Your seed is germinating! Guard it with a vision and strategy


In her book win ability, Darlene Hunter shared a discovery that “Most people buy expensive things to feel good but there is an affordable way to feel good- positive thinking”. She illustrates the need for an individual to stay positive whiles taking on issues in life.
From personal experience, I have come to understand that there are two reasons why I must stay positive and dream big-to act big & to feel good.
Big dreams vs fantasies? The difference is vision plus strategy. Consider the following;
Someday, I will build the most expensive house in my City
Someday, I will drive the latest car in town
Someday I will marry the most kindhearted person
Someday, I will become that big man everyone looks up to.
If your dreams are similar to these, several years will pass and you will wake up to the reality that you are still dreaming big. Only dreaming big!
The distress of today’s young people is that many do not know how to start up their lives. However, for us @ StartupLens, it does not matter where you are and where you start but it matters whether you start or not. In addition, it matters to answer the WHY and HOW before you jump inside the boat because along the journey, you would meet fellow travelers, and you would have to tell them where you are heading. Are you proud to be going to that direction? How far can you travel in that direction? What are the warning signs to expect and how prepared are you to deal with the eminent challenges ahead?
It appears trivial but very serious to know that majority of Ghanaian students in tertiary institutions do not have a clear vision for their lives and would flank to any destination by default.
Nevertheless, it is ok to start something now-Start up your life, start up your business, startup your career, start up your relationship now. You can visit us for more resources to help you start up afresh.
The advantage of starting something today is not that you will get there fast. No!
However, you are guaranteed to soon discover your right path-what you love most & what you do best. In addition, every starter is a novice and you would not want to be an adult novice so the time is now to fail, learn, and succeed whiles you are still young.
These are typical examples of people who started little, with a vision and strategy.
Ghana’s Prince Kofi Amoabeng did not just build a Bank but like Marthin Luther king, he had a dream and started something that became UT Holdings over years.
America’s Media giant Oprah had a vision and felt good about it but she started by working for somebody in that industry and gave out her best. Today, she is where she wanted to be because she started something and followed her vision
Sarkodie had a vision and followed it even when he was paid with T-shirts but today he confidently says “money no be problem”

If you ever want to be like someone, a high achiever, do not admire what they do. Rather, invest in finding out what they did when they had nothing. When they were like you- with no car, no job, no partner, no house, no cash, BUT ONLY A DREAM. You would realize that they started something. Just anything with a vision and strategy.

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