You Failed to Prove Bias Allegation- Judicial Board to Torsu


Torsu Alfred-Disqualified Treasurer Aspirant

The SRC Judicial Board has dismissed the suit challenging the disqualification of Treasurer Aspirant Torsu Alfred by the SRC vetting committee.
Torsu had claimed in his affidavit that the vetting panel was biased in awarding him a mark of 67.44%. The pass mark for this year’s vetting was pegged at 70% by the Electoral Commission.

Counsel for EC- Barnabas Abisa

Counsel for EC- Barnabas Abisa

Torsu believed that the discretionary powers exercised by the panel was not fair and candid.

The disqualified aspirant in his affidavit alleged the following

1.That he was vetted for only 10 minutes despite assurance from the EC that he will be vetted for 30 minutes minimum.
2.That all other aspirants were vetted for more than 30 minutes.
3.Questions posed by panel members mostly had to do with an allegation that he snubbed the SRC President.

Torsu while being led to offer oral evidence by his counsel alleged that a member of the vetting panel whom he identified by the name “Ambition” was the campaign advisor of Treasurer aspirant Prince Amoah popularly known as FBI.
He also accused the EC Chair Rexford Opare of saying that Torsu will be “licked”(a term he explained to mean voted against) if he contests the election last year.

Torsu added that he was informed by a friend who interacted with the EC after declaration of results and was informed that the EC Chair said he was disqualified because most of the panel members didn’t like him.


The Judicial Board in its ruling stated that the plaintiff had failed to prove his case of bias. ” No evidence was provided to support the allegations made against the EC and a member of the panel, the Bench finds this as hearsay ” the ruling indicated.

The Bench stated that the plaintiff failed to prove that the was a breach of natural justice as alleged.
The Bench added that if due diligence had been done by Counsel for plaintiffs they could have proved this. The application for certiorari was thus denied.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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