University of Ghana Graduation Statistics – November 2014


The total number of students graduating at various levels of study in the November 2014 congregation of the University of Ghana is 4,172.

Out of this number, 1,278 are post-graduate graduands while 2,894 are graduating at the Bachelor’s level.

23 of the post-graduate graduands have completed Doctor of Philosophy Programmes, and below are the statistics for the students graduating with various classes at the Bachelor’s level:

113 out of 2,505 students, representing 4.5%, are graduating with First Class Honours
1,119 out of 2,505 students, representing 44.5%, are graduating with Second Class Honours Upper Division
1,229 out of 2,505 students, representing 48.9%, are graduating with Second Class Honours Lower Division
44 out of 2,505 students, representing 1.8%, are graduating with Third Class Honours

25.9% of Certificate and Diploma students (389) obtained distinctions, with the remaining students obtaining passes.

The November congregation is the final of two congregation ceremonies organized annually for graduands of the University of Ghana, Legon.

The undergraduate students in this year’s group (2014) – those I like to call the Iron Batch, are the first batch of students graduating under a four year degree system introduced in the 2009/2010 academic year.

Under this system, all of a student’s academic work done as part of his his/her programme of study will count towards his/her final grade point. Students are also required to undertake additional courses known as University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRCs) introduced by the university as part of a general education programme for students. Finally and most importantly, a new tight and stringent grading system was introduced to raise the standards of learning in the university.

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