We will never surrender


(for them who believe in Africa’s rise)
by Emmanuel Asakinaba

When you are struck down by Africa’s afflictions:
poverty, war…
Others unnameable,

The vision
Of Nkrumah.
See your freedom.
Your influence is as the Pacific.

The fearlessness
Of Gamal Abdel Nasser
Personalise your Suez Canal
You are in charge of your mind’s traffic.

The thoughtfulness
Of Julius Nyerere
Craft your own ujamaa
And set it in motion.
You sculpt what you believe in.

The candour
Of Ahmed Sekou Touré.
Say the truth to yourself as unto the French
For truth lives, breathes forever.

The bravery
Of Agostinho Neto
Fight your Goliaths head-on
Be your own David.

The forgiving courage
Of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
For in forgiving your foe
You put his inhumanity
At the eternal Robben Island…

Hail Africa!
Hail Africa!
We shall conquer;
We will never surrender
Because we remember
Nkrumah through to Mandela.

Emmanuel Asakinaba

Posted by Emmanuel Asakinaba

Student, UG. Poet. Activist. Writer.

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