“We won’t let you down”- Otting and Baafi assure University of Ghana students


Daniel Awuah Otting and Moses Baafi Acheampong ( University of Ghana SRC president elect and vice-president elect respectively) have assured students of the University of Ghana of their “commitment to represent them in the best way possible.” In a widely-circulated thank-you message, they stated that they were ” full of praise for the trust” reposed in them, adding that they were “in huge admiration of Sylvester Amoako and Kezia Deguenon”, their contenders in the run-off, for giving them  a good contest. The duo won yesterday’s run-off with a total of 3,412 votes representing 66.67% votes while the losing candidates had 1,706 votes representing 33.33%. A total of 5,118 students voted.

Below is the message in full:



_We prepare horses and chariots for battle, but victory comes from the Lord._

_Many are the thoughts of a man, but it is the will of the Lord that shall stand_

_A Song of degrees. When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream_ (Psalms 126:1)

All these words of scripture and more have filled the spaces of our mouths and hearts. It has been a long winding journey to this point. Now, hallelujah is all we sing, as we acknowledge the goodness of God that has brought us thus far. We owe this victory to God alone, in whose strength and grace we have persevered. He deserves it all.

To all students of the University of Ghana and our campaign team members, we are full of praise for the trust you reposed in us and the belief you shared in our vision. When God willed that this victory will happen, your determination made it come to pass. This victory is yours, my friends.

We are also in huge admiration of *Sylvester Amoako* and *Kezia Deguenon* who gave us a very good contest. Their persistence led us on to victory. We invite the team to share with us their vision on how to build a formidable SRC, for the good of all students.

Victory is over. In no time, our responsibility will begin to take shape. We assure students of our commitment to represent them in the best way possible. Let’s put our best foot forward towards this cause and make our union great and strong.

We remain in your debt Legon. Thank you for trusting us. We won’t let you down.



*🅾tting Awuah Daniel*
_UGSRC President elect_

*Ⓜoses Baafi Acheampong*
_UGSRC Vice President elect_ff

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