“We Supported UG Aspirants in NUGS Election”-Asare


Richmond Tinkaro Asare-UG Local NUGS President

Local National Union of Ghana Students’ President of the University of Ghana, Richmond Tinkaro Asare has debunked rumours that the UG SRC Executives did not support UG Aspirants in the recent NUGS elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ugfile.com, Mr. Asare stated that his outfit did all it could to support the UG aspirants.


The National Union of Ghana Students’ 2015 election was held at the Islamic University College on October 3 2015. The performance of Team UG came under public scrutiny following the elections. Keen followers could not fathom why the one time giants of student activism couldn’t clinch a single portfolio out of the four contested for.

UG Aspirants

Eva Abugabe from the University of Ghana, lost to Maud Abdul Korah of the University of Development Studies while Daniel Sarpong of UG also lost to Gideon Odame Egyir. The situation was no different for Emmanuel Akandi jnr and Wahab Abdul Salui. Both UG aspirants lost as well.

Rumour and Asare’s Response

Following the elections, rumour was rife that incumbent SRC President Davis Ohene Fobi had supported other aspirants rather than those from UG. The rumour vine claims the four aspirants had supported Mikdad Mohammed in the SRC Election won by Davis Ohene Fobi.
In a sharp rebuttal, Mr.Asare believes such claims have no basis since they supported the aspirants.

‘We supported them in all ways we can but it didn’t go well with them. Delegates have elected those they believe can serve them and I believe we must all throw our weight behind them in the interest of mother Ghana. I remember we even organized a meeting at congress grounds for all University of Ghana students and called on them to campaign for them’, Asare stated.

Mr.Asare further opined that the performance of UG Aspirants wasn’t impressive

‘I would not say I was very much impressed with the performance of UG aspirants, in all we must remember that students from all tertiary institutions presented themselves to delegates who decided who can serve them best.

Asare on UG Slots

Mr.Asare also believes discussion about UG slots must be devoid of sentiments. Mr.Asare believes this will be discussed at the Cental Committee meeting.

‘I believe this is an issue which will be discussed by Central Committee of NUGS. We must always remember that it is the interest of NUGS that we all want, not our individual interest’, he added.
The issue of number slots for the University of Ghana was a topical issue before, during and after voting. UG has held on to 65 delegates for some time now. Prior to this arrangement, the University of Ghana had only 25 delegates. This was increased to 65 with 20 votes each assigned to UG’s Accra City Campus and Distance Unit. Mr. Asare is reported to have stated that he believes UG is legally entitled to 25 slots rather than the 65.

Asare on Role as Steering Committee Chair

Mr.Asare served as the Steering Committee Chair during the NUGS Congress. The Steering Committee is the committee responsible for congress. Mr. Asare finally, had this to say

‘I am very much impressed and quite glad that my hardwork, sleepless night did not go in vain. It was a great experience becoming the chairman of Steering Committee and ensuring free, fair, transparent and credible election. I thank all students for their support’.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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  1. Lexland says:

    We know that the election was politically motivated. Fobi made sure that our delegates lost the election. Adding to it is the issue of NDC and NPP political affiliation. We can’t deny the obvious fact that NUGS for the past years have been political influenced by the political parties.Fobi undoubtedly is NPP foot soldier and he will go to the extend of making sure that our delegates who have been tagged NDC foot soldiers lose the election. I know some will try to debunk my assertion and the fact that we all are privy to. The local NUGS president is NPP no doubt about that. I wasn’t surprise that our delegates lost. Prior to the election I knew they were going to fall flat. NUGS as a student body has lost the lustre that we knew that the likes Haruna iddrisu used to champion the course of students. NUGS is a joke

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