SRC President of UG, Davies Ohene Fobi

The much-advertized University of Ghana SRC Excellence Awards ceremony which was scheduled to take place yesterday, 12th May 2016., has been postponed to 23th May 2016.

News of the postponement began as a rumour, but soon became reality when some students arrived at the venue, the Great Hall, for the ceremony and saw no signs of it taking place.

After waiting for a reasonable period of time, they gave up and retreated to their halls and hostels sorely disappointed.

Some nominees for the awards said the SRC gave no reason for their action. They expressed their disquiet, stating that they had invited their loved ones to come and witness the ceremony only to be told at the eleventh hour that it had been postponed.

No official communication has been issued by the SRC with respect to this postponement yet.

When contacted the PRO of the SRC demanding reasons for the abrupt postponement, it was referred to the SRC president, Mr Davis Ohene Fobi.

Mr Fobi was duly contacted but he has not responded yet.

It remains unclear why the ceremony has been postponed. But some students are of the view that it is due to the ongoing end of semester examination. Others think it is sheer incompetence.

Emmanuel Asakinaba

Posted by Emmanuel Asakinaba

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