“UG Students Want Lecturers Compelled To Pass Them” Was Concocted


As promised by ugfile to follow up on the unfolding story of petitions to the Judicial Board by a section of University of Ghana students to compel their lecturers to pass them, information gathered from reliable sources indicate that the messages that circulated the social media yesterday was a social media prank.

The story as covered had it that a section of students at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) and the English department felt ill-treated by their lecturers for setting questions far beyond their standard and students had petitioned the Judicial Board to compel their lecturers to pass them.

According to sources the University does not have such students IDs as quoted in the school’s system. Moreover the names do not include any name of the students leaders of those departments. Students who registered for the business mathematics and semantics papers further claim not to have seen or know the petitioners. Although some students have some concerns, they have not officially petitioned any authority as the Judicial Board to compel their lecturers to pass them.

The story as published yesterday was not deliberate and did not intend to misinform the public but it was a question ugfile was asking as a result of the message going viral on social media and conversations among students about those papers that prompted the report.

I therefore wish to apologise for the inaccurate information. It is due to the desire to bring only authentic information that caused ugfile to follow up on the story which has led us to discover that it was a social media prank.

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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