YOU are more than ABLE


To make it as a student, you must realize one thing: You have the decisive power in your world. The RESPONSIBILITY for your SUCCESS or FAILURE rests in your hands. You need to be self-disciplined and time conscious in all you do. You must learn to be responsible for yourself: Be smart.

Don’t follow the ways of bad guys. You don’t have to become one of them; flee from mental slavery. You don’t have to write on the walls of your school because somebody wrote on the wall; “Who are you?” and you feel like answering the person. It will be a big mistake and  you will only be destroying the beauty of the cradle of “knowledge”. You have the power to reject and also to accept. Posterity will judge you by your doings. Refuse and prove the devil wrong.

You should not be surprised seeing some people pretend to be what they are not. Sometimes people change their true self just to satisfy their girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s a matter of being clever enough to figure out that such is not what we call love.

As a perfect being of God, do not try to change your true personality in respect to the circumstances around you. Try instead using your personality and experiences to change the circumstances. Make the environment your own world. Make it suit your style and preserve your originality. Don’t forget! Duplicates do not qualify for official uses and fake things do not last long; learn to be the real you.

Assess yourself and know who you are. Know the kind of learning style that fits you, if not impossible
for your studies, and go that way. Don’t follow your friends trying to learn their way if it doesn’t work for you. Identify your own unique style and if its 4 hours you can spend in the library, make your best use of it. Don’t try to go beyond your limit all because the next person sitting by you is going for ten hours. You can do better though but its impossible to try, you will just be wasting precious time doing nothing: time lost cannot be regained.

When in the examination room, relax and focus. Empty your thoughts about the external world for maximum attention, and try to project your mind on what you can do better and best, for maximum output. Remember not to waste your time reading and repeating questions you cannot answer. It’s better to answer what you can very well and with clear writings than trying to answer everything and writing chaff that will make the examiner grow red. Do all you can.

You are more than able
Learn, pray and value your rest.
Be the man of  your possible best,
And leave unto Allah/God, the rest.

Aheto Mathias 



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