Who Is To Blame For ‘Dumsor’ ?


Today, one issue that receives a lot of heated arguments on the media, street corners, at homes and among the general public is the energy crises in Ghana. It is said that the energy sector is a facilitator of growth. However, the energy crises in Ghana is nothing to write home about. And now the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has even announced that the ‘Dumsor’ woe will worsen in the coming weeks.

There is a very limited supply of power to Ghanaians. As a result, demand for power exceeds supply. The inability of power producers to supply sufficient amount for industry and households has made it necessary, though undesirable, for power rationing – what we call dumsor.

Electricity is available one minute and unavailable the next. ECG’s very own artificial day and night.

In all this, it’s not clear whom Ghanaians have to blame for the insufficient supply since all stakeholders have absolved themselves from the blame.

The government who is a major stakeholder has come out on a number of occasions to defend itself even though opposition finds them guilty. On one of such occasions in Kumasi, while the President had just declared an end to the dumsor crises, dumsor occurred.

The Atuabo gas project has always been alluded to. ECG won’t accept blame either and say that they are only distributors and so once there is supply from the VRA and GRIDCO they will distribute.

GRIDCO also blames VRA and VRA in turn blame nature for low rainfall and, this time round, Nigeria for not supplying gas to power their machines.

Some people accuse the government of incompetence while others also think it’s the consumer who is not conserving energy supplied.

I don’t know who you blame but be it the government, power producers, suppliers or whoever. The fact is that the dumsor has made social life difficult with its accompanying economic crises, and we need a one time solution to end the menace.

It is we who are feeling the impact of the dumsor who can best judge since everyone is pointing accusing fingers. But I have the following questions to ask:

1. what happened to Tema Oil Refinery (TOR)?
2. should our use of electricity depend on whether Nigeria supplies us gas or not?
3. Is Atuabo gas project the Messiah?
4. When is dumsor ending?

Someone must answer!

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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