real Estate big time . I need someone to educate me on that and if I can also get a buyer I will be very glad my WhatsApp line 0540808457 email address aagbakotu@gmail.com

  221. Ben says:

    Please , i wish to establish a business in Ghana but dont have much capital , can anyone be of help here??

  222. Abigail Adowa-Andoh says:

    I’m maame Pomaa .. speaking from Ghana … I wanna make money .. any ideas ? I do voice overs too … 0264134501… contact me for any ideas or help or contacts … thank you ..

  223. ELLA says:

    hi i want to open a diagnostic centre and i need partnership

    1. Chris says:

      Hello Ella, Im Chris. Do you have any business proposal yet? Contact me via this email: nobleb1992@hotmail.com

  224. Jones Asamoah says:

    I want to export gari any help please.

  225. Joe says:

    Hi I have a lot of ideas in mushroom production but a place to start is the problem. Any interested person to partner me should WhatsApp me on 0240179390 and I also have a lot of business ideas.

  226. Joe says:

    Add me to the group 0240179390

  227. Castilio says:

    Add me to the WhatsApp group

  228. Richard says:

    Am into construction of filling stations for both cooperate and individual organisations you can contact me on 0247782599

  229. Zahid says:

    I would like to start a business of exporting food stuff like yam,cassava,gari,garden egg etc. But I need someone who is outside the country ghana but in a different country in Europe or US contact me on 0542376180/0208661273 or e-mail mi on zahidwahab72@gmail.co.

  230. Wisdom says:

    Very grateful

  231. Wisdom says:

    40ft rifer for sale in Volta region.. 0243575198

  232. Chris says:

    Im Chris, currently residing in China. For anyone out there who is in the business of importing products or supplies(clothes, gadgets, accessories, etc), whatever it may be, you can contact us for help. Buying products and shipping them to Africa or any part of the world (especially, Ghana or Nigeria) is what we do. People who cannot afford to travel to China themselves to purchase their items/supplies can contact us for that, regardless of the product.

    PS: Please with all due respect, only people who are very serious should contact me.
    Email: nobleb1992@hotmail.com
    WhatsApp: +8615552831989

  233. Mahu Bernard says:

    If you want to invest money and make dividends to be paid monthly contact me for more details. +233249412129

  234. FelixEkumah says:

    Hello my name is Felix and am into digital embroidery and general printing but need investors please add me if there is any whatapp platform 0556716265 or contact me if u personally want to partner or invest in it

  235. Nadia says:

    I am Nadia
    I am into wholesale distribution of panties,bras,African prints and hair at affordable prices.
    Please WhatsApp me on 0500008306 if interested.

  236. Bernard says:

    I am into the collection of plastic waste on a larger scale for reuse.. I look to attract investors to set up recycling plants to target the educational sector, CSR of organisations .etc

    1. Jerry says:

      Bernard get in touch and brief me more on the plastic thing. 0555908874

    2. Mark says:

      Hello Bernard. I am already into plastic recycling. can you contact me to discuss business? cryztalvab.ent@gmail.com

  237. Uran Albert Mensah says:

    Please i have a small shop, i need a business idea on what to sell or use the shop for. Need business idea, u can contact me on +233246995732

    1. Mark says:

      where exactly are you located? we produce plastic bag types. We can supply you to sell if you are interested and serious to do business. contact me via cryztalvab.ent@gmail.com
      After that we can talk on phone. Thank you.

  238. Abdul says:

    I want to open a computer service center, please is the preferred zone (area) in Ghana

  239. Priyanka G Sassah says:

    Pls I want to sell hair extensions don’t know how to start with my little savings…I need help

  240. Jacob says:

    Please my name is Jacob, I want to start a cold store business, any advice as to how to go about it and the things needem. My number is +233546994870 and my email address is adjable400@gmail.com

  241. Miss felicia Boham says:

    looking for an investor who is interested in soft drink production. we have the brand existing in ghana . interested partners should contact me . Miss Boham. 0541021795

    1. Mark says:

      hello Miss. Please, do you use plastic for packaging your drinks? Kindly let me know because i can supply you from my factory. if you know anyone do let me know please. Thank you.

