The lazy or perhaps mediocres in society turn to rely on a phrase ‘am done’ or ‘i have done all that is needed’. Or perhaps it’s the meek who are incapable or just too unfit to probe further.

The assertion of completion, I have seen is an illusion introduced into the world by the small minded and with the aim of limiting the powerfully born.

Many seemingly great people who ended their work with the assertion that they have accomplished all that is possible in their field have been disproved by those distinguished individuals who have dared to go further. And even some people who have believed in themselves to have achieve their highest have been suprised at what they can do when they dare to go a step more.

Sometimes these flaws come as a result of ego. People are so carried away after a year or two of research and believe they have exhusted all that there is in that area of study.

Most of these accomplished people then see the step further as inevitable death, expecially in the sciences where there is much risk to human life.
Yuri Gagarin after his trip to space and being the first human to leave the earth’s orbit asserted it is impossible to go further and any attempt toward the moon is certain death.
In the same decade however, the young Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon.

That is just one of the intellectual limitations; and that may have limited Neil not to reach his own share of greatness.

Laziness is another key factor that make people feel they have explored or covered all that is needed in their little corner. Out of experience and testimonies from others i will say the only reason that will make a student to think he has finished learning for exams is the fact that he actually hasn’t covered enough to chance a ‘D’. This is based on the fact that the more you learn the more you see that there’s more work to do, however if you’re relaxed and take one topic(mostly an easy one) and destroy it to bits, you’re then filled with ego that you were on the right path not disturbing yourself to learn.
It is when you keep that consistency that you realise the mess you’re in.

However if you let your ego carry you away, you go to the exam hall swollen headed and come out feeling no better than a man suffering from premature ejaculation, but it’s only then that you see the flaw in the famous quote “its never too late” LOL. I have personally as an inspector declared a room neat but on a second thought put that assertion to test and then with one sweep of the broom realised the capital flaw in my judgement. There i realised there’s always something more.

It is only when you decide to stop probing that there seizes to be something more to find or discover. The effect of such loss of interest or egoic behaviors or more popular laziness is the closure of knowledge to man and failure in the case of laziness.

Neil Armstrong would never have made it to the moon if he allowed the assertion of Gagarin to cloud him. And the knowledge he uncovered would still have eluded man till date.

Lazy students who are carried away with their success with a topic or two and believe they are set for exams tend to blame masters for setting difficult questions and make all other noises.

However those that distinguish themselves and refuse to give the upper hand to the conclusions of predecessors that the highest have already been achieved in the field are those that prove that, there’s always something more.

So when next you think that you have studied everything and ready for exmas, remember there’s always something more and when next you think there’s nothing left to achieve in that field of study, remember there’s always something more.

Do not let your highest point become your weakness, for your ego can both make and unmake you.

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