University of Ghana Business Student is Best Graduating ICAG Chartered Accountant


Michael Siaw Larbi

21 year old Michael Siaw Larbi, a level 400 student of the University of Ghana Business School has graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG) as the Overall Best Candidate in the Final Level CA Professional Examinations. The ICAG held its 25th Graduation & Admission Ceremony at the Accra International Conference Centre on the 24th of October, 2015 to graduate 278 Chartered Accountants who passed the Final Level exams in May 2015 and to formally admit 292 Chartered Accountants into Membership of the Institute.

Michael qualified as a Chartered Accountant within a record time of less than 2 years, at age 21, with first time passes in all 16 professional level papers in exactly 4 consecutive exam sittings. For this remarkable feat, he was also awarded as the “Overall Best Candidate (First Attempt) – CA Final Level Exams” in addition to his 1st Rank Holder award as “Overall Best Candidate – CA Final Examinations”. Michael has indeed become a great source of inspiration to the youth and all those who want to follow this path. With no prior business and accounting background, he has completely dispelled the myth that you need an accounting and business background to succeed in the CA exams.

With a General Arts background from the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC-Legon), with electives in Economics, Geography, Government and Elective Mathematics, he studied for his CA Part 1 Exams and wrote the exam in November 2013 whilst he was a Level 200 student at the University of Ghana. He completed the entire CA program whilst in Level 300. Even though he described his first foundation level accounting paper as “not so good” since it was his first ever accounting exam, he passed all 4 papers in the same exam session and was Nationwide Topper for the November 2013 CA Part 1 Exams.

He therefore began studying for the Part 2 CA exams and wrote the exam in the May 2014 CA exam sitting. He wrote and passed all 4 papers again in that exam session and once again was Nationwide Topper for the May 2014 CA Part 2 Exams. This served as a great confidence booster for the November 2014 Part 3 CA Exams as he studied and wrote all 4 Part 3 papers; namely Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Public Sector Accounting and Cost & Management Accounting. Michael once again cleared all 4 papers in a single exam sitting; a feat that rarely occurs in the Part 3 exam.

In May 2015, he sat for the final level papers and once again cleared all 4 papers on the first attempt and topped the entire CA Exams as 1st Rank Holder and Overall Best Candidate only at age 21. He was also recognized as Overall Best Candidate for clearing all the exams on his first attempt. Michael is currently in his final year (Level 400) at the University of Ghana Business School majoring in Banking & Finance. He is indeed a great source of inspiration to the youth of Ghana and to all those with fears of chasing their dreams and pursuing their passion. Congratulations once again to 21 year old Michael Siaw Larbi, May 2015 CA All Ghana Topper.



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  1. Hubert Labi says:

    l’m delighted about your news!You truly earned this success.

  2. Hubert Labi says:

    For all the successes behind you,l send congratulations..For all the challenges ahead l send blessings.

  3. Ameyaw Gideon says:

    I am not shock at all, That boy is a genius!!!!

    1. Kweku Kwatei says:

      Well done my son. You’ve made us proud

    2. Akomeng Sarah says:

      He’s the best in the world

  4. s k Menssh says:

    A great achievement, congratulations, wish you well in in future endeavours

  5. Yaw Asare says:

    You have made us proud mostly your dear mummy. Keep up the good performance

  6. Mark Nyarko says:

    Michael you made us all proud It’s God’s Grace in the family but boy you seem to have a double dose Happy happy happy 4 you Well done Uncle Mark London

  7. Dada says:

    We are proud of you. Keep it up.

  8. Mama says:

    So proud of you my boy. you are an inspiration

    1. Ekow says:

      God Bless you for giving the world such a bright boy!

  9. Afare says:

    Ghana and your family will ever be proud of you. Keep going boy. The sky should be your starting point.

  10. Joey says:

    Wow!! We are really proud of you Mike!! Thanks be to God

  11. Odame Adjei Edward says:

    Congrats n may the Good Lord guide you to achieve ur dreams ,the entire Larbi Siaw family of home n abroad together with ur friends n well wishers are proud of u .Dont relent but let the sky be ur limit thru christ.

  12. Stephen Appiah says:

    He’s a presecan ooooooooooo. I salute

    1. Kwaku says:

      Proud Odadee, Congrats boy!

      1. Abrokwah Daniel says:

        Proud A1 class

  13. K.M Wisdom says:

    Congrats ,I derive a greater source of inspiration from your achievements.Thank you for proving to me that it is possible.Kudos.

    1. Abrah Kwesi says:

      Yes. Is possible

    2. Stephen Asante says:

      Yes. Very

    3. Eric Tamakloe says:

      also Chartered Tax advisor now

  14. Sarpong says:

    Congrats Bro! Great things ahead!

  15. samy says:

    This is just the beginning of greater things to come

  16. ruthie baby says:

    Well done Michael.we proud of you!!!!

  17. Steve Antwi says:

    Happy for you Mr. Siaw Larbi. This story is awesome just as it is inspiring. Others will see it and be spurred on to achieve great things for themselves. I am extremely proud of you. Hope and believe you will chalk more successes.

    From one Odadie to another, Kudos!

  18. Onero says:

    Congratulations Michael for a job well done, may you move to greater heights. God being your helper

  19. Prince says:

    mikael,…….u did it all

  20. Steve says:

    Wow that’s awesome

  21. Amidu Haruna says:

    I was at the graduation ceremony with this guy for my certificate. I was so impressed by his performance. He is worthy of celebration.

  22. kwesi okyere says:

    Is he the son of Dr. Edward Larbi Siaw of Ministry of Finance?

