The True Anti – Christ.
(From the Doctor ‘Pastor’ point of view).
The anti – Christ; known among the Christian community to be the beast bearing the name codified in the number 666, has become generalised to be anyone or any establishment known to work contrary to promotion of the kingdom of the Christ.

While this is verily true, it should also be known that some of these ‘anti-Christ’ institutions are establishments of the Christ himself and therefore the argument that they are established to fall the kingdom are moot from the premise.

(Case study The institution of Hospital).
The institution dates back to the hunting and gathering age where nomads and early settlers used to get herbs to cure ailments. Into the 21st century however, this practice have developed into an established institution where we have surgeons and medical assistants and the like.

While many religious extremists have been made to believe that such an institution is for the heathens and faint faithed to purchase, i like many others believe there is a bit of discombobulation at work.

Besides the fact that heaven itself gave the talent of human anatomy to a section of people of whom he would ask an account of how they used such talents to better the lives of their fellows, i believe the religious men whom most of these religious extremists hail should be put behind bars.

Your enemies of the light take up white robes and some Holy book of a sort and make you believe it is demonic of you to frequent a hospital on a regular check up and more loco of for you to opt for a hospital when you’re ill or perhaps injured.

“Jesus is the only healer” the scream to you. Yes! Jesus is the only healer but gone are the days when manner fell from the heavens. Not to undermine the power of miracles but hospitals are a creation of the same power where he filled with his well talented and trained physicians. Regarding these people and the institutions they work at as anti-Christ would as a matter of fact be referring to the ancient of days Himself as an anti of himself, and that is just preposterous.

I know a lot of prayer camps where ill and sick people alike are imprisoned, (for lack of a better word) and made to believe a power is yet to come that will give them that healing they are looking for. All the while the world passes them by, their own talents continue to decay while they are of the fundamental belief someone else’s is anti-Christ. When finally they can’t bear the shame and wait any more, they head for the hospitals that they have come to believe as thwarting God’s work.

Simple issues that could have been resolved within minutes now then need about hundreds and thousands of USDs or cedis resolve. Then they see the doctors and such people to be hash and inhumane for refusing to treat them for free. ‘I don’t know whether the hospitals to them are philanthropic establishments. Very educated people fall victim to these wolves in sheep clothing as well which is more befuddling.

When next you come across a ‘man of God’ who makes you believe frequenting a hospital is for non believers and lukewarm people, maybe; just maybe you should take a step back and mull it over, for he just may be the 666 foretold by the book of Revelations. The anti-Christ not the doctors.

By Oswald Kevin Azumah



A student of the University of Ghana offering BA Political Science and English Article writer|| Student journalist|| Critic|| Altar server|| Peer Counselor # I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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