Why UG Aspirants Lost at the Just Ended 2015 Elections, Part One – Ackah-Blay Writes


Citizen, pardon me for jumping the gun. We agreed you start the post election conversation. I just couldn’t help waiting.

A question by a beautiful lady friend triggered me to connect by phone charger and begin typing while I sat on the floor of the famous blue carpet in my luxurious room.

Miss Ali sought to find out why Legon couldn’t win a single portfolio contested. This comes as no suprise to me,citizen. You will recall, I made that prediction after you had introduced me to virtually all the candidates. I felt if we were even to get anything, Daniel Sarpong could be our only sure bet,due to how he was interacting with delegates.

The UG Situation

Comrade(let me assume you have socialist blood),that brief interaction I had with the lady from ‘O’ or something Poly really put things in perspective. This was when we were seated at the place behind the announcer,closer to the lady you got us the Souvenirs from(Thanks tho). I asked which instituion she was from,I hope you remember her response?”She said,if I tell you, I know what your next question wil be”.I replied that ,”your assumption about my next question will be wrong,because I am not a delegate, I am a student Journalist from Univers”. She smiled and stated that she agreed to what I was saying. She proceeded to tell me her institution. I then asked her which candidate they were presenting,she replied “no candidate”. I asked why and she explained that they had thrown their support for a candidate of another institution and had thus come to vote for that candidate. That showed the difference.
During interaction with other delegates about alignment, UG was never heard.

The part that is worrying ,was obviously the role of the Leader of Delegation. This function was often executed by SRC Presidents of each Instituion. I am certain, you haven’t forgotten that UG was the only institution whose students or should I say possible delegates had a problem with the leader of delegation,H.E Fobi. UG was the only institution that stood divided internally. You had the Distance Unit President and Accra City Campus President burnining with rage,they were furious.

Interestingly,the UG aspirants,some of whom we interacted with at that point in time, supported the argument being advanced by the Distance Unit President. Ahiadorme had been told to wait at campus with his delegates while a bus was arranged by our leader of delegation to get them.

After waiting for a long time and realizing 5pm was drawing nigh,they organized a bus and arrived at the Islamic University. They got there only to realize some students from the University of Ghana had already being selected to vote.Most of them were clearly main campus students. Saw how scandalized you were when you saw that main campus lady friend of ours with a distance unit delegates tag.

I realized you also noticed that UG aspirant who was encouraging Ahiadorme to get his people rather in to vote.

This revealed the UG team as a disunited one, with a leader who didn’t care,H.E Fobi, I am not mincing words. He never attempted to speak to Ahiadorme or Kporha at that point in time.

University of Ghana was represented by Daniel Sarpong Jnr for International Relations, Eva Abugabe for Women’s Commissioner, Emmanuel Akandi Jnr for General Secretary and Wahab Abdul Saliu for Education and Demo Secretary.

View the results here.

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Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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