In an interview with ugfile.com reporter, Steven Zando, the SRC President of the University of Mines and Technology (UMAT), Ohene Kyei Ernest, revealed that, unlike in KNUST, his campus is less prone to terrorism from thieves and robbers because of the proactive security measures his administration has put in place and not because UMAT is less of a dangerous place than KNUST.

In recent years, students of KNUST (especially those living in hostels outside the main university campus) live in fear for their lives and safety of their property because they are constantly being terrorized by thieves and armed robbers. Though authorities of the university have pledged to ensure the safety of the students, the security threat posed by criminals still looms. Just a week ago, two students were shot at their hostel by armed robbers. Those who escaped unhurt are probably still dealing with the trauma.

When asked about the security situation at UMAT, with respect to the way KNUST students are being terrorized by thieves and robbers on their campus, Ohene Kyei Ernest, revealed that his campus used to face similar challenges till his administration employed certain proactive measures to curb the situation. The situation at the University of Ghana was no different last year, till the Joshua-Joshua led SRC administration also employed proactive security measures on their campus to curb the situation. These included, lighting of dangerous routes, embarking on security awareness campaigns, clearing of thick bushes, among other things.

Some of the security measures employed by UMAT, according to Ohene Kyei Ernest, include equipping the campus cadets to be able to function in as much capacity as campus police, getting the cadets to patrol dangerous routes at night, and pressuring the Ghana police to also beef up their presence and security on campus. He also said they will soon commence a project to fix street lights along all the dark routes on campus. The result, according to him, was a complete reduction in criminal activities on campus, and the arrest of many criminals on campus who are currently still in jail.

This may suggest that the KNUST SRC, both past and current, are lazy or not proactive enough considering their colleagues in other campuses faced similar challenges, but stood up to the task and came to the aid of their mates without waiting on the authorities.

We will reach the SRC president of KNUST, Boakye Nyamekye Isaac (BNI), to speak to this issue and update you accordingly.

Listen to audio interview below.

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  1. Ebenezer says:

    I don’t think the SRC president of KNUST is lazy or not proactive. Kumasi is a city, Tarkwa is a town. And therefore requirement for management of theft in both universities are different. We can’t compare the two tto any large extent.

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