  242. debby says:

    I’m a young lady with so many potentials I actually started a clothing business I have customers but my capital is less I’m actually in need of suppliers someone who will supply me with ladies dress, hand bags, in short both men and ladies clothing pls I need help pls I’m honest and have self discipline please any one interested should whatsapp me on+233249508363

  243. Jerry says:

    I have 15-20 acres of land for farming purpose can be used for crop or animal farming. If anyone is interested u can come onboard for partnership or if u want to rent it i can do so. We have borehole n some structures on it for pigs farming which didn’t come on due to shortage of fund’s. If interested WhatsApp me on 0555908874 for more information. Location at Dodowa Agomeda

  244. Gadanbio Justlord inside lawra Nursing training College NAC 8 says:

    indeed you do not need much be who you want to be only be smart and hard working

  245. Emmanuel says:

    jerry am interested hit me up on 0551465313 or easyworld33@gmail.com

  246. Emmanuel says:

    hey am Emmanuel from easyworld expect in building and managing website if there is anyone here who want to get his business to the word you can hit me on 0573404505 trust me our prices are cool thank you

  247. Noel says:

    My name is Noel ,
    Am into construction of houses in Ghana
    Call me for any building plan and anything about building. It could be renovation. I do jobs based on both contract and on daily basis payment. I have the qualified men on the field. Contact

  248. Eli says:

    My name is Eli
    I deal on mobile phones and accessories
    The business is good but I need help to expand the business by going outside Ghana to get the phone
    So I can make good profile
    The phones here are too high to buy and sell
    If you can help me please call 0542978106

  249. EMMANUEL SALIA says:

    i like this site very educative and informative my name is Emmanuel from AF AUSTEEL GHANA we are into wholesale of steel coil for roofing anyone interested should contact me on 0248299049

  250. kubuafor Felix says:

    I want to enter into exportation of chilli pepper. Any help pls?

  251. Mark says:

    Hello my dear friends. I am into plastic waste recycling and plastic bags, roll, etc production. If you may need any plastic product kindly let me know. I am ready to partner with retail or wholesale shops in Ghana. Contact me via cryztalvab.ent@gmail.com

    Teamwork is the success of every business

  252. Mark says:

    Anyone interested in promoting our plastic poly bags (take away bag, medium, large, etc) should contact me via cryztalvab.ent@gmail.com
    Send us your phone contact & whatsapp contact via email.

    We are looking for serious partnership with sellers around the various regions in Ghana.
    Together we shall success to build a better financial security and country.

  253. Clement says:

    I teach Crypto trading and how to invest wisely.
    I teach ONLY serious people.
    My no. +233509960669

  254. Patrick Attankurugu says:

    I am a young tech entrepreneur and would need researchers and marketing experts to partner with.

  255. Adu-Gyan Solomon says:

    Am interested in exporting agro products to Asia and other EU countries .where I reside alot of farmers cultivate cashew . I need partners I can purchase the cashews for.

  256. ackomp says:

    I just completed HND in electrical/electronic eng in Ghana and am looking out for a business partner who can supply me with electrical materials. Please respond to my Gmail ackomp2@gmail.com

  257. WILLIAM ATTOM says:

    please can anyone there help me get buyers for my noni juice?

  258. Jerry says:

    Can anyone here connect me to large scale tomato and chilli(the red long pepper) farmer’s I need them urgently for supply thx my WhatsApp is 0245911806 tx

    1. albert owusu says:

      contact me aljowusu@gmail.com 909-994-1510 may be able to hlp

  259. paulina says:

    how much do i need to start with the second hand clothing?

  260. albert owusu says:

    will someone give me a link to ghana import and export promotion council?

    1. albert owusu says:

      contact info aljowusu@gmail.com whatsapp 909-994-1510

  261. Solomon Adinortey-Okudzeto says:

    hello there am S. A-Okudzeto from Ghana. Contact me if you want to tour Ghana and do business here. No scammers or fraudsters. Contact +233246458418/+233276368710.

  262. Sesi Christine says:

    please I want to start a business in hair selling any help please

  263. Sesi Christine says:

    please call if you can help 0555350722

  264. Michael says:

    I sell Goats and Sheep. I buy them in Burkina Faso to Ghana. I want restaurants that can buy some from me . my contact is 0559903985

  265. Jennifer Kwabi says:

    Hello… I’m Jennifer from Ghana … I’m into beads making…. I do bracelets….. necklace and others
    I’m in to partner with both wholesalers and retailers
    Kindly call me on 0208791288 . Let’s do business

    1. Jennifer Kwabi says:

      You can as well email me efyasantewaa3@gmail.com

  266. Asabea Asiamah Olivia says:

    hi am Asabea, i would love to go in to snail farming for local consumption and export as well. can you help.?? i can be reached on liviestone@gmail.com

  267. Cobie says:

    I want to start a courier service but don’t know how n what it takes to start, any help?

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