    1. Hubert Labi says:

      Hello Kwasi Okyere,The writer of this message is the biological father,and Micheal was named after the late Dr Siaw Larbi of Siaw Larbi Hospital in Kumasi Tafo.Regards,

  23. Justin Osei says:

    the same way Usain Bolt dominates the world of athletics. The same way muhammed Ali was the greatest boxer ever. This guy just keeps winning. I’ve heard a lot about him. True champion. he’s just out of this world. Congrats Mike. You’ve made all Odadees proud. Keep soaring higher and God be ur helper. Amen

  24. Akuffo Bekoe says:


  25. Percy Anie says:

    Am equally happy for him but not surprised tho cos this guy had 7a’s when he sat for the ssce while in form 2 at presec legon. Congrats

  26. Nii Nortey says:

    I am very proud of you, Keep on keeping on, May all your dreams, visions, aspirations and wishes comes true.

    Always remember to give thanks and praises to ALMIGHTY GOD. “Keep the fire burning”. CONGRATS

  27. Doris Brown says:

    Congratulations Mike..the sky is ur limit. God be the Glory. Son more grease to ur elbow.

  28. Kelvin Awuku Labi says:

    Congratulations! Your joy has brightened my life too.

  29. Karen Adubea Labi. says:

    I’m so happy for you.You deserve nothing but the best.

  30. Florence Oye Larbi says:

    You deserve a round of applause for a job well done.

  31. Janet Konyo Larbi says:

    You have every right to be proud of your achievements.Congratulations

  32. Steve Larbi.(Fii) says:

    May the happiness you’re feeling today go on and on and on!.Congratulation Brother.

  33. Kwabena SL says:

    Congrats Michael. Don’t relent on your efforts. Remember God always ,and keep it up

  34. Augustina Adobea Akrofi says:

    U killed it son! The sky is ur starting point. God bless u.

  35. Dorothy says:

    Michael u inspire me so much. I really really admire you and I want to be like you some day.

  36. Kafui says:

    Well done Michael keep it
    I know your mum and dad will be very grateful with you.

  37. Hubert Tete Labi says:

    Thank you for letting me share your joy!.Happiness shared is delight doubled.Three cheers from me to you on your triumphant.

  38. Osei Bonsu says:

    You mean this guy is not even done with his first degree and he topped the hard CA exam and never failed any paper? My uncle who even has two masters degrees still has some papers to pass at the part 4. Congratulations boy. I heard your story and I just had to confirm for myself. Unbelievable. God bless you and your family

    1. Emmanuel Oduro says:

      Yes I know him. He was in my school

    2. Yaa K. says:

      Yes please

  39. vera otchere says:

    u r needed an inspiration. !!!!..kip it up dear..kudos! !!mickey

  40. Otu says:

    Congratutions you have made us proud

  41. ROJAR TIGER says:

    Kwaku Larbi wao this is a true son and a brother. As it was so shall it be now and forever kudos you are a gern . This the biggining go higher.

  42. Janet Ama Abwin says:

    Congratulations.what an outstanding achievement!

  43. Samuel Nyanor says:

    Herh Siaw!! kw333

  44. E K Adjei-peprah says:

    I am delighted about ur success like father like son May Almighty God bless you and the Fay family

  45. E K Adjei-peprah says:

    Michael we are not surprise because we know u can do it and u have done it we give God the glory may God continue to give u wisdom and power to be come one of the greatest man on earth God bless u and Larbi family

  46. Kofi says:

    Congratulations. We all proud of you. Hope to meet you in uk soon

  47. Frankin Tetteh says:

    Sometimes I just look at this guy from far and I realize he was born for a purpose. He is very simple looking and humble looking I think. But I think this guy will be very great one day. I know him Siaw.

    1. Yaa K. says:

      Yes true

    2. Stephen Asante says:

      epitome of humility

  48. faustina says:

    congratulations man am very proud of u

  49. Wow, congrats Mike. God bless u

  50. Emmanuel Kankam says:

    You are a legend. We’re proud of you

  51. Afua Apau says:

    Wow. Congratulations. And he also graduated with 3.94 as Valedictorian of University of Ghana. I know him.

    1. Kofi Osei-Brako says:

      Me too

  52. Kofi Osei-Brako says:

    Siaw Larbi has done it again. God bless you. As for you you’re a once in a generation human being. I hope you haven’t forgotten me oo. You do all

  53. Hannah Antwi says:

    Best Graduating Chartered Accountant in 2015 and now 3.94 GPA. Wow. Ghana needs more people like him.

    1. Prince Okatakyie says:

      Yes. I will be like him soon. Amen

    2. Yaa K. says:

      Yes me too

    3. Abrah Kwesi says:

      Are u sure

  54. Prince Okatakyie says:

    Boy you do all

  55. Etornam (AAT) says:

    Inspiration one of course, I was at the graduation in fact I get up on my seat after all records has being delivered ,,,,,,,,, i salute you

    1. Yaw Asare says:

      Yes oo. He good

    2. Abdallah says:

      He is a Chartered Tax too as well right now. Chartered everything. Ebei.

      1. Abrah Kwesi says:

        Are u sure

  56. Nana Aba Essel says:


  57. Kwesi Safo says:

    He’s the man

  58. Kwadwo Akwaboah says:

    This guy. You do all.

  59. Yaa K. says:

    Wow. I admire you. The real man

  60. Agyei Shadrach says:

    U have really done well.may the good Lord grant ur wishes
    I wanna be lyk u someday

  61. Yaa K. says:

    Michael Siaw Larbi

  62. Abrah Kwesi says:

    Role model

  63. Stephen Asante says:

    God bless u

  64. Akomeng Sarah says:

    Pls be mi rolemodel

  65. Thyra D. says:

    My crush

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