Spoken word mogul Laud Halm-Quartey popularly known as Laud De Poet is set to headline one of the most prestigious SpokenWord events in Ghana dubbed “Verbal Ink”, organized by @Mode_Conceptz

Verbal Ink takes place on the 18th of December, 2016, at Southern Fried Chicken (SFC) off the Tema motorway roundabout.

The contemporary art form of poetry performance known by today’s youth as spoken word is fast becoming Ghana’s alternative entertainment. It is an art form that gathers both the young and old under one roof.

Last year, Hilton Young a.k.a GF Soldier from U.S.A was the guest poet at Verbal Ink. Performing at this year’s event will be Eli Sabblah, Poetic Birdy, Abe Lartey, BenTino, Nii Immanuel, Nii Otu and many more.

In an interview with Evans Eluerkeh a.k.a Quallo, CEO of Quallos Production and a member of Laud’s management team, he said “I have been with this event, Verbal Ink. Every year, the brand gets bigger and better not just with numbers but also with quality. Come Sunday, expectations will be high and the rest of the team is sure to meet it.”

He added, “We owe the future good seeds of morality to be sown in the present and we will continue to uphold the values of our Ghanaian culture. We know at the end of the day God will be glorified. I plead with everyone to come out in their numbers but not to come alone.”



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