University of Ghana SRC to continue with its “Passport Project”


The SRC of the University of Ghana has stated that it will continue with its initiative to help students acquire passports. Speaking on Radio Univers’s morning show, Campus Exclusive, the acting head of the SRC Passport Committee, Caleb Toxla, stressed that the role of the SRC is to facilitate the passport acquisition process for students given that it is a tall order.

The committee estimates that it will spend a little over GHC 5,000 on a target of at least 1,000 students in its facilitation process. Interested students will register through WhatsApp when the programme is rolled out next semester.

Mr Toxla said that under the previous administration, about 1,200 students ‘registered’, but only over 100 students acquired their passports.

Host of the Show,Maxwell Amoofia wondered why there was the need to separate the Secretarial Committee from the Passport Committee since both work under the SRC General Secretary: “why not a member of the Secretarial Committee in charge of the Passport Project?” he quizzed.

But the acting Chairman of the Secretarial Committee, Gilles Ametepe, responded that the separation will maximise the output of the persons of the committee so as “to give the best out Legonites.”

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